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Seller: Christopher Coudriet

Its Here! Major Redesign For iOS 7! We Hope You Love It!

- Unlocks over 15 exclusive NOAA Wx Radio stations to include (Richmond, VA, Morristown, TN)
- Brand New Streaming Engine
- Pause, Rewind & Fast Forward Support
- Much Improved Radar+ Overlays & Performance
- Radar+ Now Has An Animation Stepper
- Current Location On Map Now Supports Heading
- Maps Now Support 3D and Rotation
- New Weather Graphics
- Bug Fixes
- Much More
- Supports iOS 5+
- iOS 5-6 users will still maintain the older look however you will still get all the other new features added with this update.

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NOAA Weather Radio HD is a PREMIUM NOAA WEATHER application to listen to over 200+ NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Broadcasts. Get the latest Warnings, Watches, Advisories and Forecasts and other hazards 24 hours a day 7 days a week straight from the National Weather Service.

In addition NOAA Weather Radio HD can ALERT you to potentially life threatening weather via audible push notifications directly to your device 24/7 even if your not currently using the application and your device is asleep and locked. Also you will be able to retrieve the current conditions along with a detailed 4 day forecast for the weather station your listening to or you can get current conditions along with a detailed 4 day forecast based on your current location via GPS or Wifi. This is an amazing application and is available at the fraction of the cost of a real weather radio!

The BEST NOAA Weather Radio app PERIOD! The competition cant even come close to offering what this NOAA Weather Radio app offers you. If you want a HIGH quality app that gives you:

* Flawless Streaming of NOAA Broadcasts
* Life Saving Push Weather Alerts
* Weather Temperatures & Forecasts
* Animated 5x Zoomable Radar w/Warnings
* Tons of Weather Data from the NWS 
* Instant Customer Support
* and much more...

* Featured by! 
* iPhone/iPod Users Please Get NOAA Weather Radio*

Top Features At A Glance:

* Choose Between Celsius Or Fahrenheit
* Access To All 172 Forecast Offices
* Marine Forecasts
* Zoomable Radar Up To 5x
* Animated Radar For All Covered Locations
* Largest Selection of NOAA Weather Radios
* FREE Weather Alert Push Notifications
* Simple Alert Setup Just Tap To Add
* Quiet Time Alert Schedule
* Alerts For 1 or Multiple Locations.
* 200+ NOAA Weather Radio Broadcasts
* Daily/Hourly NOAA Weather Radio Broadcasts
* Statewide Watches, Warnings & Advisories
* SPC Severe Watches & Warnings
* Share Weather Alerts Via Facebook, Twitter
* Beautifully Displayed Weather Data

Other Features Include:

* iOS 4 Background Audio Support
* Fast & Responsive Customer Support Team
* Clean and Professional Designed
* Beautiful Retina Display Graphics
* Intuitive User Interface

PRIOR to purchasing please visit:

This webpage is updated regularly with current station status and availability.

Note: If your device is in vibrate/silent mode the sound attached to an alert will not be heard.

Having Problems? We can solve 99% of all issues you may be experiencing. Just send us an email with your concern and we will promptly address your situation.

Customer Reviews

  • A very good app for all the NOAA stations and advisories

    by Eliakim

    We just got the newest update with the clean lines and interface of iOS 7. I follow the weather in different areas of the country, where relatives are, and it's nice getting the NOAA stations no matter where someone is. I've always wanted to get the NOAA stations and this is the app to get to do that. It's simple, direct and to the point.

  • Best of the weather radio apps

    by Kendtum

    Can't say enough about this app, it's the best period!

  • NOAA Weather Radio HD

    by Markieaark

    This is a fantastic program with beautiful graphics and the data is easy to use and access. I can hardly wait until they have the Radio portion available for Durango, Colorado. Keep up the great work!!

  • Awesome

    by TICOGUY

    Great weather app. I would recommend this to anyone. Save you money and use this one. Hands down the best weather. Great update for ios7. Very user friendly

  • Very Impressive and highly functional

    by MultiPrince

    With my wife and I planning our retirement around RVing this app is a gem. It gives me real time weather data anywhere we point the RV, and the HD maps are beautiful and easy on the eyes. I like the features of alerts and push notifications as it lets us know in advance what area of the country to avoid if we choose. Excellent app NOAA, and I highly recommend it. 10 Stars!!!!! Works flawlessly on my Ipad 4th gen. An added bonus of "seeing" the area were driving to is nice.

  • This is a must have app. for Weather

    by ecurb1941

    Just about every feature you could want and so easy to use. Any problems are responded to immediately. The radar map feature (a buck extra and worth it) works great except that there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust the radar imagery so you can still see the map below it, as one can on some other weather apps. Some major weather radio stations are not supported at present (Like Raleigh, NC), but they are working on getting coverage back soon. The February 2014 upgrade makes this one of the very best weather apps for iPad and iPhone.

  • Nice app

    by Debra Capps

    Very useful app, especially living in the south where storms can turn severe quickly. Audible warning to weather events in your area.

  • Outstanding!

    by captram02

    Great app! Very practical and accurate.

  • works great for my area

    by Keetley49783

    I live on the great lakes and this app works great for tracking the weather conditions on land and on the lakes. The app covers all areas of the shoreline of the all 3 greatlakes. I couldn't ask for a better app for keeping up to date info. Thanks for a great job.

  • Its ok

    by LosAngeles90631

    For the price, others do more.

  • It works.

    by CDC72!

    Does what I need it to do with no problems.

  • Awesome

    by HighTechHillbilly

    Nice having the ability to have weather aert notifications any where I go.


    by 62427

    Works as promised; no complaints.

  • Super Great!

    by Shen Yong Fu

    This app works great. Alerts sound every time bad weather is approaching. Worth every penny!

  • Very Useful Weather Warnings

    by photopro_dc

    It's nice to have a program that accurately informs me of weather warnings. It works with no problem.

  • 2 Thumbs Up

    by wvmtbiker

    Better than my weather radio due to the addition of visuals.

  • NOAA Weather Radio

    by Russ7906

    Great app! When on the lake we use the "spark" function to determine distance of lightning in the area. Very helpful to help us decide to get off the lake!

  • Review

    by Nameless49

    I am disabled and need to exercise in a pool. Getting out there is an ordeal especially when I am chased back inside due to lightning so being forewarned is a great help!

  • NOAA Weather

    by Sunny sky's

    This is everything I was looking for

  • Minneapolis weather

    by kensington822

    Everything the NWS does best. Still the best weather forecast in town!

  • dont bother

    by MontanaJF

    None of the wx radio stations I wanted would work which is the whole attraction to the app. Otherwise, this is a collection of weblinks you can pull up yourself on NOAA website. I want a refund.

  • Disappointing

    by Carole Alverson

    I installed this app to cover Pensacola. But it's hardly ever working for this city. Needs to be fixed.

  • Just buffers

    by Tttlpoy

    Buffers forever without coming on. Waste of $2.

  • What app??

    by docinlr

    This is "not available" in our area most of the time!! I cant remember when it WAS functional....? I would love to have a functional app of NOAA!!

  • Dissapointed

    by 7302013

    Disappointed with this app. The only live noaa weather channel in my area has been offline since I purchased the app. Also unsure of if its alerting capabilities will work since the channel is offline. Id get my money back if I could

  • No Las Vegas feed?!

    by florawora

    I just purchased this and assumed I would be able to get the NOAA feed for Las Vegas, and it is NOT there! only Reno and Fernley! Feeling very ripped off ! Where are all the Mohave feeds!?

  • I can't tell if it works.

    by LarsWisconsin

    Milwaukee, Wi isn't even supported. I'd return this app but too much of a hassle.


    by Prosaawer

    Not as advertised. My city has a NOAA station broadcasting 24/7 but although this app lists it as an available station, it will not broadcast on this app. When I contacted them about this, they stated they were working on it. I asked for a refund but of course. I never received an answer.

  • NOAA Weather Radio

    by North 45

    Doesnt open to weather. Must make a jump to your local station. The graphic current stats are from weather underground, why? The above stats are different from the local nws tape

  • NOAA Weather App

    by Tio Mikey

    Ived spent a few dollards on other weather apps and deleted them. this app is top drawer!!

  • It works

    by jaywander

    Usually the first warning of several that I get.

  • Great

    by Spencerwirerules

    I'm not sure how this app could be better than it is. Awesome!

  • Good APP

    by DrQuest14

    Good app easy to u and has nice features. The one time I did need the weather radio from my local station it was off line. Still it is good quality and have had no other issues.

  • Great app

    by Linsue47

    This weather app is the best one that I have used. There are many bells and whistles on this one that are very helpful, including the optional selections for alert tones. The text option is also very useful. This app does it all. I don't need to keep my other weather apps/radios. And, is well worth the in-app purchases. The staff are very responsive to questions and to adding weather stations in your hometown, if not already included. But you just have to send an email asking for your station to be added on. I noted that one review was complaining about not having his preferential location included...but said nothing about whether he asked for it to be included. NOW, how fair was that? I asked for my location of Grant County, WI to be added, and it was added to in less than a few hours after my request. In addition, the weather station supporting my location was also added. You just can not ask for a better APP or better service from the providers. I plan to download other apps by this company.

  • It is great

    by scott955

    It is great.With it, I can get the latest warnings, watches, advisories and forecasts and other hazards. I hope to have an iPhone version.

  • Extremely useful

    by Tonyclam

    Great app, much better than listening to NOAA weather radio. Cuts right to the chase, no need to listen to weather reports that don't apply to you. What's more, the text is word for word with what is transmitted over the radio. My only suggestion would be to differentiate more clearly between the different regions forecasts...sometimes reading through, there isn't a clear break from one area to the other

  • Offline

    by Kiki Tpa

    So I waste $1.99 and Tampa is off line. Forget this - give me back my $$

  • Horrible

    by Give$back

    Don't waste your money! Doesn't work. Always overloaded.

  • Worst app ever---no kidding!

    by Birdhop

    Zero stars if I could. There is no redeeming value to this app. It was a complete waste of money. The images in the App Store description and the actual description are not only misleading, but I would say a complete fabrication. Using your web browser and NWS and NOAA web page links you save to your home screen, you will have an easier and far superior way to navigate through weather information than anything this supposed "app" can do. Apple should remove this from the store immediately.

  • Excellent app

    by DupesTWC

    Had a few config issues but emailed support and had issues resolved in a few hours. Push notifications work great and provide excellent backup when weather radio not near by. Like the radar feature enhancement. Developer wants and strives for product excellence. Nice to have weather alerts for family and friends outside of state...allows me to stay on top of weather for my elderly mother one state over. Nice work!

  • Accurate weather reports

    by LM2022

    I use it to check local weather daily.

  • Great APPS

    by Joe abc 123


  • Nice idea but needs improvement

    by rbth3

    Pros: does alert you when severe weather watches and warnings have been issued Cons: alerts are given with a horrible unpleasant grating sound. Cons: alerts are given even when there are no alerts. Last night we were under a severe thunderstorm watch until 7:15 pm, and this app let us know. Fifteen minutes after the alert expired it gave the loud grating sound again, repeating the original message, apparently to let us know that the alert had expired. Three more times in the evening it did the same. The last time it gave its irritating alert sound was at 9:30 pm. It again gave is the warning that we were under a severe thunderstorm watch until 7:30 pm! Duh! This morning at 6:30 it gave its irritating sound again. When I checked to see what it was warning me about, the app gave me a message that there were no active watches in my area. That's when I deleted the app. In my area of the country its important to have some kind of weather alert system, but there are better products out there. I have a weather alert app for my iphone that was a little more expensive, but it works great. If you are considering a weather app, my advice is to keep looking.

  • Great app

    by possumtrot

    I have been using this app now for several months and I am completely pleased with it. I highly recommend purchasing the in app HD Radar. It is a very sharp radar. Some other reviews have complained about coverage. Go to the website first before purchasing and make sure your area is in their data base.

  • Pretty Good App

    by Singingforjoy

    The push notifications are the best feature of this app. I can always stay current as long as I have a wifi connection. Being able to see the weather statements for my state before I travel is also a handy feature. I prefer another app for radar, so this one could use some improvement there. I recommend this app.

  • Waterloo radio works now!

    by 2mom2013

    Before no Waterloo. But now there's one now!

  • Saving lives!!!!

    by Netflixnut

    These alerts come through before all the "big dog" weather app alerts. Now understand, you have to have data or wifi to get alerts so if your electricity tends to go out and you need wifi, this may not be for you, but if you have a data plan on your iPad or an iPhone you will always get your alerts! This is my goto app for alerts because I can set my county and all my surrounding counties to alert me so I know what's coming. I can even change my alert settings to where I am on Vacation. Or where my parents live so I can call them and warn them. I do not use this app for general weather info at all, but the alerts are worth the price.

  • Good app. Needs to keep adding more NOAA broadcast coverage

    by Mr. Luigi

    Update doesn't offer much unless you have bought the high def radar+ in-app purchase...or if you own the latest generation iPhone 5 or iPad 4. With its in-app purchases and separate iPad and iPhone versions, this can become a relatively expensive app to own if you want to use it on both iDevices. Unpleasant. Folks who complain they were unaware their local wasn't covered by NOAA broadcasts in this app need to read the app's description. The developers are very clear that you should check the availability of broadcasts in your area before purchasing the app and provide the URL to access this information. (As an aside, it's not unique to this app, but it is a PIA that these URL's are not provided as hyperlinks. You can't even copy and paste the URL from the app details. I mean...really, what's up with that?)

  • good app

    by chenke.

    in one word,i don't think weather could be exactly the same as weather report's possible to forecast the exact situation.this app looks quite professional and hopely could provide a reference.i don't like suffer a rain when the radio said it would be a big sunshine day tomorrow.

  • Not for my area

    by SoutheastKansas

    I bought this thing and then found out that the NOAA weather station in my area is not covered by this app. Too bad. It would have been handy.

  • Waste

    by Zackdillman

    I paid for this app in case we have a bad storm bc I have no cable..and when we do have one my towns station is unavailable. Completely disappointed.

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