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iLoan is a extremely powerful and easy to use Loan, Auto, Mortgage and Property analysis tool.

Have you ever loaned someone money?
Have you ever needed to keep track of partial payments on a personal loan?
Have you ever had problems maintaining accurate records of payments or keeping track of the loan balance?
Or maybe you're making micro-loans. For small personal loans or for becoming your own "personal bank", iLoan is the application for you.

iLoan isn't just another financial calculator or amortization schedule.
iLoan is an application designed to keep track of your loaned money.

Keep track of loans you make to others or your own loans.

It is capable of recording multiple loans, payments on the loans, and the current payoff balance of each.

► Enter new loans with origination balance, interest rate, and origination date.
► Calculate any component of a loan, including payment, interest rate, or loan amount
► View individual loan status, showing current balance and payment history.
► Simple amortization calculator gives amortized payment based on entered data and shows the amortization table.
► Enter new payments as they're given to you.
► Edit existing payments.
► Send loan statements to the borrower.
► Send payment receipts to the borrower.
► affect of additional principle payments to loan cost.
► Business loans, home loans, car loans, and more!
► Uses your local currency (as set in the iPhone General preferences)


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