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Languages: English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: ByoungHun Jang

- Fixes crash on iOS 4.2+ devices.

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"Financial Calculator Pro" is a simple, yet powerful calculator
for evaluating Compound Interest, Present Value, Bond Yield, Mortgage loans, Retirement, 401(k), Life plan.

★ Common features:
✔ Graph Display
✔ Easy Input Interface
✔ BookMark
✔ E-mail

✓ Simple and Compound Interest.
- Simple Interest/Compound Interest
✓ Growing annuities and Present Value of Annuity.
- Annual Payout Amount
✓ Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, PMT and Future Value of money.
- Compound Annual Growth Rate/Future Value/Present Value
✓ Bond Yield calculator.
- Current Yield/Yield to Maturity
✓ Amortization and Loans calculator.
- Monthly Payment
✓ Return Rate/CAGR calculator
- Compound Annual Growth Rate
✓ Retirement calculator.
- Annual Retirement Income
✓ 401(k) calculator.
- Balance at Retirement/Annual Payout Amount/Taxes
✓ Life Plan calculator.
- Success Percentage

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Customer Reviews

  • Not good

    by PrairieSurfer

    After iOS 6 upgrade it crashes when I try to change term (years)

  • Dont bother

    by Cortez16

    This app is pointless. Doesn't have basic equations necessary

  • Silly app

    by Cinder7

    The developer clearly didn't try to understand the user. The description says it does loan calculations. Touch the loan option and you can set the loan amount and the "mortgage interest" fields. I want to do a car loan. Why is it called "mortgage interest"? Because apparently the developer assumed the only loan you would want to calculate is a 30 year mortgage. You can't even change the term. Crazy.

  • What!

    by mathiasparks

    No support for semiannual annuities or bonds... Such a basic feature missing! Unusable. Deceiving.

  • Numbersdude

    by Brent Bailey

    Overly simple and not very useful.

  • Blows

    by dingo1969


  • Does not work

    by Happymb

    Should be removed from store until fixed.

  • RUN!!

    by overlarry

    99 cents I'll never see again. VERY poorly designed. If you opt to have anything emailed to you, it freezes the email screen and you can't get rid of it without restarting your device. Poor interface. I found it mostly useless. STAY AWAY. If I had the option of giving it zero stars, I would.

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