Time Value Finance App Review (iOS, $3.99)


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Seller: Business Compass LLC

Application is made compatible with iPad screen.

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This application calculates following 5 variables.
1. Present Value (PV),
2. Future Value (FV),
3. Payment,
4. Time and
5. Interest Rate
variables when other variables are supplied as input.

Time can be supplied in years. x12 switch can be turned on to indicate monthly payment.

Interest rate can be supplied in APR. Division by 12 switch can be turned on to indicate monthly interest rate.

Payment can be applied at the beginning of the period by switching the BEG/END flag on as in insurance premium payment.

When time is calculated, if interest rate supplied is monthly, then time is expressed in years in addition to periods.

When interest is calculated, if time supplied is monthly, then APR is calculated in addition to interest rate per period.

Default Values:

When no input is supplied, input is assumed to be 0.

Cash Flow Convention:

1. Negative cash flow indicates cash outflow and positive indicates cash inflow.
2. By default payment is made at the end of the period


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