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Seller: Bellshare Inc

- Fixed missing status bar
- Fixed bug where weather data disappears after refresh

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BeWeather is a visually stunning, modern weather application. BeWeather provides all the weather information you need, packaged in a beautiful, easy to use app. BeWeather makes even bad weather look good!

All the weather info you need:

· Detailed current conditions
· Detailed 7 day and 24 hour forecast including sunrise/sunset times and moon phase
· Weather maps with animated radar (USA, Canada and Europe) and satellite (infrared and visible)
· Severe weather information (USA and Europe)
· Access to Weather Underground's huge network of personal weather stations
· Access to thousands of webcams for many locations
· Easily share the beautiful weather photographs, maps, weather alerts and webcam images on social networks
· Built from the ground up for iOS 7

Beautifully packaged:

· View current weather conditions using stunning HD weather animations, a huge selection of beautiful static images or show a location's animated radar map in the background
· Swipe up to reveal more detailed forecats
· Swipe left and right to quickly change locations

Unlock even more features by upgrading to BeWeather Pro:

· Unlimited number of locations
· Minutely rain forecasts (by Forecast, makers of the DarkSky app)
· Hurricane Tracker
· Storm tracks on weather radar
· Receive notifications for weather alerts at your location
· Show the current temperature as a badge on the homescreen icon
· Show the current weather as a notification on the lockscreen

Customer Reviews

  • Fav weather app

    by dfabs

    BeWeather fills most weather app needs; it has a clean layout, extended forecast with hourly, current condition data, radar, plus current temp on the app badge and weather alert push notifications (with the "Pro" in-app purchase). The main background can be set as an animated weather image, a photo, or a view of the current radar. It seems like they fixed the main bug where the temp wouldn't display without a pull to refresh. When audio is playing, opening BeWeather pauses the audio. There's also a quirk with how the push notification for temperature uses a dash "-" which looks like the temp is negative when it's not, eg.: "Washington - 23°" On my wishlist: the current time for each city added to the list of favorites, also when swiping from the left when at the begining of the list, it should make the side menu with condensed city list display. Overall this is a strong contender in the weather category, it adds a lot of features over the stock weather app while maintaining a nice iOS7 look. There's only a few rough edges to polish.

  • Pretty good!

    by Jjd916

    Paid 2.99, works pretty good. Even deleted yahoo weather. The app sends a lil notification once an hr with the temp. Only thing that I think it is missing is.. 1. The "feel like" temp reading. 2. The radar that gives a 20 -30 min preview. 3. A iPad version. Hopefully it'll get those 3 things and I think I'll be perfect.

  • Ok but......

    by Joewat64

    Good but….The badge on the icon does not update. The app also does not refresh in the background so you have to constantly pull down to get updates. What’s the point of having the temp on the home screen? I know this might sound petty but PLEASE make a new icon. An umbrella? Really?

  • Sooo Close

    by Crupp

    Very cool UI. Information appears to be pretty accurate. Missing: real feel, still a little buggy, lock screen not working. Great initial effort. Looking forward to future updates.

  • Stop warning about location!

    by Lobo519

    Please disable the warning about location services!! I don't want weather using my location eveytime I open it! Seems to be having issues when pulling down to update the data. Looks very promising but needs some work.

  • No negative temp

    by Jerogfunk

    Good app, but when the temperature falls below zero the badge notification goes away. Any fix for that?

  • Has everything...but...

    by Sethy-G

    BeWeather appears to have every I've ever wanted in a weather app. Push alerts for your current location, Weather Underground stations, radar, Dark Skies-like precip predictions, plus a sleek look & UI. But when you open the app, no matter what, it needs to be refreshed, even with background app refresh on. The temp badge icon also does not auto refresh. That's a huge bummer and quite annoying. If those issues could be tweaked, this app could truly be awesome.

  • Awesome

    by Koji84

    Great weather app!!!

  • Good App

    by Predfan9899

    Smooth UI. Has weather alerts. Everything I wanted.

  • Nice app

    by decontent

    Wonderful icon from the 90s.))) For the rest, a nice app.

  • Wait

    by Mr. Cupcake

    The app look beautiful, but don't upgraded just yet. The app icon does not work and the lock screen does not work either. Love this app on blackberry, just not all it could be yet.

  • Need Feels Like and Tides

    by D4TA41

    Ok app - it needs feels like and tide info...then you guys will have a winner. Happy to pay for the upgrade with those functions.

  • BeWeather

    by DunDunDun123

    Awesome. I had this app with my BB 9800 cell.

  • Needs a "feel like" temp

    by TinkerSays

    Living between 2 big lakes I need the "feels like" temperature reading. Between cold winter winds & high humidities in the summer the "feels like" is very important in outdoor life activities. I hope they can add that to an update soon. But, that being said, deleting a few apps bc this is a good app.

  • Perfect

    by Yasba99

    I can finally stop buying weather apps! This one is perfect for me. Combines everything I could only get as separate apps. Radar, DarkSky forecasts, lock screen weather and badge on the icon. Would recommend 100%

  • Awesome

    by Yester18

    So glad this finally made it to iOS. Hats off to the developer. Looking forward to more features and enhancement.

  • Love it

    by Guy named Jason

    Been using only a few hours - I'll keep an eye in accuracy but this is quickly becoming my go-to weather app. Loved it on BlackBerry and it has everything I want - great UI, push Weather alerts, graphic and textual forecasts, radar, etc. Worth the Pro.

  • Needs updating

    by Dwhidden

    Needs update for crash on iOS 7.1 b3. Otherwise looks good, 2 more stars on complete compatibility.

  • Decent but…

    by Niclistin

    Decent weather app but the $2.99 price tag for the limited pro features is too much.

  • Premature launch

    by ZyzzFyzz

    I loved this app on my BB. As if now, all kinds of issues with the app (unlocked version). Examples: homescreen badge non-existent (yes, background refresh is enabled); lock screen weather enabled but non-existent; 'feels like' setting nowhere to be found on my version; follow me weather not working, etc. The support page through iTunes doesn't even list the iOS version got any helpful FAQ. The graphics are nice, but the features for a paid version aren't there. Hoping for an update soon. Back to the yahoo weather app until then.

  • Never mind

    by Judgeccal2

    Didn't work. Couldn't find my current location, and started immediately asking me to upgrade to pro. I immediately deleted it.

  • Don't buy: waste of money

    by fabcav

    The short- term forecast does not work (it states 'no data available') and the forecast text is systematically 2 days delayed. On Tuesday morning it still tells you about Sunday and Monday's weather but not a word about Tuesday. It's just useless. There are so many other great weather apps out there, don't waste your time or money on this one!

  • needs a lot of work

    by Bearded2one

    could be great, but too many problems.

  • Not like on a Blackberry

    by rjcs56

    Was a devoted BB user through several iterations until I switched to iPhone. One of the apps I hated to lose was BeWeather. When I saw that it has come to iPhone I was thrilled! What a disappointment! I get no weather on my lock screen. My temperature badge does not update at all. The app is generally sluggish. What's going on? And yes, I have checked and triple checked all relevant settings, and had a knowledgeable friend do the same. UPDATE: Fair is fair. App developers immediately corrected my issues, and now, BeWeather is baaaack! Thanks so much!

  • Nice UI, poor function.

    by ItsMrMark

    Lock screen notification not working. The animations are artificially fast and only sometimes work. Temp not accurate.

  • Looks pretty, but....

    by Trevst

    I really want to like this looks great and when it works, it's awesome. However, about 80% of the time when I open the app, it is completely blank no info at all.

  • Won't Open

    by SJackDFW

    At times will just show black screen. This is the paid version on iPhone 4.

  • Black screen

    by El Presedente

    I have to remove the app from the list of running apps and restart it every time I want to see the weather ----

  • Don't pay until they fix

    by Bpcockrum

    Waste of money so far. Badge temp, weather alerts, lock screen notification all do not work. Today the temp was -999. Have restarted and reinstalled to no effect. Save your money until they make this right. Running on iPhone 5s.

  • Notifications out of control!

    by Shawn Swanson

    Have an air stagnation in effect in my area and the app thinks it needs to warn me 4 times a day. I get it there is a special weather advisory!

  • Nice UI, poor functionality

    by bjchantry

    Paid the $2.99, no temperature on icon badge, nothing on lock screen, have the latest update still doesn't work. Not happy!

  • Get with the program...

    by Bass_Fishing1

    Only allow two locations-get a life.

  • Ok, but…

    by 2caldwells

    Love the look and the amount of data. BUT I spent $2.99 on the upgrade and got nothing. No temp on the icon, no weather in the lock screen. And yes, I've closed and restarted the app, restarted my iPhone, etc. 1-20-13: got update today, but nothing changed. Save your money!

  • Doesn't work

    by Rick Ryan

    Stays open about 5 seconds then crashes

  • Looks good, but has bugs

    by eb1171

    Big bug when you open the app and you have music playing/streaming. If the weather app is configured for the weather animations theme the music will stop playing / streaming

  • Blast from the Past

    by rsd22

    Before I got my iPhone 5 I owned five Blackberry's, and on each BB I had a few Bellshares apps running. Beweather and Bebuzz were my favorites.... so I was excited when I saw Beweather made it over to the iPhone. That said I will not be upgrading to the pro version; here's why. No feels like temperature is a deal breaker for me living in New England (go patriots!) where the feels like temp can be 10 degrees of more lower than the posted temp. My current paid weather app shows me feels like temps on the app badge, the home page, and in the hourly temps. It's gonna be hard to ever replace my current weather app. When (if) Bellshare updates Beweather to reflect "hourly" feels like temps and also feels like temps in the app badge, I'll update to a long lost friend that was a favorite for me (and my wife) for many years. Good luck guys!

  • Disappointed!!!

    by b33zu

    I've tried all the weather apps you can think of and bought them if there was a charge. I bought the pro version of this and found out that the weather images don't refresh in sync with the weather. Sometimes I just get a grey screen?!? Also with the pro version comes enabling the badge notification but that also doesn't work. When enabled there is no badge number on the icon. I presume the weather alert option doesn't work either. FIX THIS!!!!! I'm tired of paying for half competed applications. Make them fully functional before selling them to people. Oh by the way change the ugly app icon to something better. Seriously it's garbage. UPDATE!! The current weather on the lock screen doesn't work either. I'm on the iPhone 5 IOS 7.

  • Looks like rip off of yahoo weather app

    by austriak

    Looks like rip off of yahoo weather app.

  • Very disappointing.

    by terry106sc

    The good stuff is a paid upgrade. Deleted.

  • Home Screen Worthy

    by MikMalDaddy

    Had been using Yahoo Weather for a while, but constantly frustrated by its late/inaccurate radar (for snow in particular). This App is similar, but better (LOVE the animated radar theme).

  • Doesn't work

    by Ir77

    Upgraded to the pro version and the lock screen feature doesn't work, neither does the badge icon temperature, waste of money.

  • Welcome Home - Kind Of...

    by rejaka

    This was my “go to” weather app back in my BlackBerry days. But these aren’t the “BlackBerry days” any longer. This is not a bad effort from a BB developer on his first crack at an iOS app, but this one is not quite ready for prime time. It falls solidly into the “not great, but not horrible” category. As BeWeather evolved on the BB platform, I fully expect Pfluger and his team to bring this one alone… so give it some time and see what develops.

  • Crashes

    by greenapple3317

    Opens to the welcome screen then crashes. Reinstalled twice, still crashes. Hopefully they will fix this soon.

  • Very clean app

    by dcmech06

    Doesn't have the bells and whistles as other apps but doesn't need too. Simple. I had "Yahoo" weather and now I switched. Plus no ads!

  • so glad......finally

    by kam_2958

    i was so glad to find this app (i purchased "pro") was my absolute favorite app on blackberry. Does anyone know if we will eventually be able to change the weather icons on this. that would make it perfect......

  • My new go to weather app!

    by lara3010

    Very very nice iOS 7 style weather app. Visually on the same level as the Yahoo app but so much more powerful! Love the minutely forecast. Please add 'feels like' to make it perfect.

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