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Get the only weather stat you really need: the wind chill or heat index. This number represents what it actually Feels Like outside, not just the temperature. Data comes from the nearest of 1,867 National Weather Service stations across the United States.

A wind chill reading is possible when the temperature is 50°F or colder and the wind is 3 mph or greater. The blue background is displayed when the number is the wind chill reading. Heat index readings begin at 80°F, and the app will have a red background. Gray means it Feels Like the real temperature, so that is what is displayed.

Coming soon: Feels Like Free for the rest of the world.
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Customer Reviews

  • I Like It!!

    by Coinnut

    With the wind chill in the -30 to -50 range in my area in the past 2 days & nights, this cool App he's been INVALUABLE to me, and ACCURATE!! Please don't listen to the Nay-Sayers writing poor reviewers. Give this App a try & I think you'll love it too! Especially if you live out in the country where it's much more windy!!

  • Love it!

    by MerMcG

    Great app.

  • Has potential

    by smokemlehr

    Potential 5-star app, with 2 updates needed: 1) use new WC method (or both), and; 2) use badge icon to show color & feels-like temp.

  • Needs active icon

    by eganx

    Program works ok, but the icon should be active to show feels like temp and color without having to open it

  • Simple, Clean, Quick

    by martyver

    Ditto with Robot. Gives the heat index/wind chill information straight up without having to navigate through several pages. Great addition to my weather folder. Had an initial problem after download but Bata Construction was quick to respond and very helpful. With the clean design of the app even the ads are not intrusive.

  • Easy & Elegant

    by The Runaway Robot

    A quick read on the how it really feels outside couldn't be much simpler than this. Just touch to open & there it is! Swipe for details & animated radar. Great if you don't want to fiddle with busy, packed pages of complicated and confusing numbers, icons & layouts. Simplify!

  • So so

    by The MFn Niz

    Some stations don't update their info and you can't select a station in your area that does, add that feature and it would be great cause around a reporting point that updates this app works great.

  • Like it but

    by KC2PED

    I like it but it is a one trick pony. Why do I have to open the program to see a larger version of the icon with the correct information. I'd like it a lot better if the icon changed to show the feels like temperature the way the calendar program always shows the current date. Even a badge on the icon would be better than having to launch the program to see something that can be shown on the icon on a home page or in the recently used applications tray.

  • Cool

    by Matt12345784

    Good app I guess

  • free, easy, breezy

    by Big Weather Fan

    Gives me the wind chill or heat index where I am at and when I am needing it. Has ads, but what doesn't these days, and the price is right.

  • Not correct

    by MoeFE

    We are at 9239 ' in the Colorado mountains, my outside temp is 9 With wind gust of 11 mph. And this App is telling me it feels 64 outside. Crazy

  • Ghi23gan

    by Lawrence W Gantt

    I'm sorry, but this app disappoints me. I love the radar loop. However, you need to update using new wind chill factors.

  • Does nothing

    by Willard Morrison

    All I get is a two tone grey screen where the temperature is supposed to be. I just got an update, but it changed nothing. Disappointed

  • Does Nothing

    by Presort Man

    Will not run on my iPad2. All I get is a grey square in the middle of the screen with ads on top and bottom.

  • Quit working

    by gsnomad

    Worked great at first but now I just get an empty grey box!

  • Bad review

    by Paw paw yed

    At first it worked very good then it quit working. Now all I get is the gray box it never changes to the red box with all the information. Very disappointed that it stopped working.

  • Feel like temp

    by Ajoka4you

    Please add multiple cities i.e. Florida, NYC, CA

  • Waste of time never updates!!!

    by asecretary

    Been on June 1 since I uploaded it on July 8?????????

  • Feels like

    by vegietails

    Nothing comes up exept for a box with nothing in it

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