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- changed data server
- slight UI changes for better controls
- small bug fixes

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The brand new Climate Earth 3D is a Hi-Def visualization of global weather conditions with forecasts generated by supercomputers and data updated every three hours, presented in a way never seen before!

Climate Earth 3D is not just a weather forecast App, also it is able to visualize the local and global climate conditions worldwide by animating the data it downloads, giving you the chance to understand the climate on a large scale.

Thereby it does not just download an animation loop that it will show over and over again!
Instead it will present the current, past or future wind or ocean streams in a way you have never seen it before as it generates the animation out of the data in realtime without the need to loop it. This generates a revolutionary user experience on that kind of App!

Additionally to the animated wind and ocean streams the following overlays can be selected to visualize the data by coloring the globe:
- Wind Speed at specified height
- Temperature at specified height
- Mean See Pressure Level: Air pressure reduced to sea level
- Total Precipitable Water: Total amount of water in a column of air stretching from ground to space
- Total Cloud Water: Total amount of water in clouds in a column of air from ground to space

Also Climate Earth 3D is able to show number values for all of these data for any point on earth by just tapping on it or for your current position by using GPS.

All that is shown on a 3D globe you can zoom in and out by pinching and rotate by swiping, surrounded by a fully intuitive user interface, specially designed for iOS 7!

And of course Climate Earth 3D comes with social sharing built in!
It is able to share a picture of the part of the map you are currently seeing, as well as recording the animations shown into a movie and you can send it to your friends!

Climate Earth 3D uses data by the Global Forecast System/NCEP/National Weather Service/NOAA, OSCAR/Earth & Space Research and Natural Earth. Also it relies heavily on work by Cameron Beccario.

>>> NEW: We have a Live Demo of Climate Earth 3D available for you at <<<

*** For further Info, Screenshots, Videos generated by Climate Earth 3D and Feedback please visit the Website ***

I want to hear back from you! If you have any questions, feedback, feature requests or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact me via eMail at I’ll be happy to help!

Customer Reviews

  • Nicely done dev

    by A-poda

    Almost surreal the images of our climate in this app. More "zoom in" would be nice but it's pretty sweet as is. Thank you.

  • Owner Robbins Cattle

    by WB Robbins

    This is a simple but very informative app. I use it to monitor El Niño / La Niña and the climatic conditions in general in my part of the world. This is the only app that I am aware of that provides this important information. In addition the developer responds quickly to any issues one might have and resolves them just as quickly! Very well done all around.


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