Aviation Weather from NOAA/NWS Weather App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: Appventive
  • Updated: Jun, 06 2012
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 1.26 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Appventive LLC

Improved handling of connection issues.

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App for pilots.

We created this app to make it easier to use the (currently experimental) mobile version of aviationweather.gov. We like this site, but can't take any credit for it. Weather graphics, radar, satellite, and METARs/TAFs/PIREPs. Enjoy!

This app adds the following abilities to the site:

+ save your favorite METAR & TAF searches
+ search for multiple stations at a time
+ designate an alternate default station to use on the site's home page

** NEW** If you prefer an ad-free experience, you now have the option to turn off the ads forever via a 1-time in-app purchase of $0.99 USD. Just select "Go ad-free" from the action menu.

Please email support@appventive.com if you have any questions, suggestions or problems.

Customer Reviews

  • Useful

    by Sizziano

    Simple and informative. Has all the products I need in one place

  • Very useful and fast!

    by Djencjdbc

    Brings up metars and TAFs very quickly and let's you get to high resolution maps very quickly. Just like a mobile site of aviation weather.gov!!

  • Good for METARs but....

    by _Appz_Opinion

    You can't even pull up a TAF without digging around. Winds/radar would be a great addition too.

  • Pretty good

    by J9757

    Wish UI was a little cleaner and please add weather depiction charts

  • simple and nice

    by toby dad

    next update, plz add grahical for winds aloft! thanks

  • Must Have!

    by Stylistic rhythms

    Great aviation tool for any aviator trying to plan a flight!

  • A good start...

    by FB App not the greatest

    Solid app for getting a general snapshot of weather in your area. A useful improvement would be the availability of winds aloft forecasts, as well as a state-wide listing if METARs and TAFs. Also, easy availability of SIGMETs and AIRMETs would be great. Give this app the features that are available on the website, and it will be 5 stars in no time!

  • Sweet Jesus ADDS has an app!!!

    by :/ b-diddy

    The only thing I am upset about is that I didn't know that they had made this an app sooner. If you are a pilot then you know what this is and you probably downloaded the app before reading this review. It is a must have for any pilot or dispatcher.

  • Great idea!

    by Gin-ja Nin-ja

    Finally an app that has all the charts needed to make a full picture decision. It does take a while to load, even in wifi. Otherwise 5 stars.

  • Good app, but.

    by Philbert81

    This app is clean and easy to use. However in the TAF/METAR page you can't zoom out to look at all the text. You have to scroll side to side which is not a good experience. I hope this will be fixed in the next update.

  • OK give me more!

    by Littlesigh

    As an aviation meteorologist I think this is great, simple…wait….no landscape??? epic fail! guys! but I am still looking for that one APP that does it all for aviation met folks.

  • I like it!!

    by Aagrumman

    Great job . I like the interface and chart organization .

  • Finally

    by O15+

    Bingo! I've been using the CWSU Aviation Mobile site as a web app. It's about time this was made into an iPhone app that doesn't open in Safari every time it is used. 5 stars...thank you!

  • Annoying Ads

    by Lobstaboy

    Repackaged data that I've already payed for with tax dollars. I will not accept advertising under these circumstances.

  • Please all me to buy app and GET RID OF ADS

    by Sean M Fidler

    I HATE FRAKING ADDS! Please for the love of god. Makes app pathetic, but would be great for $.99 and no ads.

  • This is a foul weather app!

    by Radar O'Reiley

    A very big disappointment because of frequent lock-ups and freezing on my iPhone 5. This app has more bugs than a $10 motel located in the bad part of town.

  • Buggy

    by JamesKCHS

    It's nice to be able to have an easy way to check metars and tafs, but it's so buggy, it's often not usable. Once they get it cleaned up so it does not freeze as much, I think it will serve my needs well.

  • Good.......But

    by Cornbeef007

    I'm an airline pilot and I use this app for pretty much every flight. The Radar, turbulence plot, metars and TAFs are the biggies. Very nice for these purposes. What needs work: 1. I have an Iphone 5 and this thing freezes every so often and I need to reinstall it. 2. The adds are lame. I would pay $5.00 in order to get ride them.

  • Useless repackaging and profit

    by PaulC72

    This app is just a repackaging of the CWSU mobile web site, only they're making money off the iAds in the app. This is at least shady, if not an outright illegal use of a government web site.

  • Pilot

    by Ikebod

    I fly for a corporation. This is not something I could make any use of. I deleted it.

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