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  • Updated: Sep, 05 2012
  • Version: 1.3.52
  • Size: 12.19 MB

Languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: V2 Digital Media B.V.

New in this update:

- The 'Super silky smooth' update
This update makes the animations of Weathercube slick as an oiled up eel. Yet another reason to keep playing with the cube. Have fun!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Weathercube

> Apple's App of the Week.
> Listed in Apple's 'App Store Best of 2012'.

- The New York Times: "A Weather Report That’s Colorful, With a Chance of Fun."
- "Weathercube turns the forecast into a sleek, touchable experience."
- "Weathercube is one stunning yet amazingly functional weather app."
- "We simply cannot resist featuring the work of some talented designers and developers and giving them the exposure they deserve!"

Weathercube is the gestural weather app for iPhone. No buttons; just swipe, pinch and tap your way through the weather. We did all the work, so you have all the fun. It's clean, simple, hot and fresh at the same time!

Weathercube: it's the weather - in a cube - awesome!

- Completely interactive
Weathercube likes to be touched, so swipe, pinch and tap that thing without getting arrested!

- Unique hourly, daily and weekly view
Wear flip-flops or snowboots? The detailed hourly view shows the weather from hour to hour.

- Serving over 1.7 million cities
Database contains just about every city on the globe for your personal weather: whenever, wherever.

- Colorful themes
Personalize Weathercube to your preference with special colored themes.

- Available in multiple languages
Your local weather in your local language is our goal.

Customer Reviews

  • Nice one

    by Shanto007


  • A desktop must have

    by freakyfriday13

    This is my "go to" app for weather. Concise and cute graphic with easy change up options. No fluffy dramatic weather channel drama here, just the facts.

  • It's really good

    by luisitoburrito

    Great app that has a snappy interface(most of the time) and accurately tells the forecast. Customizable and fun to use.

  • Great App

    by StepCR

    I love this app. The simple and clean looks are great.

  • Really Cool App!


    Love watching the clouds float past each other when it's updating! Cool 3D graphics, eye pleasing color changes, makes weather watching unique and fun!

  • Fun app

    by Pop body

    My kids think its fun to move from side to side. I like the week at a glance panel

  • Easy turn use!

    by nicksdad6702

    Wish more apps were this easy and simple to use. No fluff here just what u need for the weather.

  • Simple and effective!

    by wabbott594

    This app is great. Simple and intuitive controls give you great flexibility when checking the weather. All the stuff you need...none of the filler you don't. Love it!

  • Good app great UI

    by On iPhone 5s

    Need a bit more polishing but great concept. Great to see a clean easy to read data. Thanks for not doing background pictures that make it difficult to see and add no value to the data

  • Best weather app I own

    by SeanInGA

    I have been using this app for the last few years without any disappointment. It provides easy and concise reporting, updates quickly with new forecasts while providing accurate (best a forecast can be) weather information.

  • Rate

    by BrainDrain56

    This app is definitely diddle rent, but in a good way I like it a lot.

  • Great design

    by alindumd


  • Good Simple App

    by GeoSpal

    The app loads quickly and provides good and accurate weather data. I am a fan of simple and this is the best yet.

  • Awsome

    by alextar

    Gert Good App

  • Great app

    by sivasuga

    Very good app

  • App

    by Arauxus

    Works great. Very good tool

  • Easy

    by Abilio Coelho

    Nice and user friendly

  • good idea

    by Mussta

    A well mastered UI concept - but I'm still using the stock weather app

  • Impresindible

    by Amontoya88

    Muy muy recomendable

  • Excellent App

    by R J Strad

    Love this App, it's a must have for weather info, quick, easy, good relevant info, and high degree of accuracy.

  • Crashes!!!

    by Juliansgmom

    This app started out being pretty good. But now each time I try to make any changes it crashes...every time! I've added cities and after each addition it crashed. I then tried to change the theme from the mundane blue, but all the app did was CRASH! No changes allowed. Please fix!

  • Crashes!!!

    by Juliansgmom

    This app started out being pretty good. But now each time I try to make any changes it crashes...every time! I've added cities and after each addition it crashed. I then tried to change the theme from the mundane blue, but all the app did was CRASH! No changes allowed. Please fix!

  • Weather Forecasts are a joke

    by My personal music app

    I just got 8 inches of snow today and the weather cube predicted on .67 inches of snow which is such a joke and this app is horrible.

  • Nice App...Bad Weather

    by Movetheboxcam

    Everything the app says that is going to happen with the weather never does. Really nice looking app, but save 99 cents...

  • Pretty, but weather data is useless

    by DPR777

    App is nice to use. However, the weather data is pretty much useless. Temperature is often off by 5-10F, snow fall is underestimated by many inches. It's not reliable at all.

  • More style than substance.

    by EdfromPA

    200% form. 20% substance. Inaccurate data. No severe weather alerting. Currently we have a winter weather advisory: 3-5" of snow forecasted. You'd never know it looking at Weathercube. Forecast shows .03" of precipitation with a single ❄️

  • Snappy app!

    by 22Trixie22

    What a splendid app! Love and use it quite often.

  • Crash-crash-crash

    by rosetree203

    Stalled out on both iPhone and iPad -

  • Weather cube

    by Mimi Kat

    Easy to use

  • Great app

    by Darklon

    Beautiful with an elegant interface.

  • Week forecast needs revision

    by Charlcec

    Really nice weather app. Beautiful, simple, and conveys just the necessary info in an easy to absorb format. The only drawback is the week forecast, which is poorly implemented. Let me rephrase that: it's stupid. The week forecast pops open with nothing but six weather icons. You have to tap each icon to see each day's name (Mon, Tue, etc.) and weather info, an unnecessary two step process apparently implemented that way to provide another opportunity to show off the rotating cube effect. The week forecast needs to be revised so that when called, it simply opens to the named days and weather. Five stars when that happens.

  • Great app!!!

    by Kaylo90

    I love it, simply, cool, complete. By far my favorite weather app!! :) :) :)

  • Great

    by Captainsnow


  • The one (of too many) weather app that I actually use.

    by Daniel Goldberg

    Simple and accurate, this is my favorite way to see the overview-level forecast that's all I need 99% of the time.

  • Best weather app

    by rfsantana

    This 1 of the best weather app that has ever been made.

  • A great weather App!

    by jinglealltheway

    I enjoy using this App, and I highly recommend it for your everyday weather forecasting. Bravo developers!!

  • Forecasts so bad they've become a joke

    by Skolai

    Great interface; data is apparently favricated? Temp forecast in Seattle is consistently nearly 20 degrees higher than all other forecasts, and reality. For example, today's WCube forecast is 21 degrees warmer than all other forecasts - Oct in Seattle and Weathercube says 76 and sunny, and says it will be clear and 79 in a couple if days. It's become our household joke whenever we look up the forecast.. An accurate data feed shouldn't be that difficult guys. I look forward to you licensing real data; please let us know when you do.

  • Novel but limited

    by Jdb in NoHo

    Neat interface but not exactly self evident. Good use of gestures but relies on user's recollection of functionality. 6-day summary isn't clear which day is which. City list limited to only about 6 or 8. Since i travel, why not 20 or 30 cities? Hourly forecast should be swipeable between cities, as should 6 day forecast. Why force the user to return home first before changing cities?

  • Needs labels

    by CheesyPanda69

    I could tell which cube tells the temperature and I could kinda tell what the picture represents what type of weather it is but sometimes it's not that clear. It should tell us if its stormy tomorrow, or raining, etc. I don't even know what the other cubes tell. It shows numbers but I don't know what they represent. Other than that it does it's job well I guess. It has different colors and I like the use of the cube, but it's a little bland also.

  • Nice

    by MorozА

    Very nice

  • Amazing App

    by JRyanNYC

    This App doesn't only tell you weather but you get to do it in such a fun and unique way! This is a Must Have App! xx

  • Not much you can do with it

    by Michaeltthegeek

    No sunrise and sunset, no radar, no visual effects showing you the weather. Weather channel is better.

  • Very cool!

    by Teresa Padron

    What a way to make weather fun and finding info on different places quick!

  • Awesome!

    by F150guy91

    Awesome app. Quick and easy weather.

  • good app

    by dj azeroth

    Is Very Useable And Very Helpful

  • Travel

    by Wombat39

    Fantastic! Great for those on the go, up-to-date at location.

  • Weather cube

    by Praetorian9000

    Great product. High speed design. No complaints. Cheers.

  • Neat little app

    by Skhughes

    I'm a new user 1st day but so far so good

  • So much fun!

    by Jo G.

    Great app for getting the facts in a rubic cube way.

  • Nice when it works

    by Fun4totalboredom

    Worked before last update. Now just crashes at loading screen. It has been months since this app actually worked:( Should be zero stars. It was nice when it worked. On iPhone 5 w/ iOS 6.1 Patiently waiting for a fix

  • Curious

    by Izzyunicorn

    I wanted to have some sort of weather gauge. When I saw the cube I was intrigued at the various ways if flips to give you three days ahead of weather. Kids would become fascinate by it.

  • Awesome

    by Thosh87

    Love this app

  • Simple and pleasant


    Simple and pleasant

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