Upweather - beautiful satellite and forecast weather Weather App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: Air Curious
  • Updated: Aug, 23 2012
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 9.94 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Air Curious Inc

Forecast imagery is greatly improved!

• The forecast map now shows 500 millibar height contours. See how ridges and troughs steer the weather. The rain and snow textures have also been cleaned up, and the forecast clouds more closely match the infrared images.

• The new Layers menu lets you customize the map. You can hide the basemap if you just want the satellite's eye view.

• Sharing support. Send images to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks.

• Better iPhone 5 support as well as bug fixes on all devices.

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Upweather brings you the freshest weather imagery available for North America, and lets you animate it at your own speed. Watch hurricanes roaring in off the ocean, or thunderstorms forming in the midwest. See how the shape of upper air features steers the weather we experience.

• Swipe backwards in time to see satellite photos, updated from orbit every half hour.

• Swipe forwards to see forecast images for a week into the future. Forecast shows upper air troughs and ridges along with clouds and predicted surface precipitation.

• Keep sliding back and forth over the time periods you are interested in: the animation gets better and better.

• Use a WiFi connection for best results.

• You can also use Upweather as a beautiful desk clock showing you the most recent satellite clouds for the area of your choice.

Customer Reviews

  • Love this App!

    by Pmcpatty

    I love this app. You can instantly see the weather that is coming by a quick glance at the cloud and wind patterns. Everyone I have shown it to wants to download it too.

  • Up weather

    by 76935

    It shows what I need to know.

  • tis good! :)

    by dackmaddy107

    i really enjoy using this. better than many ive seen.

  • Gorgeous & informative

    by FlyingJ123

    Really beautiful images and slick /smooth interface. feel like a weather star as you animate forecast by scrolling & learn about the fascinating weather patterns. Note: there is no temperature.

  • Amazing!

    by Wx5cw

    Great app! Hope to see upper air maps at different levels added in the next update!

  • Great app for ocean satellite imagery

    by Belden Fox

    If you live on a coast it can be very useful to see weather patterns out on the ocean; you can see what’s coming hours or even days in advance. This one does a beautiful job with Pacific ocean satellite imagery, something most weather apps don’t provide. I also like scrubbing to produce a rapid animation that spans days and watching the clouds break over the Sierra and Rocky Mountain ranges. Very well done app.

  • Stunning

    by language app

    An aesthetically stunning presentation of visual cloud cover. Beautiful animation and an intriguing forecast model. Love it.

  • This one works. The others don't.

    by Firstron

    I have tried all of the apps that are supposed to show satellite cloud maps. Currently, this is the only one that works at all and it works very well. For me, that makes it worth the $3.

  • Love it!

    by Disappeared

    I adore this app. Why wade through a weather site to find what you want when you can have your very own satellite weather map.

  • My favorite weather app

    by Jbmeans

    I love this app. Not only is it beautiful, you get a wonderful sense of the flow of the weather. Love the millibars being added to the forecast view. It use it every day.

  • Simple and intuitive.

    by Krazy Kringle

    Upweather combines satellite imagery and model forecasts in a simple and intuitive interface. The app distills a very complicated set of data down to a vey spare but useful interface. Beautifully smooth visualizations!

  • Great app

    by FransMan05

    Good app. I would recommend it to a friend

  • Great app

    by Tronoku

    This is the best cloud app

  • One Of The Best

    by CstJr09

    I have many weather apps. I am a weather junkie. I have found that this app to be consistently accurate. So, if you aren't a weather junkie and only want 1 or 2 weather apps consider this one.

  • Sub par product

    by dookee23

    Cloud animation does not work properly. Map feature lacking.

  • Works

    by Firewolf40

    Works as advertised, crashes when opening occasionally

  • Plyons

    by Peter Lyons

    Love it

  • Excellent

    by JB 2010 iphone

    Works very well. Wish there was a PC version.

  • Super satellite

    by Robert Meadows

    Excellent weather app if you love satellite views. Easily worth three or four times the price.

  • Beautiful app

    by Cbaxter1

    I think this app is beautiful.

  • I don't get it

    by The yogpodder

    I was recommended this app as a way to check for fog before going to the beach. I'm sitting on the coast in San Luis Obispo covered in a thick marine layer / fog and the app says the skies are clear. Does it not show fog? Am I not using it properly? Is it a useless app? Dan

  • Rating

    by Sum8

    Excellent but need to cover all worlds countries

  • Just what I was looking for

    by c349928

    Exactly what I was looking for... very simple with no frills. This app provides the missing information that radar mapping can't provide.

  • Beautiful!

    by Raj Bot

    Really fluid!

  • Super cool

    by Drew Olbrich

    This app uses GPS satellites to determine your position on the Earth and graphically shows you the predicted weather around your location for several days into the future. The weather forecast is calculated by a supercomputer that takes its input from yet another group of satellites. The prediction is transmitted in real time via a global information network to your portable handheld device which, incidentally, has the graphics and computational horsepower of a computer that, twenty years ago, would have cost a quarter million dollars and was as large as a dishwasher. Upweather gives you all this for the price of a pork tamale.

  • Nice

    by Scott Draves

    Clouds + Time = Beauty. Nothing else like it.

  • Awesome quality

    by Brainal

    The satellite shots are awesome quality. I love the way the GFS satellite predict is integrated also. Adding automatic animation would be a good idea. Also adding water vapor and other satellite shots would be nice. Beautiful app and I believe it will get even better.

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