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Thanks for all the great feedback! We’ve continued our focus on stability for this update and made a few changes to prepare for our upcoming iOS 7 release.

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Voted “Best iPhone App” by the 2012 Mobie awards, AccuWeather for iPhone now has popular features from our AccuWeather for iPad app, current conditions that refresh every five minutes, and more! Users tell us it is their “Go-to weather app.” From what to wear to how to travel, they say they, “Can’t live without it,” and it is, “Better than any other.”

Weatherproof your day with these popular features:

• Customizable My AccuWeather forecasts for health concerns and outdoor activities, such as outdoor fitness, respiratory health, and travel.

• Severe weather notices, including optional, real-time pushed severe weather alerts for your home locations in the United States. The pushed severe weather alerts are user-friendly and easy-to-read, and visible from your lock screen, home screen, and from the Notification Center.

• For locations worldwide, when AccuWeather forecasts severe snow, ice, rain, wind, or thunderstorm probability, you will see an orange exclamation point displayed on the location’s 15-day forecast screen.

• iCloud Support: Settings and saved locations sync to other AccuWeather apps.

• Calendar Integration: View the 15-day weather forecast right in your calendar.

• Social Sharing: Share weather information with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

• Contact Location Viewing: Pin some or all of your contacts to the radar map to see the current weather conditions in their location.

You also get the accurate, local weather forecasts you expect from AccuWeather:

• Hourly and 15-day forecasts for 2.7 million locations worldwide in 22 languages.

• Animated radar and satellite on interactive maps with a map summary page for your top five locations.

• Local weather forecast summary: The summary provides an overview of the next five days’ weather forecast along with a description of the most dramatic weather event expected during the next five days.

Download AccuWeather for iPhone for free and start experiencing the most accurate and local weather forecasts available!

Customer Reviews

  • Good app

    by Dominic 420

    I love it

  • Ac weather

    by Reble 77

    Great app easy to use!!!!!!

  • Nice!!

    by TP1980

    Great app thank you!!!

  • Review

    by speedlimit40mph

    Love the app - HATE the roaches running across the too of the stream for pest control advertisement.

  • Better than the other two!

    by Iron Horse Cowboy

    Missed the snow forecast, but that's weather, it can change direction faster than you can update! I do like the radar maps , there more accurate than most other apps, would have given a five star, but they missed the snow we were supposed to get! For weather Accuweather is who I turn too!!

  • Good app

    by GGraham5678

    Pretty accurate sometimes it takes a while to load though

  • Retired

    by Burd44

    My favorite weather app.

  • Very Good Information

    by ShpgMin

    I live in the Midwest, where they've had the worst weather to date. The Accuweather app has been a reliable source.

  • From Georgia

    by BakeGingerbread

    Please remove the ad with the cockroach running across my phone. Come on! This is gross!

  • DJ- KY

    by LHOP Director

    This is a great app. Much more detailed than the weather channel app I had before. The forecast has been right on every time. I keep finding more info available. Love the radar and charts. I've only had it about a week. I travel a lot and its great for predictions of daily weather.

  • iOS 7

    by Big Ben Kid

    Being a Penn State student, I really love AccuWeather and hopefully an iOS 7 version will soon be released. Once that happens, this app could easily become my primary weather app. Until then, it's staying tucked away in a folder.

  • Great weather, disgusting roach ad

    by Laffanyway

    Had cockroaches zipping around top of page in banner as. I'm gone. Some ads are deal breakers for me. Insects are pretty much it.

  • Accuweather

    by G9950

    Very good weather app I wish it had a constant temp on the desktop the alert system is good.

  • Review

    by Frederick, Choteau MT

    Excellent !!

  • The name says it all

    by Sam_wicked_kid

    Its 100% accurate love the app

  • Data coming from ?

    by bobby ciabattoni

    I'll come back with 5 stars if it's explained why every other app is suggesting that Eastern PA should expect a large snow storm for our area. While on your app 2 to 4 inches. After researching I realized that unless I looked into other apps....... I would have never known we were gonna get 12" or more of snow. If I can't rely on info on a big snow storm coming to our area ,.. Why user your app.

  • Inaccuweather

    by Jason Hallama

    The app itself is very well put together, user friendly, and great to look at. The predictions and forecasts are horribly inaccurate.

  • Nice

    by Marina Krinberg

    I never try this before I never did this before

  • Love this app

    by Lucydeucey

    Super accurate, LOVE the RealFeel temp (which is critical in the winter with windchill factor), and weather alerts. So glad I got this!!

  • Best weather app

    by Patrick7040

    I have tried others but this one is the best. I like how it shows feels like temp and also forecasts and radar. It has a nice format also

  • Awkward Graphics

    by mhpdfp

    Not at all intuitive. Wind speed and other info has to dug out and is in the smallest font possible while vast amounts of screen used for graphics. Shifting between cities is tedious.

  • Ok

    by mary harrison

    Every time I open it I hear a ding like I just received a text . I have an apple iPhone 4. This just started about a week ago.

  • Terrible support

    by Filbertini

    Paid for app to get the banner ads removed, but still get ads. I opened a ticket with Support and provided proof of the ads. I've sent 5 emails requesting an update. They refuse to respond or fix the issue. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS APP!

  • At least I get current temps

    by Sparklierainbow

    But that's the only thing I get. Most days it won't even open. On to search for a new weather app.

  • Good information poor maps

    by Shawnpatrick5772

    The maps on this app have a tendency to not animate. The status bar will show that it's animating, but the rain/snow never moves. If you go out of the app while in maps and reenter a couple hours later, the animation will still be at the time you left. There are a lot better apps out on the market to not pay for this one. Sorry developer, you need to do some upgrades before I will purchase this one from you.

  • Hate the Ad, don't need to see bugs in my phone

    by Nonna Karen

    The banner ad across the top is disgusting enough to get me to switch apps. Sorry Accuweather. I'm un-liking you. I hate seeing bugs on the phone enough to change weather apps. Want to re-think that?


    by DolfinFamily

    Within 30 minutes of installation every time open an error appears stating "error downloading data; Try Again" . Closing & re opening - same result. Deleting & re installing- same result. Notifications- no choice as to calendar it populates with weather resulting in anyone u share your default calendar with also being bombarded w/their notifications. Those who design apps & any other product need to consult end users b4 releasing their product- believe it or not but the end users know better than any engineer or designer what they need & what works. Sorry I wasted my time & $ on this app.

  • Buggy

    by NC_Rick

    I have has this app for a long long time & lined it. But I am deleting it if they don't take the crawling bugs out.

  • Getting Worse

    by Greengale

    This is my fav weather app before. But getting hard and difficult to use every time they update...

  • Spammy, scammy and gross advertisements

    by Vatolococholo

    As of late, the advertising standards for this app has gone downhill pushing ads with cockroaches all over it proclaiming that Obama can refinance my home with a new law he just passed.

  • Latest update

    by Cgxfkjfbbxxtggh 

    Don't get the latest update of this ap, it has a hidden commercial that blares out at you when you want to change pages. This ad is very annoying and loud, plus the city selection is right under the banner, which makes it easier for your finger to hit that CITI ad. This was intentionally done so you would see their ads, thus burning up more of your minutes.

  • Thumbs Down

    by Glen6259

    Latest upgrade has ruined this time tested favorite. Too busy.

  • Excellent Weather App!

    by Susie Q 0512

    Easy to use and personalize!

  • Very good weather App

    by Mpabilona

    Very good weather App, the version I'm on crashes sometimes though, otherwise I would have given this App 5 stars. I still would recommend this app to anyone.

  • Don't!

    by Deleite

    Never EVER accurate. Not even close. It says rainy when it's sunny and viceversa.

  • Please change it back!

    by Resortonahill

    I thought I'd try the app again. Still can't get rid of those ads! I don't want all those crummy cookies on my phone. There are plenty of other ways to get accurate weather.

  • Five Star

    by wmw3629

    Many more stats than most weather apps. Future forecast covers a lot more days than others.

  • Great app

    by cmyarbrough86

    I have only had his app for a few days but I have been pretty impressed with it. One thing that would be nice to have, though, is a future radar.

  • Seriously?

    by DrFry

    I would have given 5-stars, but because AccuWeather does mot show the projected high & low for the day on the opening page, 4-stars is all it gets.

  • Great app!

    by Phil goooooooal!

    Graphics and accuracy is outstanding!

  • Don't even try to update it!

    by  Chellynne

    The app wouldn't even update. It's been in waiting mode for 2 days & I can't delete the icon. Why does the add cover the day? Bunk!!!!

  • Best weather app

    by Dawfin123

    This is my go to weather app

  • Ok

    by $Cmoney$8888888888888

    Temps seem to be closer than other apps but it hasn't allowed me to change settings etc.

  • Good start, some bugs

    by onimodmi

    The app is excelled when it downloads its information. It often stops working and indicates its incapability to open.

  • New upgrade

    by DonnaOxford

    I can't see main page since upgrade. Why change something that was working fine?

  • So much information.

    by MayorFancyhat

    This app is pretty alright, and does a good job of sending push notifications to my phone about weather advisories. Very handy.

  • Nice

    by Submarine2010

    Love the app. I just wish it has a white option. The app is so dark.

  • Dr. V

    by R h v

    Great app. Accurate and informative.

  • Great update!!

    by JBM1978

    Really great layout . Someone did their homework. Keep it up. Like the tri city weather view!!!!

  • Great

    by Alex BiH

    This is a great whether app. They give everything that you need about app.

  • AccuWeather is great!!

    by iJaxdvd M

    In my opinion this is the best weather app out!!

  • AccuWeather is great!!

    by iJaxdvd M

    In my opinion this is the best weather app out!!

  • Rip Off Ads

    by MrBuff22

    Used to like it but now the ads are from rip off companies, not legitimate ones

  • Great

    by $Cmoney$8888888888888


  • Good weather - RipOFF Thanks

    by glerobi

    I liked this app until they wanted to "thank" me with this RIPPOFF: Congratulations! You've been selected from your local area to take part in our anonymous survey. Complete this 30 second questionnaire, and to say "thank you", we'll provide you with a few exclusive offers including a Best Buy Gift Card, Apple iPad 2 or an iPhone 5. SCAM - Do not do it.

  • Tom

    by Lights on Rocky

    It's an all-in-one weather app.

  • O melhor!

    by Maico do bass

    Sem dúvidas este é o melhor e mais preciso app de previsões meteorológicas que usei... Recomendo!!!

  • Acu weather

    by Alto7866

    Love this app . Clear easy to read understand and love getting the alerts !!!

  • Great App

    by Hanana9

    Use it daily, works great

  • Better than local dot. News

    by cavanbrady

    Extremely timely and informative. Graphics are clear while not being overwhelming. RGB, Long Neck, De.

  • Percentage

    by DMann1977

    Needs to have rain percentage next to the hour by hour. Paying to remove ads is ok. Needs work.

  • An very useful weather app.

    by miguipi

    I like the way the informations are displayed, it's clear and logical. It is certainly my preferred weather app . Nonetheless I find very interesting the (Jan 24, 2014) Rockky Cliff's suggestion...

  • It's the meteorologists that are good

    by Yyli

    One of my best applications and certainly the best weather applications. Tired of realty TV weather try Bernie Rayno, Mike Mancuso, & Andrew Baglini realty weather discussions in the News section. George Kean Aurora, NC on western Pamlico Sound

  • Fast and accurate

    by MNAngler

    Much faster than the other app I was using. I like the layout but the temperature graph is too small for my eyes.

  • I like it!

    by 2012Abe

    I rely on it every day, since I work outside every now and then. It allows me to dress accordingly. It so simple to pick it up the night before and check the weather. It's user friendly also ands that's a big plus.

  • Can't change city

    by mercygirl67

    My app is set on an Oregon city- Bayside Gardens. I live in Mobile, AL. I can't change the city. Your app is of no use to me. Sigh

  • Pretty, but inaccurate

    by Bubba_525

    Nice ui, but current and forecast conditions are too unreliable. Right now it says it's snowing outside but an hour before it was sunny and in an hour it will be sunny again. BTW, it's sunny RIGHT NOW! If there is even a 1% chance of precip in the forecast it displays it in the 5/10 day long range like it's going to be a gully-washer all day. I need something more reliable and dynamic.

  • Will not load

    by Patharvey

    Keeps saying download error, even with great service. This needs to be fixed quick.

  • Will not load

    by Patharvey

    Keeps saying download error, even with great service. This needs to be fixed quick.

  • By Frankneety

    by The five goes to two

    The first one was way better but thanks for the app.

  • User

    by Boardshooter

    Radar and maps could be made more user friendly.

  • Don't upgrade to v6 on iPhone

    by Toto?!

    The previous version looked much better (cleaner) on the iPhone. I wish there was a downgrade option!

  • Good app!

    by Petrica sandu moga


  • Best weather app hands down

    by Anthony Brock

    Easy to use, accurate, updates to changing conditions frequently. I could not ask for a better weather app. I'm a contractor, and I work regardless of most weather. Accuwaether's app has worked For me instead of Against me, like so many others. Works well with my phone, no glitches. Jus awesome all around.

  • R.Raulers

    by Bbrauls

    Great app, with updates and alerts

  • Good app

    by leolady

    Works well. I wish the ads weren't so easy to hit by mistake. This is a minor complaint about an otherwise good app.

  • Great

    by Pillardawg

    Works good

  • Loading Hell

    by kittenapper

    If you like a sky-colored loading screen with a thermometer on it, man... this is the app for you!

  • Awesome App

    by Shaydiggz

    Luv this app, nothing negative to say at all!!!

  • Cool

    by fishjas

    Works great. I like all of the features layout.

  • Excellent app

    by BOMBOM Z

    Always on point

  • Was good...

    by sumer moreau

    But now it force closes ALL the time. Would be 5 stars if it would stop force closing. I can hardly keep the app open long enough to check the weather.

  • Good app

    by I want free apps now

    For the most part it is accurate. Sometimes it'll be snowing but won't show on the app until a couple of hours later. But for the most part it's functional.

  • Accuweather

    by Kathy in ID

    Great app. I live how you can keep track of what's happening at several locations.

  • Good app !!

    by 19 and counting

    I have three wheather apps on my phone and accu wheather was the first and only one who gave me a alert for snow expected in my area which is florida! So I am impressed !

  • Crashing now??

    by Kooopons

    I've used it awhile with no issues and it serves it's purpose but suddenly it's crashing on a daily basis. Please fix

  • GREAT!!!

    by itunesguy1

    Gives good accurate weather reports and meets all my needs!

  • Bad update

    by Labbakútur

    The app is fine but I sure do miss seeing wind measured in meters per second, instead of kilometers per hour which is completely useless.

  • Nice

    by RHambone71

    Nice and accurate as it stares in the name!

  • Best weather app

    by CallMeCoralReef

    Best weather app I've found. Has everything I need for farming, hunting, and fishing.

  • Ugh

    by Brianainabox

    Keeps force closing pretty much 9 out of 10 times I open it.

  • Refresh

    by Rickn47

    This app needs to refresh way more often than it does. Most other weather apps I've seen refresh almost constantly. Your info is at least 1/2 hour or more behind other apps I use. This would make it my app of choice. I would also like to see the adds gone. They are annoying. Thanks

  • Excellent in every way, BUT it needs an almanac!

    by Rockky Cliff

    This really is a great app, one the most used and certainly the weather app I use all the time. Logical display of the information you want for the time span of interest. It is best for looking current or to the future weather. BUT, I surely would like a lot of almanac data. Simply retain info for the hours, days, and months past with suitable display. When flipping backwards bumps the current time or day, pop a question to enable looking back in time. Then, display the ACTUAL data for that time. What was the low temp & when did it occur? The wind gusts yesterday were 23 mph. Once the data for the past time periods is captured, it can be processed into average, typical, record hi & low, and totals for time periods. How much rain fell yesterday? What was the hi Tuesday? And a many more queries can be formulated. I have not been able to get this info on the web, let alone in an app. Be the first!!!

  • Too many crashes

    by Navesinker

    Wish it didn't crash so frequently.

  • Review

    by map2269

    Works for me

  • Best Weather App!

    by Aron Hubertson

    All the other weather apps pale in comparison - 10 thumbs up!!!

  • Amazing

    by Princess1095

    It shows the real temp if I were you I would get it Now

  • Improved

    by Hammer-1

    It is alright, wish the refresh app was a little larger. However it is very accurate and the live pics are great. The one problem I have discovered is that the GPS doesn't quite work. I leave town where I live and it doesn't update to new location. When I do refresh it says I am in town I live in.

  • Good app

    by Ruschmom

    More accurate than the weather channel app. Maps take a long time to load/put in motion, but otherwise quite accurate, especially if you live in a more rural area.

  • Acuview Weather

    by Mother Zeus

    This app helps me hour by hour. Nice to have.

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