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Thanks for all the great feedback! We’ve continued our focus on stability for this update and made a few changes to prepare for our upcoming iOS 7 release.

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An ad-free version of our popular AccuWeather for iPhone app voted “Best iPhone App” by the 2012 Mobie awards, AccuWeather Platinum now has popular features from our AccuWeather for iPad app, 25 days of weather forecasts, and more! It still has all of the features in AccuWeather for iPhone that you love, plus it is completely ad-free and available for just $2.99.

Weatherproof your day with these popular features:

• Customizable My AccuWeather forecasts for health concerns and outdoor activities, such as outdoor fitness, respiratory health, and travel.

• Completely free of advertising.

• Severe weather notices, including optional, real-time pushed severe weather alerts for your home locations in the United States. The pushed severe weather alerts are user-friendly and easy-to-read, and visible from your lock screen, home screen, and from the Notification Center.

• For locations worldwide, when AccuWeather forecasts severe snow, ice, rain, wind, or thunderstorm probability, you will see an orange exclamation point displayed on the location’s 25-day forecast screen.

• iCloud Support: Settings and saved locations sync to other AccuWeather apps.

• Calendar Integration: View the 25-day weather forecast right in your calendar.

• Social Sharing: Share weather information with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

• Contact Location Viewing: Pin some or all of your contacts to the radar map to see the current weather conditions in their location.

You also get the accurate, local weather forecasts you expect from AccuWeather:

• Hourly and 25-day forecasts for 2.7 million locations worldwide in 22 languages.

• Animated radar and satellite on interactive maps with a map summary page for your top five locations.

• Local weather forecast summary: The summary provides an overview of the next five days’ weather forecast along with a description of the most dramatic weather event expected during the next five days.

Download AccuWeather Platinum and start experiencing the most accurate and local weather forecasts available without any advertising!

Customer Reviews

  • Valuable daily information

    by Gatewayhooks

    This app is the "go to" source for daily weather data as well as trip planning.

  • Not that good.

    by Malone7

    I am a blind lady, and there are too many buttons that the voice will not read on my iPhone. This is one of the most inferior apps I have purchased as a blind person.

  • Captain51

    by Smoke_Wagon

    Not a better weather app !! Get it Today !!

  • Consistent Download Error / Keeps Crashing

    by OneBoredMF

    Won't function properly on iPhone 5s (iOS 7). Kindly provide a stability update.

  • Still have ads

    by 2BNamedLater

    Bought the app installed it and I still get adds on the alert pages

  • Great!

    by Zach2457

    Love it!

  • Best weather app

    by Bigtgc6

    I have both weather channel and weatherbug apps - paid apps - and I like this one the best. Lots of info if you are into more than just temps and cloud pics. Video streams faster than others mentioned and offers complete spread of local and national forecasts short and longer term.

  • Problem

    by Jdeanlindquistfgfds

    It use to be always correct and now it starting to be wrong all the time

  • Superb

    by Nella 9

    I have several weather apps. This is the champion of the field. Get this app!

  • Recent update helped, great Weather App

    by metro3947

    It's nice to now adjust how much information you see. Get it of you are looking for an accurate weather app, predicted accurately Chicago storms.

  • Almost Five Stars

    by Mic-E-Say

    If they give it automatic refresh, I'd have reason to keep it lit-up on my desk all day. Automatic refresh on the weather maps, with moving fronts and other symbols. That would earn a five.

  • Excellent app

    by JEH82185

    I'm really glad that someone told me about this app and that I downloaded it. Great app!

  • Great weather app

    by Chris the archer

    Best for hunting weather.

  • App is great, with a lot of details, but...

    by Ferrari F12

    The App is very intuitive, has a lot of great details, and most importantly, the weather forecast is accurate. The only downside is a constant reminder to rate the App.

  • Like this app a lot!

    by Shorty1_1961

    Best weather app I've found.

  • It's not completely ad-free…

    by Darthur35

    I really like this app, but I find it quite disheartening that when I'm looking at severe weather warnings & alerts, I have to look at advertisements on them. I'm trying to protect my safety, not have you sell me something…

  • No Problems

    by Plays With Fire

    Been using a long time. Never any problems.

  • Needs a fix

    by Tina Sampson

    My only complaint is that it doesn't update to your current location... You have to do it manually. Weatherbug updates to where you are while Accuweather sets a home location and you have to manually refresh and change your location. Can be quite the pain if you travel frequently, which I do

  • Great app

    by Cammobus

    Love the new format

  • Love it!

    by Funkmaster356795790

    I downloaded a few weather apps for the recent snow storm. By the end I found myself preferring to open this app due to its accuracy. I look forward to the iOS 7 update.

  • Unreliable; Needs Major Fixes

    by Lee Anthony

    Like the app in general. Nice features (more than other weather apps) and cool, usable layout. However today it is missing a severe T-storm watch in Dania, FL which predicts 70mph winds possible. All it shows is the "special marine statement," however we are 2 miles inland and clearly in the T-storm watch area. App is unreliable at this point. A few other bugs especially if you manage more than a couple locations (sometimes it won't switch locations unless you restart). Also the radar feature loads much slower than in other weather apps. Oh yeah - will never give you 5 stars for a paid app with ads. That's ridiculous.

  • I'm getting ads on the paid version

    by Thumbs626

    There are advertisements when I open the severe weather alerts. I bought the paid version that promised NO ADs. Otherwise a good app, when I'm not waiting for Advertisements to load

  • Crashes

    by Adam b52

    Paid version crashes regularly.

  • Disappointing

    by Fishbowl1002

    Very disappointed for a paid app. Every time I restart my iphone 5s I have to delete and re install through itunes. App tile just goes gray with "waiting" underneath. Have contacted accuweather support and got the "restart your device, delete and reinstall app" responses. If it worked whenever I needed it to it would be 5 stars, but since I wasted my money on an app that I can't use unless I'm near my PC it's -5 stars. Might as well let the cash fly in the wind.

  • Paid not worth it still has "ads"

    by Nadine900

    Has link to Fox News can't get rid of...thanks...$$&@@&)( Plus, it is slower to load

  • ADS

    by Mad MikeV

    I paid for this app and I do not appreciate advertisements in any part of it.

  • Great App Current Weather To Ahead

    by tecamc1024

    You set your ideal conditions & temps. Shows you the current weather to 15 days ahead. Love this app!!

  • Great App!

    by PSUMD

    Awesome look at long term forecast. Love the updated version.

  • Real Feel Temp Always Wrong

    by Nunz07

    Every time I check the weather the "REAL FEEL TEMP" is always higher than the actual temp! App has a nice layout but clearly their are some issues that need to be fixed.

  • Konan

    by Konan365

    I am an over the road truck driver and this app is is the greatest app that I have ever tried on any phone. I am so thankful to have purchased it.... A BIG THANKS to the people at Accuweather.

  • Better than weatherbug

    by Cobra tree service

    I have tried a ton of weather apps and this is the best of all of them. Bill Robinson in Memphis, Tn

  • Repeated Rate This App Dialog

    by March

    Repeated rate this app dialog is unacceptable and intrusive.

  • Good

    by Afawazzzzz

    Not bad

  • Plenty to see here

    by FlopsyGoose

    There’s a wealth of info here, which makes it very thorough, so that’s great if you want a weather app with a bit more depth. The long term forecast is a good feature, and the design is pleasant, despite some tiny fonts here and there on the iPhone. Couple of things bug me though: (1) While the idea of the ‘lifestyle’ weather options (fitness, travel, etc). are nice, why can’t we turn that off? I just want the temperature and details, don’t care about whether it’s a good or bad day for travel. Keep those in (of course) for people who want ‘em, just let us turn ‘em off if we don't. 2) When you have only one location selected, please make the radar screen full immediately. Sure, it’s nice to have the option of adding radars from different locations, but if I haven’t chosen to, why have four empty boxes on screen?

  • Great app

    by Maumelle mike

    This app has everything u could want on a weather app.look no further .great app couldn't ask for anything more.

  • Great app

    by SlidellBeatleJunkie

    Very nice app. I use two weather apps and always turn to yours for great details.

  • Owner

    by Kittyween

    Ok but radar maps are difficult to read.

  • fahad

    by fahadkwi


  • Very good app

    by Tickertape 4

    Very good app ... Would be better with the ability to select the weather radar map to display versus showing lots of tiny maps.

  • Great app

    by Kdodger

    I really like the 15 day forecast.

  • Great!

    by ChiBi.Ly

    So far this is the best weather forecast app that i had. Just like the name, it provides such a reliable and right information (almost 90% right) I love this app. Thanks you for writing, working on, developing this & hope you will improve it better & better in the future.

  • Great weather app & service.

    by Hexnilium

    Love the website & the app. I like the POP readings that aren't rounded like other forecast models.

  • Good job

    by Giboo

    Good job...

  • Great

    by chickenox

    It's great to have the full on accuweather app without ads. There's only one real weather app and this is it!

  • Best weather site Web or Mobile

    by MariePat51

    I have used this site for years on the web. So glad to have the app on my phone! Best accuracy around! Easy to use & navigate. Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  • Best on Market

    by Larry David Eudene

    Excellent App

  • Accuweather

    by 1whonoze

    Excellent accuracy. Lives up to the name!

  • Roof god

    by sweet zz

    Use accuweather for work it's f---Ing awesome

  • Information Central

    by vr6pilot

    Very thorough weather and forecast information. Attractive interface, fairly easy to navigate. My chief complaint is that the text is so small I can't read most of it. All the info is here, just make it easier to read!

  • Best weather app

    by Jthomasfl

    I do appreciate The Weather Channel app for its own special features, but Accuweather is the only app I've found that sends my 25 day forecast to whatever default calendar I designate. I also prefer this app's visual design, features and accuracy. It's simply the best overall. If you have this app on more than one device, be careful to set the app on only one device to coordinate with your calendar. Otherwise you will have duplicate forecasts on your calendar across all devices.

  • Awesome!

    by Debbie 6

    I use this weather App all the time! I especially like being able to know the humidity details and the air quality for the day. I have asthma so it really helps me. Thank you!

  • Best weather app I've seen

    by Greg Schaub

    The features and stability keep getting better too. I like it so much I even sprung for the paid version. That's quite a statement for me - just ask my wife!

  • Look no farther - best weather app

    by veganbilly

    This is by far the best weather app on the iPhone. Get it.

  • Retired

    by Lumber jack pawl

    Great forecasts

  • Great app

    by Foreign golfer

    Works in Europe too!

  • Works quite well for me!

    by Khepera13

    Folks having problems with this app should make sure they are not running multiple app programs in the background. To check whats running: 1-Do a rapid double-click of the home button to show all apps running in memory. 2-Press and hold any icon until the red 'off' icon appears on each icon. 3-Press the 'off' icon to turn the app off. This action only removes the app from running in the background and using up memory and battery power. It will NOT delete it from your phone. Do this often, especially when you notice that your battery runs down quickly.

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