MEGADOPPLER - ABC7 LA Weather Weather App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Weather
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: May, 24 2013
  • Version: 2.6.3
  • Size: 29.36 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

-Performance enhancements

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KABC-TV Los Angeles. With MEGADOPPLER – ABC7 LA WEATHER, when threatening weather is nearby your phone can be set to alert you!

Weather alerts are read aloud for you so you don’t have to stop to read the screen. It’s the power of a NOAA Weather Radio combined with the accuracy of AccuWeather and ABC7 for Los Angeles and Southern California all in one convenient app! There’s no other app like it.

With the FOLLOW ME feature you’ll stay safe when you’re on the go. MEGADOPPLER – ABC7 LA WEATHER can alert you to severe weather wherever you are -- whether you’re on your daily commute in the Los Angeles area, or travelling anywhere across the U.S.

The app is fully interactive; Zoom down to get a street level view of live conditions. And of course, get current conditions, hourly and long-term forecasts right at your fingertips.


* Follow Me – Activate this feature so that you get weather alerts wherever you are, anywhere in the U.S. No matter where you travel, the app will help keep you safe.

* Set a static location – In addition to the Follow Me feature, you can set three (3) additional locations to receive alerts on. So if you’re on the road, you could still get alerts for what’s threatening your home, or where a loved one lives.

* Audio alerts – Listen to weather alerts just like a NOAA Weather Radio, so you can be informed and keep moving.

* Current Conditions, Hourly Forecasts and 7 Day Forecasts.

* Video forecasts and live weather video (when available).

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Flytroy

    Great app easy to use very convenient.

  • Megadoppler

    by sublimedkarma1

    It's a good app. Especially for a local weather center. It hasn't crashed yet . 5 stars!

  • Prefer weather info in original app

    by Garnet6106

    I prefer the weather information in your main ABC7 app. I prefer the weather map that looks like the one you have on your TV broadcast and also the 7-day. I don't like how they look on this new weather-dedicated app. Please use the same ones like we see on TV as well as on your other app and your website. Would prefer that they all have the same look and info. Could also use enhancements. I'm not sure why you would need this app in addition to the main app when the weather info is less appealing on this app. If you're going to have a separate app, it should provide even more, better, expanded info than you would get in the main app. I noticed that using the app turns on the Location Services which does not turn off when you close the app or even when you remove it from the system tray so this is likely a drain on your battery. This needs to be fixed.

  • Great but YOU WITNESS not working.

    by uh1hhuey

    I like the app very much but the YOU WITNESS photo upload portion of this app under the ABC7 EYEWITNESS NEWS section does not work, The only photos in the gallery are from a month or so ago and nothing new gets posted. Please fix this or remove this section from the app. Thanks

  • Great Ap

    by Cacoty

    Really easy to use. Great notifications. Totally intuitive.

  • Fun & Informative

    by Gammon8tor

    Lets me choose up to 3 locations to monitor weather reports, conditions and alerts. Great idea and a great app. Thanks for making it more convenient to get current weather! Nice! Using "search" in iTunes was impossible. Had to use ABC7 website and get to iTunes from my browser. Hope someone gets it into "search" soon!

  • Great app

    by GLGBNAF69

    But location stays on unless you go to settings and turn off for this app!! Update and fix please!!

  • Good App

    by AaronInCal

    Good app, but how come only 3 locations which you can monitor? Has lots of promise though for whenever we get weather here in SoCal!

  • App ok !!!

    by Yobrad

    Kabc Doppler app ok !!! Excepted it keeps crashing !!!

  • Drag and drop pin function on map doesn't work.

    by JCKZ Salem's Mom

    If you give up and use "find me" it picks the correct location but the when you save it and re-enter the map it displays you several blocks off. I can't drag and drop the pin at all. Don't like only storing 3 locations. Temps are way off predictions on yahoo weather app. Don't know which is more accurate.

  • Megadoppler

    by J56d

    Why is it that this app tells me the temp at my location is an average if 11 degrees warmer than other apps. That includes the other ABC 7 News apps

  • Location services stays on

    by Rick_Ben

    Fix the location services staying on problem. Had to turn it off but then what's the point of having the app? Ended up deleting

  • Worthless

    by T-Cric

    This app limits you to storing only 3 locations. Are you kidding? This is fewer than any of the other weather apps I've used and renders it next to useless, especially in an area as widespread as Los Angeles.

  • ABC7 Megadoppler

    by AC6VV

    Allowed this app to use my location info and it switched my GPS on and kept it on even when not using the app. Had to block it from using location info. Battery waster.

  • What a joke!!!!

    by exxxil3

    Mega what???! Horrible!!

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