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  • Category: News
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: Apr, 21 2011
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 1.78 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

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Be a part of Good Morning America with the NEW Good Morning America App for iPhone! Use the Good Morning America app to vote on a series of daily polls that we will feature on-air during every program. Plus - As the results come in, see how your choices compare with other voters. Also, watch GMA video clips right on your iPhone.

Customer Reviews

  • I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤u GMA!!! Robin, I'm glad that your back on the show! I've only been waiting since Augus!

    by Iimgh

    I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤you GMA!! Robin, I'm glad that you are back on the show l! I've had to wait since the end of August!

  • GMA #1 but not the app

    by SligoWindsor

    This app is terrible! It hasn't been updated for iPhone5 or for any other reason for that matter. GMA may be #1 to viewers but it's app could make that disappear. I'm a loyal GMA viewer when I can catch it on weekends, vacation days, etc, but I no longer look to GMA for my news.

  • Pathetic

    by SheezaQTPie

    I deleted it about two minutes after downloading. Half surveys and half outdated video. ABC, better no app than an inadequate app. You're embarrassing yourself.

  • CT

    by Tollc

    Love GMA, but this app is worth wasting your time on.

  • Not updated for iPhone 5, few stories

    by Oldbluegmc50

    I downloaded this app to check on a story I missed part of, and none of the stories were from today. I realize there is no "live" version, but at least a typed out version of the story would be nice. Please update for iPhone 5. Video previews wouldn't load either.

  • Expected better from GMA

    by CocoNaper5

    I have been a faithful fan of Good Morning America for over 25 years. I cannot access the videos anymore & It does not regularly update the information. I just deleted this app & got the CBS This Morning app & so far so good. It seems they have shorter ads at the beginning if videos.

  • very disappointing

    by jack-e

    this app was good at first… The videos actually worked and the polls changed every few days. Now, nothing happens. Nothing loads. It's as if they've given up on this app completely. It hasn't been updated for a while!

  • Ed

    by Peach$$$


  • Does not work!

    by Rorie2013

    Have had for several weeks. I always get a network update error message. Useless.

  • Awful; not an app!

    by Dr DBL

    Just obsolete polls; they should take this down or put something up once and for all. This is an embarrassment to an outstanding television show.

  • Bummer

    by Bakers love

    This app is bad nothing like they are talking about on the tv this morning. Only polls

  • Terrible

    by Shopper365

    An insult to GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!

  • Don't download

    by Willy G boy

    This app is a waste of everyone's time. Only polls and videos. This app is never updated. It's been nearly a year

  • No longer updated

    by JW7374

    Poll questions and videos are old and no longer updated. I guess the people at GMA are too busy will the "Robin Roberts Pity Party" and being offended by t-shirts to keep this app updated.

  • Time to catch up!!!

    by rkadamkh

    The app still is not formatted for the larger iPhone 5 screen. Also the entire layout if the app is basic and almost useless. It needs a better layout, better artwork, and more options for content. GMA may be pulling ahead in the ratings but their app is downright crap! I know they can do better and I hope they will:)

  • Love GMA but not the app

    by Gochoa0089

    I have downloaded this app three times now and the only thing that will come up are the polls; Every time I go to hit video it says this channel's data cannot be retrieved at this time. Either way I wanted good morning America wrapped up in an application on my phone not just cheesy polls and videos. Whoever designed the app needed to realize not only do they have fun stuff on the show, and the polls are fun, as well, but it is a news show and it should cover news, obviously.

  • This App Is Dead

    by Rick_Bee

    Worthless!!! This GMA app was a way to vote on different GMA survey's but there has not been any new survey's in month's if not longer.

  • Useless app

    by Dusappoinyed

    Never updates information. A static app. No new just polls.

  • Not go good

    by Caelje

    Update your videos GMA!!

  • Disappointing GMA App

    by SummerBreeze22Ca

    Very disappointing! Nothing like GMA show! Would like to see news and current events!

  • Please add stories

    by Wolves1014

    Please add stories from that day GMA and news videos and interviews from that day show.It will improve this app.

  • So Disappointing!

    by Murwife

    This is the most disappointing app. I keep waiting for them to totally re-do but it doesn't happen. No links, i.e. to Steals and Deals, recipes, or beauty/fashion segments. Just stupid polls that you don't care about and some videos. Hard to believe they don't put anything in to this. I love the show and would like to see the segments that I miss or didn't get to focus on. The Today show does so much better! Don't they want to compete??? Please totally remake this app!!!!

  • This is an app???

    by Lisa Irvin

    How is this an app for GMA?? Some polls and videos... I don't get it. There is absolutely nothing related to the show. Seriously, GMA, either save face and get rid of this app or fix it!

  • This app is stupid!

    by CGE68

    Don't waste your time! Who in their right mind thought this app would be useful? Useless, useless, useless.

  • Disappointed

    by Suse 25

    I have a hard time understanding how the highest rated morning show on TV would have such an old out dated app. Come on ABC. Catch up with the others and bring us an app we can really use and enjoy!! It's been almost 2 years since its been updated.

  • Unfortunate

    by Christa Mangini

    I'd expect to see the recipes or segment clips with links for such a successful morning show. This application is in need of such an update. It would also be nice to sign in and maybe tie in with my abc login. Is anyone reading these reviews?

  • Where did everybody go?

    by RDB1969

    Enjoyed the app until somebody fell asleep at the wheel. Come on people, get busy!

  • Ugh

    by SquiddyWa

    Don't waste your time downloading or the space on your phone. Stupid & useless app.

  • GMA APP Worthless

    by marelemar

    Worthless app. Offers nothing but some videos and a fluff survey - don't bother! I rate it 0 but am forced to rate it as 1 since 0 is n/a.

  • HELLO?!!! Anybody home?

    by KiplingCat

    Maybe the Mayan doomsday killed the polls. Maybe the intern in charge of them went home to Wisconsin. This app needs a serious overhaul!

  • Faithful viewer

    by Auntkk55

    Horrible app. Don't want to know about polls and surveys I want a quick way to get to recipes and Tori's pics and Lara's treasures and crafty-flea market finds. NOT THIS. Will not keep it!!!

  • Retired

    by Janerked

    Terrible!!! Installed it & deleted immediately after not being able to get out polls. Guess I'll stay with my "today" app!!!

  • No new polls!!

    by Alishe30

    This app is in need of a serious update there has not been a poll since December!!!

  • No new polls since December

    by Danielle Judd

    Is anyone else having the problem with no new polls being cast since December 2012? I have uninstalled the app & reinstalled it but nothing changes. I would think they would be better up on that there at Good Morning America!!

  • Such disappointment!

    by Obsideon

    Very disappointed in the functionality, content, and maintenance of this app. No new stories or updates, it crashes and those polls... I have a feeling ABC forgot they actually have an app. Either way I'm about to delete it.

  • Outdated information

    by jesbliss

    I've had this app for a while and used to like it. However, it's now stuck on old stories and won't refresh. I uninstalled and put it back on my phone and its still stuck. There is an option to take interactive quizzes and those are stuck 2 months behind as well.

  • Forget this app

    by Jorjab

    Was hoping for good morning America o web site Instead got polls videos and nothing really to do with the show. Am deleting this one. Don't bother with this app.

  • Really?!

    by t-peace

    How can you have an app from such a high profile TV show and not update to reflect current topics? This is a poor reflection on a good show, and getting worse every month! Someone needs to step up and save the GMA app before everyone bails.

  • Ugh

    by Elizabeth Carter

    Seriously? It's a fun app when you are able to participate!! Which is.... Almost never! They almost never update it. The last time was in mid December. This is just ridiculous. Don't waste your time with this app because it is just a disappointment and waste of time.

  • Wow

    by LuluBelle13

    Total waste of time & worst app I've ever downloaded. Last update to vote was almost 1 month ago...time to delete!

  • No Updates

    by Michie51

    Need to update more. Would like to see more stories. I thought it would have more of what was on the show. Needs some work

  • Waste of time

    by Good app.... Few annoyances

    Extremely disappointed and never updated.

  • Don't waste your time

    by Bailey Brooke S

    This app really doesn't supply much. It's not worth the download, honestly. It's only features are polls (which are hardly ever updated, and the questions are ridiculous) and videos (which are stupid, and unrelated to anything happening in the news). If you're looking for an app that will actually supply you with the Good Morning America news or anything actually related to it, this is not the app for you!

  • Polls and useless video clips

    by Tigerrrrrrrr82

    This app is pretty useless. Polls and fluff news video clips. I would really rather have an app with a live streaming broadcast of GMA. My work shift is changing so I won't be able to watch the live TV broadcast. GMA is the only news show that makes my mornings bearable, and now I'll be missing it every morning.

  • Useless

    by Thankfulformyfour

    I couldn't get past the silly poll questions. Maybe I was expecting too much? Removing the app now.

  • Henryrii

    by Henryii

    I am deleting as soon as I am done typing..... Stupid APP to download. Nothing as I had expected. Bye.

  • OMG GMA !!??

    by Tigerlion1997

    I love GMA and watch it every time I get a chance. So I was excited with the idea of taking it from my desktop to my iPhone. Boy, was I VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! I don't watch GMA for polls and old videos. I watch it because it leads the morning shows with news and topics of interest. This app is such a far cry from reality. Get it together!!!

  • Horrible!!

    by Solohan4

    Never updates! If I wanted the news, I couldn't rely on this app for it

  • Completely Disappointed

    by Catsanova

    I was hoping that other reviewers exaggerated how useless this app is. They did not. I've deleted it. I'll reconsider when they add Play of the Day.

  • Application a dud

    by Leylau

    As a viewer/fan of GMA, this very disappointing. News videos do not update regularly. CBS This Morning and Today are much better in terms of keeping content more up to date.

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