ABC7Chicago News News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: Nov, 13 2010
  • Version: 2.3
  • Size: 32.99 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- New "Useeit" feature that allows you to upload and browse photos of the news around you.
- iOS 7 compatibility updates

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WLS-TV Chicago - Stay on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic with the ABC7Chicago app. It's the information you need to know in an app that's fun and easy to use.

Get the top local headlines for the Chicago area, as well as news from around the U.S. and the world. The app also features the latest entertainment news, as well as more offbeat stories.

Best of all, the app is free and gives you unlimited access to a wealth of content you can then easily share with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

-Breaking news alerts pushed to your home screen
-Live breaking news video (with Closed Captioning)
-Live video streams of your local newscasts (when available)
-AirPlay-enabled on demand video clips

-Latest weather data wherever you are
-Set and track weather for multiple locations
-Latest video forecast from the station
-Live Doppler
-7-Day & hourly forecasts

-Local and state news headlines
-Photo galleries
-Interactive traffic map

-Sports headlines from ESPN
-National and world headlines from ABC News
-Celebrity news from

Customer Reviews

  • Live feed never works!

    by IowaNewsGuy

    Please fix the live feed! It always says that live is on....but never works! This is a great news station and app. Only better when the live feed is fixed! Get'r DONE!

  • To many non-essential alerts

    by Chice9

    This app sends apps that are not breaking news but trying to get you to watch news program on TV. Breaking news or just asvertisement? I don't even pay attention to alert anymore & think I'll drop app

  • Someone needs to proofread beforehand

    by SHEdidThat

    I like this app because it keeps me up to date. But what disturbs me is that on many occasions I've read the news and I find so many misspelled words and sentences that doesn't make sense. Just today I was reading about "Angry riders lashing out on the CTA Ventra fare payment system." I'm half way through the paragraph and it was mentioned that, the "CTA will continue to accept all forms of pavement", huh? Are we talking concrete or cash? I don't know who's in charge of this but the representation of such a trusted news station gets a THUMBS DOWN! Again this is not the first time I've noticed but it's a total nuisance because I question if the info is valid. Pleeeease proofread/spell check before spreading the news.

  • Awesome app

    by Bunny-Hopper

    Good Good Good app I know 13 people in the ABC 7 News. Want a good app ?This is the one. My favorite app

  • Exceptionally good

    by Jjayceeeee

    I was pleasantly surprised at how good this app is. Easily navigated and well thought out.

  • Get this app and delete wgn's version

    by Michmk

    Wow, such a good chicago app. Similar to the format of cnns amazing news app is this one, news grouped by local, wisconsin, Indiana, national, etc. everything you need without awful page loading like the wgn app. Do yourself a favor and delete wgn, download this and enjoy the local news!!!

  • Bad radar maps

    by Weather worthy

    Old app had much better weather maps. Very disappointing because I am using both apps in order to get a detailed radar with town landmarks. It is extremely difficult to know where bad weather is without landmark.

  • Bad News Upgrade

    by Kenneth R Balsitis

    This app has alerts that are on time and repeats them many days later. Other issues are that there is no sports category and the weather map is not interactive like many of the better maps

  • Nice Upgrade, but needs old Alert sound

    by jmalatia

    The update is nice and slick as far as the news reader goes. But the alert sound is the same as a text message., bring back the old sound or allow a customizable alert sound. Also I receive multiple alerts each time and that includes a re-alert of the last alert that may have been sent days before (not sure if that's an Apple issue or what as my AP News app does the same thing). iPhone 4S with iOS6.

  • Sports

    by Lake delton

    Should have a sport section.

  • Good but just needs some bug fixes

    by pjn88

    Can we get an update? I keep getting the same update about Ryne Sandberg becoming the Phillies Manager!

  • Where's the audible?

    by Lumens lover

    Ever since I had the original app I loved the fact that whenever something newsworthy happened, I'd get an audible tone alerting me that something newsworthy just took place. That alert tone is gone, why? Do an upgrade, put the alert tone back on, then put an option in Settings that will allow those who don't want the alert tone, to turn it off. Simple fix. I'm a news junkie and I need that tone. Can I expect this upgrade soon?

  • Great App!

    by Lisa Colgan

    Beats out the Trib and the Times apps hands down. Up to the minute, easy to navigate, and attractive. Love it!

  • This is a must have app!!

    by Chi-town boys

    This is a must have app!! I've been using this app for everything, for example whether,Local traffic, breaking news stories and much much more!!

  • Sound for alerts

    by Firstmate4

    What happened to the sound for alerts? Please bring the sounds back. And I don't see a Lottery option either like the other version had. Otherwise app is great.

  • Best for Chicago News and Weather

    by Swami46

    This is everything you want for news and weather.

  • Great App

    by Ray Ferralez

    I love the new app. Very clean and easy too navigate.

  • Love it, about time.

    by Mr. CIA

    What about the Search on old news

  • App

    by CPD pig

    Looks promising. We will see.

  • Where is the sports section??

    by JustBelieve!

    Am I missing something? Under sections, there is No Sports!! A little difficult to go back and forth between screens. Add a back button....

  • To many alerts!

    by Nfssghfd

    Pops up alert at least 10 times a day! Annoying!

  • Annoying News Alerts

    by BL on iPhone

    Sorry that we have to uninstall it from my and my wife's iPads and iPhones as this app generates too many alerts and becomes very annoying.

  • Annoying News Alerts

    by BL on iPhone

    Sorry that we have to uninstall it from my and my wife's iPads and iPhones as this app generates too many alerts and becomes very annoying.

  • Too many alerts

    by Dee Comcast

    Good app just too many meaningless alerts.

  • Too many alerts

    by Dee Comcast

    Good app just too many meaningless alerts.

  • Too many alerts

    by Dee Comcast

    Good app just too many meaningless alerts.

  • Poorly written articles

    by I am gia

    The reliability of the app has improved but the articles are full of annoying typos and grammatical errors.

  • iOS 7

    by smcley18

    All I'm going to say is that this app needs iOS 7 compatibility and design really badly!!! It crashes and the current design just doesn't match with iOS 7!

  • Old app better!

    by Fanala

    I like watching the channel 7 news on TV, and liked the pre-update version better. I'm constantly getting pushes for breaking stories that disappear when you tap to read them! Very disappointing.

  • ABC7Chicago

    by Lt1263

    I do not like it because, not only is the lottery link gone but the movie link is gone too. I can no longer see the movie theatre listings w/local zip codes! What a bummer. Additionally, I used to be able to hold my finger over a word and get a "define" option. That option gave the ability to learn what the meanings of words meant when reading the articles! Not good

  • Mores News!

    by Gary GaNews

    Really! We're inundated with talking-heads. We need access, info, and convenience. Missing Gas Prices, Lottery, and Horoscopes.

  • No sports? RU kidding me?

    by PoppaK

    Limited stories & features, repeated for days. Plus, NO local sports? Seriously? This is crap, not worthy of a major news outlet in a major market. How come these media companies can't figure out how to do a decent app?

  • Old news

    by Js1230

    This app is garbage yesterday's news,It's like Abc shows useless.Deleted it!

  • Weather radar

    by Finklesnart

    I liked the old radar better when you could zoom in and out to see what the weather looked like where I was located. It's hard to tell on the Chicago area radar. Add a zoom in and out feature!

  • Notifications broken

    by joshinho3

    Normally I find this app solid, but since "upgrading", I get multiple (past) breaking news notifications with the correct ones. Very annoying. Also, some of the "breaking news" I would not consider breaking.. Or even news.

  • Need update to support sports

    by Bradley sport fan

    Poor access to sports Why no news on Bears camp? No Baseball news. Just nothing on Chicago sport teams. Very poor app. Never mind fixing app. I found a great sports app on Chicago channel 5.

  • I don't like this app

    by Camerauser444444

    No movie guide no lottery

  • Not good

    by Lvsnupi

    No alert sounds and my husband who has not upgraded gets more alerts then I do on the new app. Can I please have the old one back.

  • Weather radar

    by Gallopin9

    Bring back the old radar! I don't live in the city and would like to be able to view the radar for my area. It was also helpful when traveling into southern Wisconsin. Poor weather app. Very disappointed.

  • Bad weather radar and no horoscope plus headline

    by Runt80

    Bring back the old setup. We had a choice this is crap. Will be deleting SOON. Half a star

  • Bad

    by Oost81

    Blows old app was much better!!!

  • Traffic

    by Scotty828

    Overall the app is very good. I like the weather and news sections, but the traffic section is horrible. No key for colors and no specific time estimate. Preferred the old app where I could pull up my specific route and see times.

  • Abc review

    by Al's tap

    Were are the lottery numbers the other app had a space for lottery numbers please make space for lottery number

  • What happen to???

    by Downgraded1

    Just like Microsoft this is not an upgrade but rather a downgrade. What happen to the Flight, Gas, Lottery, Movies, etc pages? It WAS nice to just go to open one app to get all this information. I guess I'll just have to find a new local station app to use.

  • Bad upgrade

    by Latinamama02

    There is no audio with the updates. How are we supposed to know about breaking news or severe weather if there are no sounds when they come up? I cannot look at my phone every 10 seconds to see if there's an update. That's what I used the audio for with the old app. Please turn the audio sound back on for updates.

  • Radar a big disappointment

    by Havacav

    I used the radar on the old app often. The new radar is nowhere near as good so probably will look elsewhere.

  • I don't care for this upgrade

    by mikey d1

    The weather radar was one tool I used often on the "old" app. This one is pretty much useless. Looking at the severe weather alert that was just posted, it had very little information compared to the NWS website. Guess I'll look for another app that suits my needs.

  • Finally a better version

    by Warzau1

    They finally ported the iPad version to the iPhone and iPod. Which graphically is more pleasing to the eye and thankfully seems faster. I like how also the stories are actually linked inside the app as opposed to some stories being link to the mobile site.

  • Not improvements

    by Dennydean1

    Heads up to ABC: Parts of the new app are disappointing enough that i wont be using it anywhere near as often as before. If I have to go elsewhere, I won't see your news or ads as often. The radar is of no use - having no zoom or ability to identify my specific area made me download a different app. Lottery link is absent - again, I'm going elsewhere. Finally, while there were days when whomever was manning the alerts went too far down the news food chain to find a *ding* worthy event, now it seems like nothing is happening. Please fix. I used to be a frequent visitor, but now, not so much.

  • Bring back old app.

    by 654345g

    I liked the old app for breaking news alerts. The new app does not play sounds or badges for notifications.

  • Bad Upgrade!!!!

    by Miser 321

    Just yesterday I upgraded this app and now there is no longer an audible sound with news updates. That is totally unacceptable . Please restore the alert sound.

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