ABC7 News San Francisco News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: Dec, 23 2010
  • Version: 2.3
  • Size: 31.04 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- New "uReport" feature that allows you to upload and browse photos of the news around you.
- iOS 7 compatibility updates

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KGO-TV San Francisco - Stay on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic with the ABC7 app. It's the information you need to know in an app that's fun and easy to use.

Get the top local headlines for the San Francisco area, as well as news from around the U.S. and the world. The app also features the latest entertainment news, as well as more offbeat stories.

Best of all, the app is free and gives you unlimited access to a wealth of content you can then easily share with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

-Breaking news alerts pushed to your home screen
-Live breaking news video (with Closed Captioning)
-Live video streams of your local newscasts (when available)
-AirPlay-enabled on demand video clips

-Latest weather data wherever you are
-Set and track weather for multiple locations
-Latest video forecast from the station
-Live Doppler
-7-Day & hourly forecasts

-Local and state news headlines
-Photo galleries
-Interactive traffic map

-Sports headlines from ESPN
-National and world headlines from ABC News
-Celebrity news from

Customer Reviews

  • USMarine0913

    by USMarine0913

    I have ABC LA, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and Houston and every since they became ABC DIGITAL these are the best dam apps on iTunes, just dont mess with'em and screw'em up....Good upgrade!!!!

  • Good job guys

    by Space2311232

    Very good user experience. Definitely my favorite app for local news and traffic.

  • Go-To Source For Local News

    by ArgyleKelly

    I downloaded this app when the AP turned their app into ad-central. Love ABC 7's app for local news. No bugs, easy to use interface. I also enjoy the "Good Morning/Afternoon" Greeting/Weather screen when the app opens -- friendly and informative =) Sadly, the reporting & writing reads like it's been written by high school students (spelling, grammar errors, using vague words like "huge" to describe machinery, etc). Still, of all the local news apps, ABC 7 functions without crashing or displaying obtrusive ads.

  • Great

    by Shirleydc

    I love it. Very accurate stuff.

  • Good App, fix International crashin

    by Maj4of4

    I love the app when stateside, but when I travel international (Japan) it crashes on startup!! Please fix.

  • Abc7


    I Like it My New Apps Abc7 this is it. Thank you for the news you deliver every day, GOD BLESS more power.


    by Bagroh

    Great app!


    by Glee217

    Follow up review. What happen to the current time along with the status of the battery on the top? Alot better than the old abc7 app. The videos are alot clearer but not as clear as cnn app. The top ad does not conflict with viewing articles anymore. Also videos are maximized automatically on landscape.

  • Good app

    by Impossiblle

    Tell me the traffic. Good work

  • Yay!

    by Sparky on the go

    The right app at the right time...I use every day now. -Master Moe

  • Great app!!

    by Tildentime

    In a word, great! This is a great app, The newsfeed and up-to-date information is at your fingertips. This is a wonderful app well worth your time.

  • Great!

    by jay-dawg

    I rarely write reviews, however the ABC 7 News app is great. Really easy to read and navigate, traffic and weather are awesome too. Immediately deleted other apps including the Weather Channel.

  • Realtor

    by Bnicolson

    So much better than before. Like night and day. Good job #management!!!

  • two thumbs up

    by Darkhorse0102

    the HD live streaming is finally here. Awesome!!! Much better than the previous version. But how come there is no live streaming 11pm news. It goes from 5 stars to 4.

  • Outstanding!

    by Christian Elliott

    Much improved over previous app. Easy to navigate. Great job!

  • So Cool!

    by Christmasbaby1950

    I so totally love their new app. So easy to find what you want. Way to go Channel 7 ABC!!!

  • Great

    by EddyIsOutThere

    Looks and feels better. HD live stream is great.

  • Thumbs up!

    by J0hnCarter

    Outstanding job on the new app.

  • Easy to use

    by RadLil

    Vast improvement for the old app. Big thumbs up!

  • Great App!

    by Somasfguy

    Really nicely put together!

  • Crap

    by Bumdrella

    Took away the only function I used it for (animated weather) so pretty much useless now. Blecch.

  • It used to be a great app

    by Bistro42024

    They have introduced ads to this app and that alone made me delete this app you can't even skip the ads. Good job on making a great app into something of the past.

  • Dumped it!

    by George J. Fenisey

    I will not be subject to annoying ads from KGO. My iPod screen is to small to waste space on ads. So I have deleted this app. If 100000 of us delete the app, I would think they will get the message. Otherwise very nice app.

  • Thumbs down :((

    by Raj Kumar

    It's crashes on startup and please do not fix

  • If it isn't new it isn't news

    by RafaelLandestoy

    Old news, one of two stories a day. Still showing stories from a week ago. Needs more frequent updating. Useless if you really want significant Bay Area news.

  • Crap

    by Bumdrella

    Took away the only function I used it for (animated weather) so pretty much useless now. Blecch.

  • New app

    by djcvegas

    Hate it, hate it. loved old app. Banners come up, but not able to locate at their site. Really frustrating.

  • Webcams?????

    by CatheeG

    Loved the webcams on the old app showing the bridge pix. Bring them back!

  • Crash!

    by Cheftal

    Won't open, crashes

  • No webcams?

    by BubbaMcB

    What happened to the webcams from the old app? They were very helpful in determining weather in other parts of SF

  • Uc berkeley ext... Seriously???

    by Jellyaverage

    Come on!!... Enough of the uc berkeley advertisement.. I had to delete the app because everytime i want to watch a video clip, it just comes on. Every single time!!!! Duch a waste of time and it's annoying.

  • No live feed

    by Harvick29rcr

    All other news apps have a live feed.

  • Great app but why is there an ad video before a video?

    by Mochiigirl

    Great app that alerts me real time news. Unfortunately, I hate the 12 second uc Berkeley video ad they play before each news video!

  • "Breaking news: App doesn't know what breaking news is"

    by ThisIsTheTruth

    I liked the app when it was alerting me to real breaking news, such as BART going on strike and the Asiana flight disaster. But since then, it's spammed me with "breaking news" such as Ellen Degeneres hosting the Emmys and PowerBall results. No thanks.

  • App will not download

    by Penguinstar

    I have the older version of this app. Every time I open the app, I get the message that I have to download the newer version. However, The download option is not available, only the "open" button is. I have since deleted the older version thinking this will force the download option to appear which was not the case. This means that anytime I want to use this app, I have to go to the Apple Store, do a search, and "open" the app. This is ridiculous.

  • Please turn off the wiki leaks alert!!!!

    by Afghyfghkvg

    I have gotten it like 29 times!!! All hoursof the night! Stop it!!!!

  • Arghh! Moving banners!

    by G--Pa

    The news is okay, but when are these bozos going to stop putting moving ads at the top of the screen? It is so annoying!!

  • Last to update

    by Reeviewer

    It has been well over two hours since a jet crashed at SFO and not a word about it on this app. All other Bay Area news apps were all over this breaking news.

  • Not up to date

    by ryan90v

    An hour after the Asiana Airlines crash, nothing about the crash in the app...even for a news station in the city where it happened! In today's interconnected world, that's unacceptable.

  • Come on!!

    by victrip

    The new format is a lot more slick yet, A Plane crash at SFO did not make it on your feed. Shame on you!! I getting rid of this app! Horrible!!

  • Give me more

    by Marshall

    I love the traffic maps and ability to watch the news but the old app was my go to for easy look up of movies. Lottery. Flights. Pls add back in!

  • No sports please

    by Sheryl Hardin

    Not a big sports fan. I'd like the ability to turn off sports notifications.

  • ABC7 News San Francisco

    by John Fraser

    Fast - easy to use, Love the local HD news streaming

  • Great new app

    by therachelpage

    Clean look, good navigation.

  • Clunky and buggy

    by Seth W; San Francisco, CA

    Simple. Open the app and it closes. Open it again and maybe it will load. Frustrating at most. Bad coding on their part.

  • All I need in a news app

    by NinerDream

    Top stories and tons of video. This is how I keep up with the news that is relevant to me.

  • ABC San Francisco

    by Exhausted Trying

    This app does not update regularly on the IPad. I have stopped trying to use it. It is so frustrating.

  • Bugs in the Mini I Pad Version

    by Dpmphil

    The app will not start up till you click on the screen several times it go on and off like a light bulb!! Can it be fixed because I like the app.

  • Abc 7 News

    by Peterdal

    Nice layout, great color scheme,fairly easy to navigate, easy on the eyes. Minimal visual clutter. Have made it my homepage! Pdp

  • Lame

    by Pzxcvb

    No live streaming. KTVU app much better.

  • No good

    by Mimi li

    No live video streaming ,like the iPhone version Please make the live video streaming Thank you

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