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Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- Fully supports the iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod touch
- iOS6 bug fixes

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KGO-TV San Francisco. Wake up with the ABC7 News San Francisco Alarm Clock app! Start your day with local news and sports headlines, Live Doppler Radar, current weather conditions and traffic alerts. Set your alarm to wake up to the sound of your favorite ABC7 News personality, such as Mike Nicco, Spencer Christian and Sandhya Patel. You can choose one of our classic alarm tones or even choose a song from your iTunes music library and adjust the alarm sound fade-in to give you a really pleasant way to wake up slowly!

- Choose from 5 custom ABC7 News tones: Mike Nicco, Spencer Christian, Sandhya Patel, Good Morning from ABC7 News, ABC7 Breaking News
- Choose to wake up to your favorite song using your own music from your iPhone music library
- Wake up to 1 of 10 built-in classic tones: Alarm Clock, Ascend, Chimes, Descend, Dog Barking, Doorbell, Sonar, Waterfall, Whistle, and an authentic Rooster crow
- Choose from 3 different Bay Area images for your alarm app wallpaper
- Clock dimmer is adjustable
- Choose 12- or 24-hour clock
- Multiple alarms supported
- Snooze/Stop alarm
- Sound volume adjustable
- Snooze time customizable
- Sound fade in of alarm tones to wake up gently
- Turn vibrate ON/OFF
- Repeat alarms on certain days of the week
- Alarm works even when the screen is locked or when iPhone is muted
- Background Alarm: receive sound notification alarms when the app is not in the foreground*

★ NEWS ★
- Get the latest news and sports headlines from ABC7 News right when you wake up

- View animated Live Doppler Radar maps
- Get hourly and extended weather conditions
- Automatically set weather to your current location or manually add a location by zip code
- Watch the latest ABC7 News video forecast

- Get the latest Bay Area traffic information to plan your commute using our real-time traffic maps

*Like all 3rd party alarm apps, make sure our app is running in the foreground when you go to sleep at night – so make sure you don’t hit that iPhone “home” button!

Customer Reviews

  • There is a dimmer!

    by Empie225

    To the reviewer who claims there is no dimmer - it can be found under appearance in the setup of the alarms!

  • Good way to greet the morning

    by jtretakoff

    Intriguing: wake with weather, headlines, traffic info, and more. Great idea, with features a plenty: you can choose a variety of local images as backgrounds, customize the display, and even choose your favorite local ABC7 personality to wake you up with a prerecorded message. Can't beat the price, either: free. A winner, right? Alas, three issues sidelined this one: the clock is pretty small; it doesn't support landscape mode; and it has no dimmer. That glare all night is a bit harsh to sleep by. While a great app to wake to, not really a bedside companion.

  • One feature...needed.

    by PGAPRO1

    Other alarm clocks have the ability to stay on without having to keep the app open. And when your company requires to have a password (like mine), other alarm clocks will work without having to sign in first. But this app doesn't have that feature. Not easy to sign in to hit snooze or turn it off when your eyes are half shut or you have a hangover.

  • Meno8er

    by Meno8er

    Good app. I can stay updated everywhere I go

  • A pleasant wake-up

    by JFwalnutcreek

    After having problems when I first downloaded the app a couple of weeks ago I deleted it. Reinstalled the app a few days ago and now it's fine.

  • Drains your battery!

    by ENG25TRK

    I suggest keeping your phone plugged in overnight. You have to keep the app running for the alarm to work. This ends up draining 1/4 of your battery overnight! Otherwise, it's a decent app.

  • It's pretty, but …

    by Raphael_G

    the alarms do not consistently work. If there are two set, maybe the first will work, but the second will not.

  • Excellent App!

    by Hill Account

    Saw it on the morning news. Downloaded it immediately. Beautiful graphics, easy to use, very helpful traffic info. I love that we can use our own music library for the alarm! Excellent app!

  • Great ideal and great app

    by Holdn2aces

    Love the design attention to details and all the integrations that are included in this app. News, weather, and an alarm with a few additional ABC 7 News wake up alerts I have to admit its hard to choose between the coffee one and the rooster waking you up reminds me of life as a child on the farm. Thank you!!!

  • News Headlines

    by Babyksmom

    Sweet! Now I don't have to search for my news app when I turn off my alarm. And I can switch up my alarm music as much as I want.

  • Great wake-up!

    by Mmbix

    This is fabulous! Thanks for waking me up on time

  • It's ok

    by tomahto

    I got really excited, I've been wanting an app that will actually wake me up with the news in streaming audio or video format. This one just has a regular alarm, then a few headlines, weather, and traffic in print once you get your eyes unglued to look at it.

  • Fun & Functional

    by SFAppPrincess

    Love waking up to everything I need all in one place! Great traffic functionality and the maps are super quick to load. Cute custom anchor alarms. Plus, waking up to my own music for FREE... Bonus!

  • Great App, Great Design

    by Mike Sterling

    Thanks KGO for waking me up.

  • Woo hoo!

    by tvkeninsf

    Finally a free app that lets me wake up to my own music!

  • Alarm clock app that works!

    by NinerDream

    Fun new app to get the day started. Love the Mike Nicco tone, cracks me up! Also like to choose my iTunes as well. Can now vary my wake up and start the day off better. Check this out!

  • All in one!

    by Dannkre

    Nice to open one app and all the SF info, weather, traffic in one place.

  • Wait a second...

    by FlashDaddy

    Free alarm clock...check. Can wake up to my own iTunes library/music for free...check Local news and the forecast on my screen when I wake up...check Some fun features....check The audio of the weather people is cute....check Seriously, the coolest TV related app i've ever seen. helpful and fun...Good job!

  • Got to get up early and be in the know

    by Sparky on the go

    Awesome app...thank you! Love reading the news first thing after the alarm!

  • Great Ap, Perfect Way To Wake Up!

    by Shapiro2002

    Love this ap, has all of my news in one easy touch!

  • Battery sucker

    by Steve6934

    Nice app, but I dong use it anymore. it drains 10% of my battery overnight bc you have to leave it running.

  • Love the talent alarms

    by therachelpage

    I love all the customized alarms. Sandhya Patel is my favorite!

  • Great app


    Great app

  • Favorite new app!

    by News junkie415

    Love this app! So fun to wake up to my favorite weather team!

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