ABC7 Chicago Weather Weather App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: May, 24 2013
  • Version: 2.6.3
  • Size: 28.59 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

-Performance enhancements

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WLS-TV Chicago. With ABC7 Chicago Weather, when threatening weather is nearby your phone can be set to alert you!

Weather alerts are read aloud for you so you don’t have to stop to read the screen. It’s the power of a NOAA Weather Radio combined with the accuracy of AccuWeather and ABC7 Chicago all in one convenient app! There’s no other app like it.

With the FOLLOW ME feature you’ll stay safe when you’re on the go. ABC7 Chicago Weather can alert you to severe weather wherever you are -- whether you’re on your daily commute in the Chicago area, or travelling anywhere across the U.S.

ABC7 Chicago Weather is fully interactive; Zoom down to get a street level view of live conditions. And of course, get current conditions, hourly and long-term forecasts right at your fingertips.


* Follow Me – Activate this feature so that you get weather alerts wherever you are, anywhere in the U.S. No matter where you travel, the app will help keep you safe.

* Set a static location – In addition to the Follow Me feature, you can set three (3) additional locations to receive alerts on. So if you’re on the road, you could still get alerts for what’s threatening your home, or where a loved one lives.

* Audio alerts – Listen to weather alerts just like a NOAA Weather Radio, so you can be informed and keep moving.

* Current Conditions, Hourly Forecasts and 7 Day Forecasts.

* Video forecasts and live weather video (when available).

Customer Reviews

  • ABC weather & news

    by Carlota42

    This app has been constantly reliable. It alerts me daily & it's on a cue. Keep up the excellent job!

  • Thanks

    by Onrad

    I have really bad anxiety about storms. I was watching your channel. Thank you

  • Does the job

    by Storm tracker 32

    I love this app. It does what it's supposed to do: alert me of severe weather. I would like to see an actual iPad version of this. Not just an iPhone app stretched out on an iPad.

  • Good App

    by Jason chitown

    I have tried this for 2 weeks now. I like the alerts that it gives. This app drains your battery because of its location feature, You can turn that off!

  • Excellent

    by Miser 321

    Just went thru a heck of a storm last night and this app was perfect. I especially like the visual and audible alerts. Top notch, nice job.

  • Cat

    by Walkbytheword

    Very nice. Actual talks to you with a warning out loud and sirens ring. Nice.

  • Great job

    by mr 87

    Very fast and informative on all levels

  • The best weather app I've ever used

    by ObnoxiousKendra

    Title says it all

  • Love love love

    by Supergirl623

    I just love the live radar

  • This is very cool

    by KCWebber

    Between the "zoom able" radar and the automatic alerts based on GPS this is what a weather app should be! This thing rocks. Anyone who knows Chicago understands that it is not a one size fits all weather market. This app is aware of the weather around you and let's you know when you really need to pay attention to threatening conditions in your area, not someplace two counties over. Way to go ABC weather team! This is an app I'll really use.

  • Love the app

    by Aziz1978

    Awesome job. It's a sweet app! Good job Jerry Taft.

  • Awesome!!! Thanks Jerry!

    by Kayak34

    We are weather addicts! This is great!

  • Awesome...

    by Bryant

    Thanks for showing this on today 4pm news. I downloaded it as you were speaker and have set it up. I will update review after the next few days of weather here in the Naperville Area.

  • Inconsistent with TV and website forecast

    by red-ann

    I set 2 locations in this app: where I live (Uptown) and where I go to work (downtown). Since channel 7 is located on State and Lake downtown, you would think the forecast on my locations in the app would match what the forecast is on ABC's Channel 7 News, right?! Wrong! Today is the day before the 2nd "Polar Vortex." I'm watching the Channel 7 News right now and also looking at their website. They both say the hi/low is supposed to be -5/-19 for Monday and -3/-7 for Tuesday. The app says Monday is supposed to be 10/-8 and Tuesday is 0/-14. I can understand a little variance, but that difference is ridiculous! The news is urging its watchers to download this app, so I did. Before they mention it so much, they should probably make sure it's working correctly. The layout is nice and I like the fact that you can set different locations. But if a weather app doesn't report the correct weather (as much as 15 degrees off), it's completely useless! I'm extremely disappointed in this app!!! BTW: I also downloaded the WGN Weather app. It works just fine and reports consistent numbers with the TV, websites, and radio stations.

  • Horrible

    by Bionic

    Totally discombobulated application. Difficult to believe that a professional organization would allow for a public release of such garbage.

  • Done no

    by Fdjbhdb hx

    I don't no how to work it

  • Erroneous tornado alerts

    by Dmiller814

    This app woke me up twice last night announcing a tornado watch when there was not one. It has announced erroneous tornado watches before. Please fix. I will have to turn off the announcement which defeats the purpose, but don't want to be woken in the middle of the night for no reason.

  • iOS 7

    by smcley18

    This app needs iOS 7 compatibility and design. It crashes and it doesn't match iOS 7.

  • As good as channel 7 signal

    by Js1230

    Get weather bug app radar much better, as week as there tv signal the worst of any!

  • Jb

    by Stacey Borrelli

    Radar on weather channel app is way more accurate. Abc 7 app is missing about 25% of storms on radar. How is this possible?

  • Crap

    by Adem2013

    It's a waste to download. The weather channel app is way better.

  • Abc7

    by 6731Dave

    When you turn the app on the location finder will not turn off when turning app off and drains battery as a result.

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