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Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- Fully supports the iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod touch
- iOS6 bug fixes

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WLS-TV Chicago. Wake up with the ABC7 Chicago Alarm Clock app! Start your day with local news and sports headlines, Doppler Radar, current weather conditions and traffic. Set your alarm to wake up to the sound of your favorite ABC7 morning personality, such as Hosea Sanders, Judy Hsu, Roz Varon, and Tracy Butler. You can choose one of our classic alarm tones or even choose a song from your iTunes music library and adjust the alarm sound fade-in to give you a really pleasant way to wake up slowly!

- Choose from 5 custom ABC7 Chicago tones: Hosea Sanders, Judy Hsu, Roz Varon, Tracy Butler and the Breaking News Theme
- Choose to wake up to your favorite song using your own music from your iPhone music library
- Wake up to 1 of 10 built-in classic tones: Alarm Clock, Ascend, Chimes, Descend, Dog Barking, Doorbell, Sonar, Waterfall, Whistle, and an authentic Rooster crow
- Choose from 3 different Chicago-area images for your alarm app wallpaper
- Clock dimmer is adjustable
- Choose 12- or 24-hour clock
- Multiple alarms supported
- Snooze/Stop alarm
- Sound volume adjustable
- Snooze time customizable
- Sound fade in of alarm tones to wake up gently
- Turn vibrate ON/OFF
- Repeat alarms on certain days of the week
- Alarm works even when the screen is locked or when iPhone is muted
- Background Alarm: receive sound notification alarms when the app is not in the foreground*

★ NEWS ★
- Get the latest news and sports headlines from ABC7 Chicago right when you wake up

- View animated Doppler Radar maps
- Get hourly and extended weather conditions
- Automatically set weather to your current location or manually add a location by zip code
- Watch the latest ABC7 Chicago video forecast

- Get the latest Chicago traffic information to plan your commute using our real-time traffic maps

*Like all 3rd party alarm apps, make sure our app is running in the foreground when you go to sleep at night – so make sure you don’t hit that iPhone “home” button!

Customer Reviews

  • Very nice

    by Mr60233

    App works fine for me. Zero problems. :)

  • Awesome

    by Cb2007dr

    Very nicely put together ! Great app

  • Nice!


    Very helpful. Luv it !

  • Simple, but not badly executed

    by Waxus De Weevil

    Surprised that it supports multiple-city weather in a manner better than default Iphone app. Not too many stories, but they are well-chosen so that when you want to the app has some interesting details of what's happening at the moment here in the big C. No experience with alarm but it worked when I tested it. News stories require angular glide touch to navigate, so some redesign might make the app better.

  • Getting worse

    by Oct30Nut

    I really liked this app when it first came out, but lately there have been some problems with the weather video that are quite annoying. The video used to change orientation when I turned my phone sideways, but no longer does. Now this morning, will not even access the weather video. I use a better alarm clock app so I can't comment on that part of the app. The rest works fine.

  • Vipstyle

    by vipstylen

    Awesome app, creative alarm sounds :-) wish I had option to hide the news section...


    by Brittahandjelly

    Not loud enough i fell asleep through it going off

  • Refreshes my day

    by MO KND

    Amazing app with nice gagdets and resources. the app is very reliable and i never had problems with it

  • Voice preference

    by Albert Travis

    I would like Linda Yu's voice to wake me up.

  • Alarm clock issue

    by Kburkette

    Cool app. Alarm never went off:-( glad I tested it on the weekend.

  • LOL

    by Derek gamer

    Clever alarm sounds!

  • Love this App

    by Evanston Man

    This app is very easy to use...I like that I can pick my own music to wake up to...


    by mehodge2


  • Needs it for iPad

    by acerq

    I've been waiting forever for the app that allows me to wake up to Hosea Saunders voice so this app is great. A definite five out of five if they add Jerry Taft. Maybe a Jerry Taft who just swallowed helium.

  • Very nice!

    by EASapps

    Gotta add Cheryl Burton's voice as a wakeup option in the next update!

  • Cool, but needs improvement.

    by TamCatG

    I like it, but I don't like the idea of leaving my app open overnight. It eats up my data plan, and battery life. I shut my phone off at night. It needs to be able to turn on your phone automatically and open itself up to be truly effective. But its a good start.

  • Could be even better if...

    by KouklaKristin

    Love the app but would enjoy it even more if you included the voices of Windy City Live crew...Ryan can wake me up any morning :)

  • Fabulous app!

    by HSTVPRO

    Love the traffic - great to wake up with the best team in Chicago !

  • Love This!!

    by Catwood720

    I already had ABC7's other app and although I always watch them when I want the news, I rarely use the app because I don't like it and don't find it in the least bit useful. This one has that beat by miles!! Easier to navigate and has great traffic which my husband can use since his job is on the road in Chicagoland. Great job ABC7!

  • Great app

    by EJ Hunter

    Love being able to get my headline news and traffic all in one place along with weather updates. Gotto love the Hosea alarm :-)

  • Alarm sound does not work

    by Miss Daily

    I have recently found the alarm sound first was not loud enough and now no sound at all.. I have checked that the alarm is running in the background and columned is all the way up and not in silent mode. Made me late to work!! Please fix this !!!

  • Horrible!!!

    by Edddie Vee

    Unreliable alarm. Failed to wake me up

  • Crap

    by Js1230

    Acuu Weather forecast as bad as watching Kaplan doing the weather Annoying and inaccurate. Delated after a day


    by Michael Melichar

    waking up to tracy butler's beautiful, sexy voice is the greatest thing ever. thank you to whoever had this idea and made this fantastic great chicago app.

  • Fun to wake up to!

    by ABC 7 Junkie

    This app is so fun. I set it to Judy in the morning! Feel so in the know when I open my eyes!!

  • Great, except for a few minor details

    by From Oak Park

    Wish you didn't have to keep the app open overnight for the alarm clock to work. Totally drains the phone's battery. But otherwise the alarm clock feature is way better than the Iphone's alarm clock. And I like being able to see the news and weather....

  • Great! But a request?

    by Katelin M

    The alarm is great! But you should get Eric Horng to voice over for one. He is just so cute! [;

  • Not bad

    by Jglode

    News and traffic are nice but the weather is not interactive. You cannot zoom or expand the screen or select other places of interest. Better ones out there.

  • Nice App

    by Sleepy Giant

    Very cool. Love waking up to the ABC 7 News Theme.

  • What a cool idea!!!

    by KCWebber

    What a neat app! I already use my phone as my alarm clock...this wakes me up AND gives me everything I want to know to start the day. Traffic and weather are key if you live around Chicago. I can get the latest news before even before I go to Facebook. Very cool concept and execution.


    by Playtimegirl

    Love the new app!!!

  • Great App

    by Singhyzpraises

    This is a great app. I love the idea of waking up to my favorite news team and having the latest news, weather and traffic at my finger tips.

  • Good

    by Kylex5005

    I like it

  • Great alarm!

    by Blackademic

    Love the idea of waking up to my FAVORITE news team!!!

  • ABC 7 Chicago Alarm Clock App

    by ABC 7 Chicago Alarm Clock App

    What an awesome new application! It allows you to get all the information you want first thing in the morning; weather, traffic, and morning headlines - all at a glance! Plus, you can customize alarm tones to include some of your favorite ABC 7 Chicago Anchors! Great idea!

  • I need this app

    by Ms Cody simpson

    I just bought this app it's so cool to use when I wake up in the morning I really do need this app

  • It is really cool

    by WTF !!!$!!!!$!!$!$!$!77

    I love the idea of waking up the news! This is very convenient

  • Great app!

    by Dragon lover 8

    Clever alarm tones and latest info to start your day or to keep you informed at any hour.

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