ABC30 Fresno News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: Dec, 16 2010
  • Version: 2.3
  • Size: 31.92 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- New "uReport" feature that allows you to upload and browse photos of the news around you.
- iOS 7 compatibility updates

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KFSN-TV Fresno - Stay on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic with the ABC30 Fresno app. It's the information you need to know in an app that's fun and easy to use.

Get the top local headlines for the Fresno area, as well as news from around the U.S. and the world. The app also features the latest entertainment news, as well as more offbeat stories.

Best of all, the app is free and gives you unlimited access to a wealth of content you can then easily share with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

-Breaking news alerts pushed to your home screen
-Live breaking news video (with Closed Captioning)
-Live video streams of your local newscasts (when available)
-AirPlay-enabled on demand video clips

-Latest weather data wherever you are
-Set and track weather for multiple locations
-Latest video forecast from the station
-Live Doppler
-7-Day & hourly forecasts

-Local and state news headlines
-Photo galleries
-Interactive traffic map

-Sports headlines from ESPN
-National and world headlines from ABC News
-Celebrity news from

Customer Reviews

  • App issue

    by jhoov33

    I love the app, but recently the app suddenly kicks me out while in the middle of a video. It goes straight to my home screen. I then have to start all over. Any suggestions? I'm using iOS 7.0.4 and this happens on LTE and WiFi..

  • Fred

    by fern072

    I have no problems with the app.

  • Dinuba High School '96

    by GiltheGreat

    User friendly

  • Old apps

    by Isuzu i290

    Love and work so much better than the old app .I get all my news old app.

  • Great app

    by BrendaKTran

    Only one question. Why did this app remove the lottery updates section? :(

  • Love this app!

    by M21zebra

    This app is so much better than the old one. Get all my news from channel 30

  • Awesome

    by angieandvee

    I am really loving the new updated app. Great job!

  • Awesome!

    by Tim Sarquis

    Love the new app! Looks and works so much better than the old app. I get all my news from Action News.

  • Great update!

    by Glissemaster

    There is a lot more content available in this update. It has almost everything the website has.

  • Excellent app for local news!

    by Lschuman

    Intuitive, fast, smooth, HD video quality. First rate.

  • Great app


    I would recommend to any one

  • worthless

    by Blue Ky Girl

    If ABC 30 would update their feed more than once a week this might be useful--but most if the stories are 1-2 weeks old. Pretty much useless.


    by Joe-Nash

    Thanks for taking an "ok" app, and making it garbage with so many ads. Time to switch to CBS or FOX NEWS.

  • App failure

    by Ultra rider559

    App takes forever to open. Most of the time it bounces me out before it ever opens.

  • App is no good!

    by You Don't Wanna Know!

    App is not good, what happen to the info about the Gas Prices, Movies Play Times & Lottery? Need an update on the new app to include with all these Info.

  • Sad!

    by Skeo85

    Updates is no good, old is better! Deleted app :(

  • Ok app but biased news source

    by 559jewel

    I wish that there was a news source in Fresno that wasn't Jerry Dyer's agenda platform. I miss real news

  • Old app better

    by Tana ;)

    Can't find lotto numbers and movies section

  • Bye bye!

    by xRachelMayx

    Still getting Whitey bulgar Boston gangster alerts at least three to times a day.... It's getting really irritating....sorry ABC30. I have to delete you.

  • ADS?!

    by Tonseventy

    The new APP is much improved but a 15 second ad before EVERY news story is too much. I like to catch up on news stories quickly and don't have all day to keep watching the same commercial over and over = time to delete.

  • Outdated notifications

    by MelB35

    I've been getting several notifications a day about the verdict from the Whitey Bulger trial. It's been days since the verdict was in. I know he's guilty already.

  • ABC 30 App

    by CaliDani21

    Please fix bug that continuously releases recently posted Boston gangster story every time you post new breaking news. Thank you!

  • Horrible!

    by NKfresno

    I have received the same Boston mob boss notification 20 times in the last 2 days! Bye-bye ABC.

  • Stop with the Whitey Bulger alerts

    by Aamawi

    Stop sending me Whitey Bulger alerts on my iPhone 2 days after the fact

  • Need to be fix

    by Andythemam

    When showing a new notification is still shows all the old ones.

  • Grammar and spell check.

    by LeighMulrooney

    Please try to use spell check and a proof reader before posting others stories from the Internet. How can it be ok to post something with so many errors and incorrect punctuation? What happened to actual journalism?

  • Video

    by Dhafresno

    The video never works. Either it's the app or channel 30 action new. No action about this news what so ever.

  • Hello!!?!!? Hockey is a sport as well!!!

    by Jacks4usall

    There recently was what a lot of people considered to be a major sports event called the Stanley Cup finals. It featured the Boston Bruins against the Chicago Blackhawks. Of course, a lot of people won't know that because this app didn't report any part of the NHL playoffs or championship games!!! In what a lot of people would call an "epic finish to an epic series", this app and it's sports people epically FAILED!! The sports crew can keep stories that are a month old on this app however can't grasp how to report a story that happened a day earlier!!! BRILLIANT!!! Aside from other issues with this app, (news alerts & updated stories) being a huge hockey fan it does give me one more reason to delete this app and not watch your news broadcasts....ever. And any opportunity I have to bash your news organization I will do so with a smile on my face.

  • Old news

    by Rana4ian

    One or two articles are current. The rest is 12 plus hours old.

  • No Live Streaming

    by JFordon62

    I have been trying for 2 weeks now to catch the live streaming news and every time it gives me the times to watch. I open the live streaming at 5:30 am and I get nothing, so I give up after 5 minutes. This is the only station that I have problems with live streaming.

  • Help?

    by Oakvisa

    For the last two weeks I have been able to get the app to work. I get the cover page but that is all.

  • Review

    by Mcdonaldm17

    I'm. Not liking this new app. Can not check lottery numbers.

  • Crashes

    by Redrob49

    Crashes all the time when starting.

  • Scrolling banner

    by Calif buddy

    The banner scrolling at the top of this new app is terrible. It's distracting and you can't make it stop. It hurts one eyes.

  • Not updating news

    by 25brandy

    Won't update news old app better

  • No alerts!

    by Boss lady59

    I updated but not getting alerts now!

  • Won't work!

    by Mendoz4

    App won't load!

  • App won't update news

    by jmikeo4

    App hasn't been able to update for 3+ weeks. Worked fine for the first few weeks

  • (-_-)

    by Curiel86

    Doesn't work for me

  • What happened to the sports section?

    by Plant Doc.

    Can't check sports on the app. Have to go to competitor station app.

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