ABC13 Houston News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: Dec, 22 2010
  • Version: 2.3
  • Size: 30.77 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- New "iWitness" feature that allows you to upload and browse photos of the news around you.
- iOS 7 compatibility updates

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KTRK-TV Houston - Stay on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic with the ABC13 app. It's the information you need to know in an app that's fun and easy to use.

Get the top local headlines for the Houston area, as well as news from around the U.S. and the world. The app also features the latest entertainment news, as well as more offbeat stories.

Best of all, the app is free and gives you unlimited access to a wealth of content you can then easily share with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

-Breaking news alerts pushed to your home screen
-Live breaking news video (with Closed Captioning)
-Live video streams of your local newscasts (when available)
-AirPlay-enabled on demand video clips

-Latest weather data wherever you are
-Set and track weather for multiple locations
-Latest video forecast from the station
-Live Doppler
-7-Day & hourly forecasts

-Local and state news headlines
-Photo galleries
-Interactive traffic map

-Sports headlines from ESPN
-National and world headlines from ABC News
-Celebrity news from

Customer Reviews

  • iOS 7 please

    by darealestxie

    I believe if u upgrade it to iOS 7 features

  • USMarine0913

    by USMarine0913

    Love the houston app and the news reporting there's no sugar coating too it, i have 5 ABC Digital apps and all are great....Way ta go, keep up the good work!!!

  • No problem Houston!

    by 8

    Very handy Houston news!!

  • Perfect news bits

    by nickcrafts

    I especially enjoy the alerts. They aren't too frequent and when they do send one, it's always something that interest me. And when I have the time, having the top news stories available is a real plus. I've not used the traffic app but it looks fairly efficient.

  • Nice upgrade

    by Portercc

    Old one crashed too often. Nice look. Lots of news.

  • Commercials

    by Geary Bennett

    Must I watch the same commercial 5 times in a row!

  • Mr.C

    by Danny91C

    Works great.

  • Where's comments?

    by TheChosenChief

    Why can I only see comments on articles on the website. I should be able to read them and write some from the app. Please add

  • Sports

    by David DeLorez

    My only gripe is that I can't check the scores for anything.

  • Great

    by Send2007

    This is a great app put together well.

  • Notifications

    by Tuckerb123

    The app is awesome, but it keeps sending me notifications from 3 days ago. Please fix!

  • Good weather and local news

    by Bondo59

    I like it!

  • Positive changes!

    by KackyWacky

    I waited to update this app due to the fact that I'm not always pleased with bugs involved with updates. I've been very pleased with the performance and content with the update, and the greeting upon opening is a nice touch too!

  • Great App

    by Texas Awesome

    Love it. Easy to use with lots of information.

  • Weather!!

    by RatrX

    Don't take away the animated weather map!! That's the only working real time (or close to real time) map!!! Bring it back!!!

  • Nice

    by Jmlock

    Not bad. It takes a little time getting use to, but a nice improvement.

  • Finally!!!

    by Cmiller1234

    This version is a million times better! Easy to navigate and the weather screens cooperate. Very impressed with the new app

  • Mostly like it

    by Channel 13 lover

    I mostly like the upgrade. Like some of the new links (GMA, Live Well). I really miss the movie times and the lottery lookup though.

  • It's great

    by Drkeys

    I never did customization like others so I really like the new look! I say download it!

  • Looks good

    by Vyer

    Very nice redesign, looks solid on an iPhone 5. So far navigation is responsive and fast. So far all streaming video has worked well. A few issues here or there - traffic map is a little blurry and creates a 'back' button that's unnecessary - but overall a good looking app.

  • Good app, add stink

    by toulouse

    The app is fairly good. If you can overlook the reporters typos and lack of correct grammar. The ads scrolling across the bottom really stink. One has a worm or little snake, which detracts from the news content. Thus the fair app is ruined by the ads. Occasionally the app locks up.

  • Couldn't get past opening page

    by Yordi71

    This app does nothing but crash. Way to go Ch 13!!!

  • How about something positive

    by Timekeeper777

    Getting news updates every hour on the hour is ok but why do they have to be all negative? Typical news, old school mentality - "if it lies, dies, or cries, it's live at five!"

  • A few teeny tiny problems!

    by Mrs. Robinson11

    I can get past the typos and punctuation errors because I'm not a grammar teacher but I cannot get past the crashing! This app closes for no apparent reason at least once a day. I've tried restarting my phone but unfortunately that did not alleviate the problem. I love the news on this app and the breaking news alerts, though.

  • Traffic map

    by Bouncer723

    My biggest complaint with the new app is with the traffic page. It used to show you what the highways looked like. Now, all it shows is a ton of camera icons. You have to zoom or tap the area you think will be driving to see what it looks like. Please fix!

  • Mistakes/Problems

    by Mrs. "TaterTot"Brdecka

    When reading the stories online: Ive noticed some have typos, the words are missing spaces between, and some of the articles cannot be opened because they simply freeze. I've also noticed their are no horoscopes in the "10 things you should know about today" which is now moved to "5 things" it's a great website/app just those few things that may throw people off.

  • poor, crashes all the time

    by Texas-122346

    I use to be able to watch but now it crashes on startup. skip it and go to the ch 11 app

  • Old app was better

    by Unholy Baphomet

    See above.

  • Dislike

    by wallmartian

    I do not like the new App and greatly miss the old one. Harder to navigate, please bring back the old one.

  • Bad Ap

    by By lehcserh

    No Nascar, PGA,LPGA and Lotto results. Movie listings?

  • Takes way too long just to watch news clip

    by Richirich23g

    The app itself is good, but I hate the fact that I have to watch a 15 second commercial for every news video. The crazy thing is it's your own commercial for abc 13. Obviously we know what station you are, you don't have to replay the commercial for every single news video.

  • Won't stay open more than 2 seconds

    by jhw56

    App on iPad won't stay open more than 2 seconds then crashes. I'm on a trip to Canada and would like to get Houston news but can't. Very disappointing!

  • Don't like the weather section

    by Posties

    Not fond of the weather section. Can't zoom,zoom, into my area like before. The directional arrows of which way the rain is moving is gone now. That was the BEST feature. DISAPPOINTED!!!

  • Ok

    by Kbtigerpaw

    It looks better but doesn't have the customization options the old one did. Also can't find I witness at all.

  • Old app

    by Lmtm

    Old app is much better. Where is the percentage chance for rain?

  • Difficult to use.

    by Cmarshall1756

    Nice look clear HD, not as easy to use as the old app. Notification alarm don't work, weather board can't zoom in & out and move around. Much more difficult to use & I'm a phone guy, apps should be easy. Thumbs down, I'm deleting this app

  • Broken

    by Tamara McGuire

    Missing all the extras. Used to be 1st app I opened every morning. Not anymore

  • Upgrade?

    by Alex000001&283773

    I consider this to be a downgrade, not an upgraded app!!!

  • Can't find NFL

    by Sports Robbie

    Can't sort out all sports to get to NFL will quit using this app.

  • I kind of miss the old app

    by Itsmety

    I like how the new app looks but I can't share or tweet anything like I was able to with the old app.

  • Bad

    by Kwilliams3

    Hate it. Can't Type in cities I want and see there radar. I don't know why they are changing. Ill look for new app!!!

  • Ok but......

    by Old Texas Lady

    I would like to be able to see weather for other areas. I don't live in Houston & also have family in other areas.

  • Keep the old app!

    by TexasGringo

    Doesn't have as much info as the older app. Push doesn't work but still does on the old app. This app doesn't show humidity and few points like the old app. Looks like a kid doing a school project built this app! Glad the old app still works! When the old app stops working I'll delete it. I've even stopped watching channel 13.

  • Inconvenient

    by Lovetodance4ever

    This app looks nice, but when you try to check the weather, especially the radar, it's not as good as the old app. To see various parts of the city you have to click back and forth to different set areas and can't zoom in or out onto specific locations. Also, it takes forever to reanimate each screen once you change it. The old app worked faster and it was easier to get to the info you wanted.

  • Not much to like

    by BellaBlueBella

    Your app was the first place I always went to for news and that was for one reason only...the weather radar. Now it is too difficult to find and bring up the radar that shows Harris County, plus the screen size is now too small for it to really be helpful.

  • No scoreboard section

    by Tyson1210

    Can't find scoreboard section. Old app better. Uninstalled

  • Will not stay open longer than 5 seconds

    by Trueblue2069

    Will not stay open longer than 5 seconds

  • Much better than the old app

    by meenabeena123

    Can view live streams, cleaner look, doesn't crash at startup

  • I like it!

    by RageRadio

    Nice new look. Lots more bells and whistles. More weather info now and notes from the weather department. Unlike the old app. Never used the movie time option so no biggie. There are apps for that. Once again KTRK shows the rest why they are the best. Good job

  • Weather report runs off screen

    by brendeebrew

    Please update for iphone. The weather reports run off the screen. I miss the customization of the old app too.

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