ABC11 Raleigh-Durham News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: Dec, 17 2010
  • Version: 2.3
  • Size: 32.14 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

- New "iWitness" feature that allows you to upload and browse photos of the news around you.
- iOS 7 compatibility updates

Customer Ratings

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7 Ratings
All Versions:
71 Ratings


WTVD-TV Raleigh-Durham - Stay on top of the latest breaking news, weather and traffic with the ABC11 Eyewitness News app. It's the information you need to know in an app that's fun and easy to use.

Get the top local headlines for the Raleigh-Durham area, as well as news from around the U.S. and the world. The app also features the latest entertainment news, as well as more offbeat stories.

Best of all, the app is free and gives you unlimited access to a wealth of content you can then easily share with your family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and more.

-Breaking news alerts pushed to your home screen
-Live breaking news video (with Closed Captioning)
-Live video streams of your local newscasts (when available)
-AirPlay-enabled on demand video clips

-Latest weather data wherever you are
-Set and track weather for multiple locations
-Latest video forecast from the station
-Live Doppler
-7-Day & hourly forecasts

-Local and state news headlines
-Photo galleries
-Interactive traffic map

-Sports headlines from ESPN
-National and world headlines from ABC News
-Celebrity news from

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome App

    by ggswf1

    Thanks a bunch !!

  • Crashes

    by Wi5sy

    It won't open!!! Please help!!!

  • Best news app

    by Rick19700

    Love it!!! Thanks for the hard work

  • Overall ok

    by Wombatmatty

    Breaking alerts rarely take me the the story. I have to close the app and restart in order to click on some stories. Some of them for some reason just won't open. Much better than wral! There seem to be at least one or two major grammatical and / or spelling mistakes in each article I read lately.

  • Please fix!

    by sundogcomm

    I mostly like this app a lot, but I have one major complaint. I like getting breaking news alerts, but when I click on them as they come in, they do not take me to that story. In fact, I have yet to be able to find the breaking story in the app when I get an alert. This is very frustrating.

  • Wow!!

    by Mamagoat86

    Excellent app~~~great traffic coverage.

  • Very Good App!

    by RLShrop

    Love it!

  • .

    by ABCfan19

    So much better than the old app! Love the new format. Now much better than WRALs app!

  • Great new interface

    by fpan80

    Much more functional and useful than precious app. Thanks for updating

  • Shack

    by Homey1

    Finally! I luv it!!

  • Pretty good

    by The man who never was

    I used the WRAL app for years (back when it was the only choice) but the obnoxiously flashing blinking jiggling ads finally drove me away. I can get the same news here, and although there are still ads, at least they are respectfully and professionally presented. (That is, they don't flash/blink/wiggle trying to get your attention.) This newer app is also an improvement over ABC 11's old app, and looks a lot better. I just wish there were a way to prioritize alerts. (I don't need to be alerted every time there's an apartment fire in the city.)

  • Works fine

    by Jojommmm

    Works perfect for me, smooth. Maybe your device is crap b/c this app is perfect.

  • Please fix

    by Fredasneed

    App shuts down during live feed almost daily.I like the new look so I will still give four stars still great app till video feed is fixed

  • Great

    by JPheel

    Great app!! Easy to read and find the latest news and weather! Looks very nice!

  • Gary Green

    by Ggolfffnut

    Great lay out . Very up to date. But then WTVD is the best news team in the triangle!

  • nice

    by Natesis

    Nice app clean

  • Great, awesome

    by Koot 1

    I love this new app.

  • Great App!

    by EHungate

    ABC11 continues to be the market leader in news. This app is sleek and very useful!

  • Where's the push notifications?

    by Skyline97

    I am not receiving notifications for breaking news. Please fix this so that I get the same news alerts as on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

  • Great app!

    by NC Taxman

    Very clean and well set up. Categories are organized well and intuitive. I like the social feature and the home screen layout. Time will tell, but I think I found my favorite local news app.

  • Not impressed

    by Thelma Smith

    Every time I try to get on this app. It crashes on my iPad getting ready to delete it

  • Poor app

    by dst794

    I used this app for a month and deleted it because they don't update the news regularly and sometimes only a portion of the text is displayed. In addition, I don't there is much diversity in the news they report. I'm sure that there are more interesting things to report on and I found it strange that although crimes are committed by a variety of people you only seem to see mugshots for minorities. Crimes committed by non-minorities may or may not have a mugshot. You'll more likely see other general icons( a police car, handcuffs, etc) instead of a mugshot. Seemed sorta discriminatory to me. Especially once I read the same stories on another local news app and noticed how different they were.

  • Crashes

    by UNCJC

    This app crashes on me. Uninstalling. Trying another local news app.

  • I just erased this because of an intrusive alarm

    by Bert S.

    You woke me at 2AM last night with an amber alert alarm about a child who, by the way, was found perfectly safe. I, asleep in my bed, could have done nothing anyway to help. I can find no way to disable these middle of the night alarms without turning off my phone. Do Not Disturb did mot prevent it either. I have erased you so it will not happen again.

  • New abc 11 app not to my liking....

    by Bealhouse4

    Ugh...maybe you need to review!

  • Inconsistent app

    by NC in Rdu

    Worked great for the first few days, now it just spins. I deleted and reinstalled with same results.

  • Raleigh centric, left leaning

    by SQRL!!

    Does not show WX for my area. Loading my city fails to load any data. No local news only the typical left-leaning triangle tripe. WX maps don't size w/pinching. Basically a worthless APP that is much worse than Weather Channel product.

  • Terrible App

    by Barney2131

    The worst App I have ever downloaded. App rarely loads just sits at the loading screen and constantly spins.

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