ABC News News App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: News
  • Publisher: ABC Digital
  • Updated: Dec, 23 2008
  • Version: 4.5
  • Size: 12.81 MB

Languages: English

Seller: ABC Digital

Thanks for using the ABC News App!
• Story text now scrolls smoothly when the top navigation is hidden to maximize reading area.
• More control over your Inbox – Some of you wanted to mark all your alerts as "read" or delete them without affecting your saved stories. Now you can -- tap Alerts -> Edit -> Select All -> Delete (or Mark Read).
• Tap the photo on a story to see its caption
• Sharing to Facebook is smoother than ever before

New from version 4.0:
• Personalized alerts – Be the first to know. When you see a story that interests you, tap the star icon and we’ll send real-time updates right to your phone.
• ABC News Inbox – All your saved stories, alerts and follow-ups appear in one place for easy catch up. Swipe to share a headline, or effortlessly stop following a story.
• Daily Rewind – Lean back, catch up and unwind in the evening with the day’s best video. AirPlay it if you like.
• Best Reads – Today’s most fascinating news from across the app, all in one place.
• Watch & Read – Now you can read stories while video is playing – video no longer takes over the entire screen. Build a playlist on the fly to create a personalized watchlist.
• Radio – Whether you're out for an early-morning jog or driving home, ABC News Radio provides a great hands-free catchup – updated every hour.
• Your Favorites First – With customizable navigation, you set the order of Sections in the side navigation. When you swipe, your sections will come first.

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
81 Ratings
All Versions:
46992 Ratings


The news app that keeps up with you!

Redesigned from the ground up, the ABC News app has you covered morning, noon and night:
- When you’re on the go, personalized alerts keep you from missing out
- When it’s time for a break, fascinating stories await in Best Reads
- In the car, ABC News Radio catches you up – hands-free
- In the evening, the day’s best video is cued up in Daily Rewind

Read stories and watch clips from your favorite ABC News shows including Good Morning America, World News, Nightline, This Week and 20/20.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app !!

    by Ted7377282

    Quit fuking complaining people ! This app works great in every aspect of user experience. Cry more !!!

  • Version 4.5 - involved but excellent

    by Dr. Chris Knudsen

    I disagree with many of the critical reviews of version 4.5, because I believe if you "learn" the navigation - which does take some effort - one can control this involved news source site, with excellent results.

  • Great news App


    I give you five stars for covering the news with this App. Your news coverage is precise and to the point. Condor

  • Great UI/UX

    by bryantbd

    Okay yes the stories are a bit fluffy and very pop-cultured oriented but the app has a great clean feel with a new and different paradigm for for UI/UX. Good job

  • Great app except for the annoying flashing ads

    by Laurie6787

    Until recently I really lived this app but then they put this incredibly annoying flashing ad banner across the screen. I may have to delete the app if they don't get rid of it.

  • ABC News

    by D. Hill

    The ABC news has been improved with its redesign but there are some improvements that can still be made. To start with the good is the revamped menu and background design of the application. Instead of a boring static look the app now has a clean minimalist white background. Navigation is still strong with the ability to quickly swipe to different areas. The content offered has been expanded with the ability to read articles, watch videos and peruse slideshows from the content section. Users can view content from the shows section which features video from many of the network's acclaimed news programs. Users can also listen to audio from the radio section. One of the major new features is the way the app organizes and stores your information through the use of a inbox. The inbox is where users can view recent news articles, news alerts and access saved stories. It can be a bit cumbersome having to access saved stories from here instead of the main menu but it is not a huge flaw. The app also provides some customization options with the ability to select font size for article text. More customization and control options would be welcome since the category feeds can be a bit littered with too many videos and not enough articles. The ability to modify automatic video playback would also be welcomed in a future update. Regardless of a few drawbacks the most recent iteration of this app is a improvement in design and content and is well worth a download for ABC news watchers and readers.

  • Love the news, HATE the scrolling function.

    by Becksredmountain

    Please, please, please modify the scrolling function so that my screen doesn't get cut off with a header at the top and ads at the bottom simultaneously whenever I scroll up or down (even slightly) when reading a story. It's so annoying that I can barely stand to use the app.

  • Don't get it

    by Nayumi Furukawa

    I used to love this app but after the recent update ( big mistake) this app is like CNN app which I didn't like but your are even worse. Please fix this.

  • Designed by CBS

    by DeepInTheMoney

    Obviously the work of The Fine Folks at Multitasking Imbeciles Inc

  • Hate the design. Story subjects are terrible.

    by kimbakat

    Even if the the design is bad, uninteresting... The level if journalism is appalling!! Most of its subjects are entertainment news. Better to download your local ABC news app. New York's local app is great with live feeds and relevant local community and borough news. Its like it what news was back in the opinion... Only reporting.

  • I'm deleting it...

    by Areallthenicknamestaken?5000

    Over run with ads. You can't even leave the ad to goto a differing story. Once started it forces you to watch. To bad...I've been loyal abc news watcher for years.

  • This app is HARRIBLE!!!!!!!

    by Erictheangrymidget

    Who felt the need to create a "news inbox" for me and then fill it with uninteresting and poorly done stories? This once respected news company should be embarrassed by this app and should immediately fire ALL employees who are associated with it. WORST APP EVER!

  • Awful app

    by Nelson Holcomb

    Terrible x10

  • Expect more

    by PKbaker

    Use to like the abc news app now don't use it anymore. Pushes emails I don't want and not an story layout.

  • Getting worse

    by nycedigz

    Used to be a good app with top news stories, now it's mostly videos. It would be nice if, in settings, you could 1) turn on/off video feeds, and 2) turn on/off sending items to my inbox. After using this for two years, I'm thinking of uninstalling. CNN isn't much better.

  • Too much junk

    by Jill58

    This app is terrible. Just give us the news stories we can read!!

  • Still dislike "improved" app

    by Red5head

    The in-box is a very annoying useless feature. Still don't like hearing voices when I am expecting to read an article. Use this less and less as my news source

  • Please go back...

    by BlondeRocket

    After the update, this app became a pain. The inbox kept filling up with stories that I didn't care about and tapping the blue dot opened the story. Please let me choose what I want to see. In addition, I'd rather read the story than watch a video so let me choose instead of making the choice for me. If I could give zero stars, I would. I've deleted this app and will get my news elsewhere until the old format returns.

  • Has become unusable

    by Thixon1

    I used to like this app but now it seems worthless. It has become just a collection of video clips- no news articles I can just read. I typically look at news apps when I'm not at home and since I don't carry headphones with me 24/7 this app has become unusable. If I open it up while waiting for an appointment I can't use it! There is virtually nothing that I can just sit and read while I wait. And there is still is a section labeled "video" which is useless and deceiving because the whole thing is just a collection of video clips now. Also, the travel section never has anything to do with travel. Just the same video clips as the top stories section. Why even list that as a section if you don't put travel related information in it

  • Not a happy camper

    by NESTerteach44

    The worst redesign of an app. I have ever seen. Had I known I never would updated. Wish I Could rate 0 stars

  • Annoying as hell

    by Dbf_1998

    Won't stop pushing notifications about every stupid story in the news. Deleting this ap.

  • Unable to personalize

    by Kahoot

    If you want to scroll through the news, this is good. But they determine what stories are important to you and email them within the app and there is no way to modify it.

  • Update terrible

    by Addy arch

    Please listen to your users and go back to the previous version of this app! Does ABC even pay attention to these reviews? When this first updated I gave it a couple of tries-it went from the only news app I use to being deleted. I just reloaded it hoping that you would have paid attention and reverted this app to the previous ether version..:but it's still the annoying new one-so I'm deleting it again. Bummed.

  • Un-improved

    by practical shopper

    I used to prefer this app to CBS but recent update actually gives slower updates on recent happenings. Not motivating. Too much video. Not enough substance.

  • Blunder after Blunder

    by Kalei75

    If it's not the app, it's the reporting of biased political news based upon unfounded truth. Calling the Presidents agenda "rhetoric" has totally turned me off. What ever happened to UNBIASED journalism? Thank you ABC and....GOODBYE!

  • No settings tab/trashy

    by Jenners77

    I wish the "top stories" tab actually consisted of top stories rather than pics of scantily clad stars in bikinis and less. Wish there was a settings tab to personalize the type of news stories so as to filter out the garbage. Deleting app. If you want real news, check out the NBC app.

  • Don't like the new update

    by Dannknee

    I don't like the new update. I just want a simple news app and the new update overcomplicates it. Wiggling balls and annoying badge icons are just unnecessary bells and whistles that water down my purpose for the app...reading the news. I have deleted the app from my phone.

  • Deleting app

    by Kevin Winneroski

    I am a news junkie so for me to delete this app is a big deal. My biggest issue is with the built in alert feature. I don't need every mundane / common news story to be pushed to me and placed in a folder that I have to go and delete if I want the notification badge to disappear. It's overkill and takes away from what is otherwise a decent app.

  • Terrible

    by HokieRaven

    Deleted this was fine when I downloaded it a while ago then the update just killed it!!!! Fox News and CNN apps are good.

  • Big miss

    by katiecruick

    I miss the old app. This one is a pain and I don't use it much at all. Scrap the alerts- not necessary!!!!!

  • Flashing ads & beiber pushes?

    by SouthieBruno

    Seriously, 6:30 a.m. pushes re: beiber arrest plus flashing ads WOW that my friends is the jackpot of worthlessness!

  • Deleted

    by sma60

    What a shame. This was once a go-to app. Ruined. Update-I've installed all of the updates--it's nice that you're trying, but the fundamental problems remain. You have ruined what was a tremendous source of news. others have said--just revert. Please. Sad since the update. Aesthetically awful, functionally clumsy & ultimately just annoying. I always used to think this app had one of the greatest opening screens there was, and an altogether pleasant and logical layout. Now I doubt I open it again.

  • Hate it

    by dennyc69

    Stop screwing around with the app. The previous design was better then what it is now. The inbox is dumb, it's not email, it's a notification. It's more of a chore now to clear out notifications now then it was before. Get rid of that circle thing you guys came up with and just give the page with the news on it. You're overthinking the app when you don't need to.

  • ABC

    by janehughes27

    So terrible that I deleted it. More scams and advertising in the form of "news"

  • Hate the new format

    by Lynn213p

    Don't like that I can't turn off alerts. Horrible app!

  • Not as good as before

    by Redcarlisle

    I don't like the automatic news alerts that I have to go in and delete. Can't I just turn it off?

  • Forced me to download it

    by brown614

    I had to download this app just so it would stop showing up at the top of every single browser window I would open on my iPhone. Really annoying

  • Bad upgrade

    by Bonniejean815

    Do not like at all. Annoying the old version was better. May delete

  • Terrible awful new app

    by Kb112233

    Used to read everyday but new update is super annoying. Video option on top and ad on bottom create movement and is very distracting. Bad update!

  • Horrible

    by Retired media exec

    Thru several ownerships ABC stood for something good. Now, sadly , it's Always Be Confusing. This app is beyond lousy. Try to find a news story. Go on. Try. I also don't need to see stories from weeks earlier. By definition that's not news, it's history. Major fail.

  • Too Bad

    by SummAdv

    What happened? The revisited UX is just miserable. That's just too bad. The previous version was my favorite app. Can't stand this one. Will be removing from my devices.

  • Too Bad

    by SummAdv

    What happened? The revisited UX is just miserable. That's just too bad. The previous version was my favorite app. Can't stand this one. Will be removing from my devices.

  • Terrible

    by Geoffy B

    I used to use this application everyday. Now I open it once in a blue moon because I forget how terrible the new update was. Oh, and I don't want notifications every time I sign on either.

  • Terrible update

    by Acksummer

    This has been my go to app for news for as long as I can remember but I'm moving on. The new update is horrible. Who wants to watch all those video ads in order to read the news? Not me. Hard to navigate and poorly laid out too. Lots of other news apps to choose from.

  • Finally Deleted It!

    by Peregrine101

    I tried and tried to like it. But the new app and that stupid header that keeps popping OVER THE TEXT AT TOP is just too annoying to try and get used to. The new app is not better. I deleted it like so many others. Use another News App.

  • No landscape mode

    by Mr_Majestyk

    A function that ALL apps should provide.

  • Hate it!

    by amasinglyme

    I use to love watching local news using this app but the update horrible. Not user friendly at all. Use to be able to check different cities with ease... Not now! I'll be deleting this off my phone,

  • Horrible

    by Jenny576

    The new updated app is awful. Used to be my favorite news app but now I won't bother. Change it back please.

  • Bring back the old

    by ABC fan 1

    I hate this new version of this app! I just want to read the news and see the videos I want to see. No get messages and be told what is the best read! Frankly I hate it! The only reason I got stuck with it is because I had to delete my old version to update my stupid phone!

  • Bad news

    by Jenny beer

    This app is only good for one thing. Reading the stories . Rest stinks!!!! I'm getting rid of it . You can't get the weather like NBC.

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