Animated 3D Emoji - Free New Emoticons Icons for Texting & Email & Messages Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Basque, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese

Seller: Yongchen Tang

-Support iPhone 5
-Minor bug fixed

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Emoji 3 + More than 500+ new Emojis

Tired of boring texts and emails?

Now you can spice them up with all kinds of animated smileys, crazy emoticons, cute cuddly animals and hundreds of other hilarious animations - like ninjas!

As soon as you start sending Animoticons, all of your friends will want them too!

The ORIGINAL and STILL THE BEST! No app has more animations or features! Tons Animated emoticons and Emoji icons with one-tap easy sharing in:
- MMS Text Messages (iPhone)
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Emails


- 460 Emoji icons added to your keyboard (iPhone only).
- SEND using MMS Text Messaging, Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
- QUICK SEARCH for ANY specific term, such as "Christmas" "Good morning," "I love you," "Crying," etc.
- UPDATE your Facebook or Twitter status with loads of fun images.
- Very easy to unlock 460+ emoji icons!
- Share 3D animated emoticons with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,etc.
- MMS & Email with one tap
- Copy animated emoticons to clipboard
- Favorites with Add/Remove features
- Recents with record your last used animated emoticons.
- Stunning 3D animated emoticons
- Full iOS 4 support
- Built-in In-App Mailer


* Sharing images with Facebook, Twitter and Email works with pretty much anyone, but depending on what cell network and type of cell phone the person you're sending to has, some of the images you send via text messaging may not work. This has nothing to do with the app, but is a factor of the compatibility between: 1) the iPhone, 2) your network provider, 3) the other person's network provider, and 4) the other person's cell phone.

* EMOJI ICONS: iPhone only, not iPad. To turn on, go to Help tab and Settings.

This is lite version, if you like it, please help us to download full version!

Customer Reviews

  • Love them

    by susan scullion

    So many to choice from. Something for everyone.

  • Really Cute

    by Gierzy

    I love this! Just getting used to it...

  • Works Great

    by Nakiyoskye

    Works great. Just needs more to choose from.

  • Fun!

    by Homesweet

    They're a really cute way to enhance your texts - easy to use! Add more please!

  • Emotion App

    by Cat195850

    Just installed on my IPad and so far it works great!!! So glad to find this app!

  • Awesome

    by KasJai

    This App is a blast - I sent the crying one to my daughter, and she said it almost made her cry!

  • Love this app

    by Joker1945

    Love this app

  • Awesome App!

    by Loraleei

    Love the animation.

  • Not to Shure

    by D chumley

    I give this a 3 stir it could be 5 but I'm not to Shure yet about this app because I just down load it .. Just woundering how to pull up the tex so I don't have to go to the app first and go back to texing but I found out that I have to copy it to use it each and everyone I just want to go on the app and be able to tex like the email and so whet I'm saying is that is I want to be able to tex when I'm on the app and it does not do that the email and Facebook does also tweeter but not tex other then I like it it is really cute!!! I like all of them.. Please if anyone knows how to tex right on the app can someone let me know. I like it very cute!!!

  • Cute App

    by Cosmomaniac

    I love this app. It has great little emoticons in 3D. I just wish I knew how to text them to people. Whenever I try to send it to someone in my contacts, it doesn't seem to go anywhere.

  • :)

    by joAnna Ellingsen

    Super fun


    by elnichols

    Great app emoticon!!!! Love it so much

  • Best emoji app EVER!!

    by pumpkinredbull

    Love this app!! It works perfectly! Very creative figures!! Funny to share your feelings, thoughts or just send anything fun to make someone laugh! One of my favorite apps!! Thumbs up!!

  • Great app

    by Andielouann

    I like this app!!!!

  • I

    by who

    Omg I love this app....☺️ It has a lot of emotions and there sooo cute

  • Easy and Fun!!!!

    by nicolefowler2005

    These cute little guys are so easy to use and make texting more exciting and interesting! It's a good way to personalize any text or email!

  • Very cute

    by MamaJess6

    Love it!!! Very cute app

  • Love this

    by reesing

    Enjoying the animation wish there were a little more to choose from.....

  • Great faces!

    by Leolionlord

    I really like texting them to love ones! But the bad part is, they copy and send them back to me! How original, huh?

  • Love this app

    by CindySay

    I love this app. It actually works. Finally an animated app that is really animated. Others I have paid for don't work. Please add more.

  • Ugh

    by Ju hjvfhvg

    When you email someone they don't even move. Boring!!

  • Having Fun

    by 4dogkrazie

    Adding These emoji's to my texts is super fun and brightens up my friends and families day! Thanks

  • Fun for all

    by Tattude~lady

    This is too fun. I had to show my mom how to find it in the App Store so she could have it too...she was jealous

  • Fun

    by Urkoolcat

    Adds a little fun when you want something special

  • Seems pretty cool so far.


    Fairly easy to use. Like the ability to integrate emoji keyboard. Small but decent selection of animations, able to get online through software and find a few more animations which is a plus. Overall good download that I would recommend and I'm a very critical person.

  • Thumbs Up Up Up Think Animated

    by mvpena007

    What a pleasant surprise and fun stuff to send friends and family. The first person who got the "wink" animation texted back with "Coool Gf' I love it love it love it." Reminder to my 12 yr old nephew to brush his teeth for 2 minutes, shaving for those who do sent when I wake up... Makes texting very creative!

  • Love it but it has a little bit of pics

    by Briana Nicole sosa

    Love it but it has a little of pics so I think it should need more

  • Great

    by Kenzi 1180

    Funny and easy to do

  • by Qwerty1224555

    Live it

  • It's pretty goo

    by Mincraft__girl11

    It's actually really god they have lots of emoji and if you don't know how to do this emoji

  • Simple to use

    by Road Enforcer

    A nice and simple app to make people laugh!

  • Very good

    by Doctor77

    Is funny

  • No just no

    by Aiden Russell

    It's not even animated

  • by Gee-dub2003

    Luv it!! Needs more funny faces though.

  • Good!

    by Abn_Stubby

    I like it!

  • Great Fun

    by Kirikins


  • Happiness in emoticons!

    by Cbdcubed

    fun and very cute! I wish there are more though! I loved it! Great picker-upper for me amd my friends!

  • Cute app

    by OY 1970

    Annoys some of the people when I send these but heck, so what. Very nice emoticons. Hope it gets updated soon with more.

  • Love this App!!!

    by Lisatx98

    I like that I can save it to my photos or just share it!! Very fun...

  • Great App

    by William Brann

    Great fun app too usevwith friends..!!

  • Fun

    by Cecilio Torres Jr

    Love it

  • Cute Animals!!

    by Yvonnelatica

    Love the animals.

  • Love This!!

    by Sue*Zahn

    I love how these can make any text or message look so cute!! I get the biggest kick out of picking and deciding who gets which one!! I love sending them and then getting a reply telling me they liked it!! Really cooL!!

  • Really super cute!!

    by Scarlettjax

    Love this app and u don't have a stupid pop up ad every 2 seconds so that's great!

  • Great App

    by Qt_pie646

    This is a good app. I really like the animated emoticons. I wish this app was integrated in the iOS.

  • It's pretty cool

    by Asnhunskxfhekxowkdic

    I love the animation.

  • Great App !!

    by Quaddadplus1

    Great at a great price, works great, what more can you ask for?

  • Great fun cheers up your day

    by Hairjoy

    really fun little messages to send to Friends you should try it

  • GREAT APP!!!

    by 74Rubg

    Very easy to use though would like to see more fun Emoji's

  • Love it!!!

    by Allie0407

    So cute, and lots of options!

  • Love It


    Get it it's so cool!Take my word!It is so cute and grandmas love it!My does...A lot! -DJNIKKIG

  • Fun!

    by WelcomeToMyMind

    Super cute. I love animated emoticons!

  • Marifer

    by Happy grand ma

    I Just found this application and I love it, it's fun and easy.

  • Stickers

    by Suzier1965

    Love this app!!

  • Pretty good for the price

    by bobi @ the sea

    Cute and different emoticons. You still have to copy/paste to use in text, but overall happy with product. Excited for new and unique emoticons. Maybe some gross but funny ones would be cool. Don't see much out there in existing apps.

  • Review

    by Krmita


  • Personalized A message

    by Ccierra

    So cute. Even if I'm sending a sad or angry message it still puts a smile on the recipients face.

  • Emotes

    by Jimbo89119

    Worked great

  • Awesome


    Absolutely a wonderful emoji app!!! Love it!!!

  • Love the emoji cons

    by Jken407

    Great ap

  • Animated emojis

    by Dana Perd

    Great app! So fun :)

  • Great

    by Myck0414

    Love the app. Could use more fishing, camping, mountain climbing, football, baseball, sports.

  • Cute!

    by Tyserfos

    Had this app for a few days. Adds a fun aspect to texts. Works well. Easy to use .

  • Fun

    by Greg Mcleod

    Just started using this app today. It's lots of fun and adds a smile to your text.

  • Great app!

    by Jenlogan1275

    Wish you could just copy from the sticker, however still a good app.

  • Awful

    by bms509

    Won't let me send them!!

  • Great app!!!

    by Michael Feldhake

    Easy to use and a great variety of options.

  • Nice

    by Shaggy1980li

    Very good!!!

  • Great

    by Ceira brown

    I love this app all my friends are jealous of my moving emojis the only thing is that I think they should move a lil more and that there should be more options

  • Nice App!!!

    by chobits23

    Nice app...

  • Awesome Emoji


    Emoji is sooo great I love using it!

  • Cute!

    by Ljioh

    Fun but limited.

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