VirtualBrowser for Firefox with Flash & Java Player and Add-ons - Secure VPN Edition for iPhone Business App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: VoicEcho LLC

Fixed the 'slow keyboard' bug. Now the App has much faster response (when keyboard is open)!

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Run the real Firefox® browser with 'desktop-class' features like Toolbars, Add-ons/Extensions, Themes, Flash and Java (NOTE: * Premium features require additional In-app purchase)

▶ Flash Player *
Browse and use Flash-based websites, apps, games and videos on your remote server, such as:
Games               Productivity            e-cards/ entertainment
------------        ----------------------       --------------
Facebook            Prezi                   JibJab
- Farm/CityVille     Adobe   Paperless post
- Poker             Jacqui Lawson
- Evony              Sliderocket             BlueMountain
Bridgebase          Aviary                   American Greetings
WebKinz             Microsoft Office365
Animal Jam        Google Docs            Flash games
...& many more

▶ Java *
VirtualBrowser for Firefox lets you run almost any Java application such as:
> Runescape
> PartyPoker
> Gametable
> Etrade Pro Elite
> Scottrade
> NetDania NetStation
> Aleks
> Blackboard Collaborate
> United Unimatic
> Pogo games
...and many more.
* Premium option required

▶ Add-ons, Plug-ins, Extensions & Skins +(Premium recommended)
With VirtualBrowser for Firefox you can take advantage of all the customization and integrated features offered in Firefox Add-ons, Plug-ins, Toolbars and Extensions, including:
> Evernote Web Clipper
> Yahoo! Toolbar
> Adblock Plus
> Adobe Reader & PDF viewer
> Lastpass
> Xmarks
> Awesome Screenshot Plus
> Themes
> Springpad
... and tons more!

▶ Sync +
Browse more, type less: Login with your Mozilla ID and Firefox Sync bookmarks, Add-ons, history, tabs, etc. from your Firefox account on your home or work computer.
Sync with other browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari by installing Add-on/Extensions like Xmarks and Lastpass
² Premium account recommended to use Sync and Add-ons

Virtual Browser comes in 2 editions Basic and premium. Both editions include these standard features:
> Fullscreen Mode – hides address bar, menus and tabs so you can use the full display
> Mouse mode lets you use 'hover' and mouse-over menus and features on websites
> Right-click 'contextual' menus
> Multi-tab and multi-window usage
> Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and Arrow keys

*Premium required
+Premium recommended

Premium edition adds these features:

                 Standard edition       Premium (in-App Purchase)
Video Mode        Free Trial         ▶ Yes
Flash               Free Trial         ▶ Yes
Java                Free Trial         ▶ Yes Java applets, JAR, JNLP
Anonymous         all sessions      ▶ optional, Chrome 'Incognito' feature
Save data^          No                ▶ Yes
Secure VPN          No                ▶ Yes Premium connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device.

How it works/Notes:
- When you use VirtualBrowser for Firefox, you connect 'remotely' from your iPhone to Xform's high performance Cloud service in one of our 2 secure data centers: USA Los Angeles, California, or Europe:Sofia,Bulgaria (whichever is closer). The farther you are from these locations, the more latency/delay you may experience.
- View is Landscape only at this time.
- This app is for iPhone only. (There is a separate listing for the iPad edition).

Questions? visit Contact us at

Firefox ® is a trademark of Mozilla Foundation.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners

Customer Reviews

  • Sweet App!

    by John Burgoyne


  • Love this app! But...

    by Le Epic Rage Maker

    I love this app. I can play runescape and a lot of other games on it. It can get very laggy though. It's perfect but I hate when you switch to the pointer, I love the pointer but it'd be way better if it didn't scroll the whole page up and down every second. I hate that. Make it more like the app "Photon" the clicker is much easier to use. Don't get me wrong, I love this app a lot and is defiantly worth the money, but if you updated the clicker, it will just make the app that much better. Thank you!

  • simply awesome

    by DianaRubia

    The title says it all...

  • Great!

    by WorkaholicLA

    If you need to run the Firefox browser once in a while you need this App!

  • wow buy!!!!!!!!!

    by Guppy11947

    this is the only app there is to buy with adobe flash player you can finslly use your apple device like a real computer i am siked about this!!!!!!how do not many people know about this awesome!!!!!!!!!

  • Great app works very well

    by Andriod3508

    Works well on the iPhone and the iPad how ever why I pay twice I don't know since other apps work o payed once for both

  • Or

    by Ang3l22

    Gooooodddd apps

  • Like it.

    by 60 Below zero


  • Browser

    by Tudie54

    Difficult to use! You need a serrated tutorial...please!!!!

  • Slow

    by Chaplain Andrew

    Slow as molasses in January!

  • Chit

    by Chitipad


  • Browser

    by id1100


  • Great

    by GoodGyrl4evr

    Lots of oops kewl for my itouch

  • Works Good

    by Christine Divers

    The app works fairly well. I got it to download blackboard. It will allow me to hear but not talk. Over all it's good. I just wish it would pick up my mic on my phone and or my mic that I plug in.

  • great

    by J F Prencipe


  • Impressive!

    by HanaBKing

    Firefox Browser in the iPhone

  • Refund

    by Foss1987

    I purchased this app by accident thinking it was something else and would like a refund

  • very good

    by lukaszskiba30

    very good

  • Buggs Galore

    by soilikeitkinda

    The new update really screwed up the app. pls fix

  • by Irish Sparky

    I pay for the app and then open to a page to pay $0.99 per month? Not nice. Check what your buying!!! Money dump

  • Java works well...

    by nearlybohemian

    I bought the app and it still operates in preview mode.

  • Waste of money

    by mikepaula504

    Screen is non functioning. wasted my money.

  • Don't Get It!

    by PUGLOVER221

    Since there is now hardware like a computer, it is useless! Nothing you can do. Want my $4 back!


    by KRITIK

    This does not work. Totally false. Will not open any flash,etc.

  • Terrible

    by Lorissade

    I bought everything to use java through black board collaborate and it does not work i would like my ten dollars

  • Doesn't work

    by Jjjjjjjjjjjaaaaaaaaaa123445667

    Worst possible browser and can't believe it costs anything. Wow!

  • Refund!!!!!! \,,/

    by gizm,osa

    Compre esta app en $5 y me pide $5 mas para tener acceso a todas las funciones. No la compren hay mas aplicaciones gratuitas que hacen lo mismo o por menor costo.

  • No sound!!

    by Tyufgftf355455

    I was excited that I could finally watch and other sites that use flash. Disappointed as there is NO SOUND!! I have the iPhone 5 and even on fast wifi It kept giving me the message "no sound on this network connection". What the heck! Photon browser will give me sound...this was such a waste of money!!!

  • Please just give my money back I had no idea what I was Getting into .

    by Budha5346

    It's slowing down my ipod , it crashes , plus I didn't need this please give my money back it may be good for those who need it but not me.

  • Garbage

    by Apple BackDoored Me

    This app couldn't run any worse.Looks like Firefox but sure don't work like Firefox.Don't waste money on the premium.I see no difference.

  • Slow to respond

    by 21stCentury!

    I don't normally rate, but..... Great concept, unfortunately it is so slow to respond I don't think it will serve to be very efficient for normal usage currently.. Perhaps updates will solve issues that I'm experiencing.

  • Not worth it

    by Acroth

    This app is a mess, it's better suited for a tablet then a iPhone. Simple features like copy n paste doesn't work. The app isn't stable. It crashed 4 times before I could even open anything. Save your money.

  • Not great

    by Dknelson

    I bought this primarily to view google map me maps which use java. Though this works, it is so slow that it is not usable. For this purpose, it is useless.

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