VirtualBrowser for Chrome™ with Flash & Java Player, Extensions - Secure VPN Edition for iPhone Utilities App Review (iOS, $4.99)


Languages: English

Seller: VoicEcho LLC

Fixed the 'slow keyboard' bug. Now the App has much faster response (when keyboard is open)!

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Run the *real* Chrome Browser with Web Store, Extensions, and a Premium option for saved settings, secure VPN/proxy access, Flash and Java.
Check out these powerful features:

▶ Flash Player (*)
Browse and use Flash-based websites, apps, games and videos such as:
Games               Productivity           Video*, e-cards/ entertainment
------------        ----------------------       --------------
Facebook:         ▬ Prezi                   ▬ JibJab
▬ Farm/CityVille   ▬ Adobe   ▬ Jacqui Lawson
▬ Poker           ▬        ▬ Paperless post
▬  Evony          ▬ Sliderocket             ▬ BlueMountain
▬ Bridgebase      ▬ Aviary                   ▬ American Greetings
▬ WebKinz        ▬ Microsoft Office365   ▬
▬ Club Penguin    ▬ Google Docs            ▬ Animal Jam
▬ & many more

▶ Chrome Web Store Apps:
 > Sketchpad > QuickBooks > Google Sites
 > Creately   > LucidChart  > Pivotal tracker
 > Zoho      > Catchnotes  > huddle
& lots more

▶ Java (*)
 > iWork Online Suite (on - Keynote, Pages, Numbers
 > Runescape   > PartyPoker > eTrade Pro Elite*
 > Scottrade*   > SAP         > United Airlines Unimatic
 >Gametable*  > NetDania   > banking websites
> almost any game or application that requires Java

▶ Extensions & Themes (+)
 > Adblock     > Springpad    > Evernote Web Clipper
 > Xmarks      > Stylish        > Amazon Wishlist
 > Picasa       > Personas    > Awesome Screen capture
 > Lastpass (password sync) .... and tons more!

▶ Sync (+)
Sync with Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE on your computer:
- Using your Google account, you can synchronize your Bookmarks, Passwords, Tabs, Apps, Extensions, History, Settings and more with your home or work computer.
- Sync with other browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari that you use on your home or work PC by installing Extensions like Xmarks and Lastpass

* Premium required ($ in app purchase)
+ Premium recommended (sync, Extensions, saved settings, etc.)

VirtualBrowser for Chrome comes in 2 editions.
Basic/Standard Product includes these standard features:
 - Fullscreen mode
 - Mouse mode lets you use 'hover'/mouse-over menus and features on websites
 - Right-click context-sensitive menu access
 - Mulit-tab and multi-window usage
 - Ctrl, Alt, Esc, Tab, and Arrow keys

*Premium edition adds these features:

                 Standard edition      Premium (in-App Purchase)
Chrome            ▶ Yes             ▶ Yes
Video Mode        Free Trial         ▶ Yes
Flash               Free Trial         ▶ Yes
Java                Free Trial         ▶ Yes Java applets, JAR, JNLP
Anonymous          ▶ all sessions      ▶ optional Chrome 'Incognito' mode
Save data           No                ▶ Yes
Secure VPN          No                ▶ Yes Premium connections are encrypted, and no browsing history or cache is ever stored on your device.

(data = history, tabs, bookmarks, all sync'ed data, etc.)

- Landscape mode only
- Performance depends on your distance from our data centers: USA Los Angeles, California, or Europe:Sofia,Bulgaria. The farther you are from these, the more latency/delay you may experience.

Questions? Contact us at

Chrome™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Customer Reviews

  • Good app but..

    by Ricarihh

    Wouldn't let me buy premium for some odd reason

  • great application

    by Lone$tar01

    Overall solid product with many useful features. Moreover many of the features provide some great uses for any typical user who browses many flash websites. In all good application with useful features.

  • Finally, Full chrome on iPhone!

    by Rfrantz559

    App speaks for itself, I'd give more then five stars if I could. Great job!

  • Cool app

    by Eric kay

    It's really a cool browser app to see flash website!Useful and powerful!

  • Really good!

    by ZiggoChyi

    Really good browser!

  • Good

    by xiaolianger

    I can browse flash on my device with this app. It is good.

  • VirtualBrowserForChrome...

    by Dmk1

    Nice design and added functionality greatly expands the use of the browser. Quite impressive.

  • Awesome

    by vrishphade

    This is wonderful app. Flash player and extensions works really well. Perfectly designed app. I like it.


    by E Mei

    I use this brower on iPad and also buy it on my iphone.Its really good app for me to see flash website.Its really cool and useful.

  • Basic version

    by wooddaver

    The advanced features are only on a trial basis, and require additional purchases to keep the only useful features.

  • As advertised, but...

    by Patchwork Ninja

    It does what it says, but does it do well? It could be better.

  • Good Virtual Browser

    by segafun1

    This app is a with Flash & Java browser. Although this is just a VirtualBrowser,but it should be enough to meet my needs. Recommend the use of this app on iPad.

  • A nice browser

    by cskobe

    This is a powerful browser, breaking Apple's IOS system

  • Great App

    by haruharujuku

    Browser is integrated really well! Seamless transitioning and video streaming! It is a must!

  • VirtualBrowser for Chrome

    by Dakus1

    Exciting advancement for iPhone. Beautiful design and really works. Highly recommended.

  • Good app, needs work. Excellent idea!

    by xsoccer09

    Finally! Here's an app that allows full java support for videos on the internet. It definitely helps whole surfing the web. Browser is a little slow and most websites give you the desktop version. I'd like to see a portrait style as well instead of it always being landscape.

  • Great

    by yangrong24

    This is an amazing app, simple design but very easy to use. Love it.

  • Very good app

    by Nicodiac

    This is a very good app in my opinion. You get a full browser with flash support and java. I can do things on my iPhone now that I couldn't do before. It's worth every penny.

  • Amazing

    by Robbie613

    I check my stocks on this as the site I use is java. This is great because it opens my chrome (with all my passwords ). I can't fault this app

  • Help a lot

    by Neio69

    Nice app.

  • Keyboard lag makes it unusable!

    by Zachary C.

    Ever since the last update, whenever I push any key on the keyboard, the entire app freezes for 2 seconds and then shows the input. If I push more than one key before it unfreezes, it never unfreezes. Not sure what is going on but I'm upset since I have paid for the upgraded version.

  • Runescape

    by Jardo420

    If u buying this for runescape and ur on ipod 4th gen dnt buy. I did jus for runing runescape it does run it but take like 5 min for it to walk where u click not playable. Give it a shot if u wanna chance it

  • Crash too often

    by kelvinawesome

    It seems to be a good app but it crashes far too much for me. Please fix it. I'm using iphone 5 ios7.

  • Fix it

    by G freaks

    It lags way too much

  • Runescape

    by Divine Warlord

    Needs improvement when it comes to clicking other than that it does what it's supposed to.

  • Pretty good

    by Cool 101.7

    This app is a little slow and has some bugs but otherwise it is a must have app

  • Not worth the money

    by Mynameisjames100

    This app alows you to use google add ons but it feels slow and it requires you to purchase a premium account to save settings and add ons. Dont waste your money!


    by YeahIKnowHerWhyWassup?

    This app is great for runescape!!!! It lags sometimes, but overall it is great! So, if you're buying this for Runescape, DO IT! Lol

  • This app is garbage.

    by Janimal10

    This review is honest. This app is awful. It does not work the way it is described and the format is not mobile.

  • Do not get this app

    by 736gferrf

    It runs way too slow to be of any use

  • Quality

    by Charles Carpenter

    Does what it says, java flash etc

  • Works AMAZING for Runescape

    by Dorrzun

    **TO ALL THOSE BUYING FOR RS****** 1. This app works great for skilling, afking tasks, etc. No premium required to run Runescape! 2. Little to no lag 3. Great to train woodcutting/agility (slow afkables) 4. AVOID Combat unless you've got a great connection or feel like risking for the biscuit. (East coast and practically no lag) 5. Definitely worth the money!

  • I love this app!!!

    by Keegisaboss

    This app actually works!!! You can play flash, Java, and more. I definitely recommend you get this app.

  • Waste

    by nwdy46

    I've never written a review, but this app is really poor. Don't waste your money

  • Beware

    by Ggj1669

    Unusable....once you buy upgrade it imprisons you in the upgrade prompt and won't let you get back to the app

  • Ego

    by Minedcrafrt


  • Terrible!

    by xoTarahLeigh

    I wish I could have previewed this app before I purchased it. The pop ups to upgrade are ridiculous and the picture quality is terrible. Not to mention the glitches! I WANT A REFUND!

  • No working


    No working


    by M T E550

    Can use. All adds. Constantly prompts for upgrades and to install other applications. Interface to small to use due to clutter with adds

  • Awesome

    by JaydenBeam

    Oh wait I have firefox browser

  • Good app

    by 9RoAdRuNNeR9

    A bit laggy but its fast loading as long as you have a good connection. Overall good app.

  • No good

    by Really13

    Not worth the money

  • Virtual Browser for Chrome

    by CptObvious21

    I love that I can use Runescape now! I don't like having to access JAG every time though...

  • Poor for iphone

    by Linda Lawson

    Not really very useful. Have to purchase premium version to save bookmarks or paste url into address bar.

  • Slow, but usable. MISSING:

    by Z...a

    The app is usable, and is fine but it is still missing some keys. Where is the control, escape, tab, f1 etc... Keys? It would be great if I could use this more than a browser, and also use this as a desktop. Right now this is just a browser with flash, and I can find most similar things on my iPhone without this app. To make this app special, you would need to add some extra things, and let people use the programs, download stuff and use it more. That would definitely bring more customers whom would want this app.

  • Slowwwwwwwwww

    by 's

    Wow... fake reviews much!? Do you know how long it would take to write this review on the virtual browser. Ohh about 1.5 to 2 seconds per character space. I tried using it for my aleks home work. Ridiculous. Yes, you can login into a java enabled website but its so tortuously slow its not worth it. Plus, it asks you to purchase an upgrade when it's obviously trying to rip you off. For shame.

  • Awful

    by Jm43ra

    This app is terrible. Extremely slow. Java did not work. Do not purchase

  • Alright

    by Jfjdjdndn

    It does let me play rs pretty good slight lag when bad reception but I do recommended except when it crashes got to fix that bug.

  • App

    by Andy_Jimenez15

    Good browser

  • Sucked

    by Kd1187


  • Works fine.

    by Dustin Moore

    Little slow but better than alwaysonpc for runescape.

  • Very slow

    by Garzamichael

    I want a refund. I bought this app to load a website, and it could not load it.

  • Not as good as I thought...


    I am not trying to be mean but this app is kind of a joke. At the beginning I thought it would be okay even though it had 3 star and below reviews so I downloaded it. It was a good app for me but then it kept saying wont connect to the server and I keep having to reset my account and it keeps deleting ALL of my data. This app is CRAP compared to an app that I found called iTeleport. It's not only a web browser, but also connects you to your whole computer for an easy 5$, and this app totaled out to be nine dollars with the extensions added. It doesn't work with 2 Mbps Internet or anything anymore. Like I said , I am not trying to be mean but like most other reviews say, this app stinks, laggy, no retina support. iTeleport uses vnc to hook up to your computer so it's ALWAYS nice and fast. It always works, even on 200 Kbps. Just so you know, apps with flash don't work very well ever, I am sorry to disappoint anyone who reads this, because this app does look like a good app at the beginning, until I spoil your thoughts. Sorry but in my opinion, if you want to surf the web with flash and java player on any mobile tablet or phone, I would suggest a computer controlling app, and don't even think about logmein, it practically has the same problems as this app has, except you have to have wifi that is 10 Mbps or over usually. I looked at all the computer viewing apps and vnc viewer didn't sound too bad either beside that it comes with the same features with iTeleport with double the price and then you have to download an account if you want to have features such as audio, printing, and good password protection. Desktop connect didn't sound bad except there were bad reviews and it was 3x the price of iTeleport. Please don't buy this app and spare your self 4.00$ so you can take 1 extra dollar to get the most awesome flash player and java app, iTeleport. Thanks for reading my long review!

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