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We've simplified the ACDoctor app making it easier to see savings and share with friends.

For those who liked the robust effiency calculator, don't worry, you'll still find it in "Expert Mode"

Also, now you can share you savings on Facebook.

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Heating and cooling account for 56% of the energy used in a typical home...56%!

So, if you want to be green, whether to save money or save the environment, upgarde to a high efficiency HVAC system!

The ACDoctor App shows the impact on your wallet and the planet when you upgrade to a high efficiency HVAC system:

* See your Financial Savings in reduced operating expenses and a simple payback period

* Feel good about your Environmental Savings in kWh saved, air pollution reduction, cars removed from the road, and acres of forest saved

* Easily connect with great HVAC Professionals in your neighborhood

* Boast about your savings via Twitter & email and influence friends to save $ and the planet

AC Doctor is backed by the largest distributor of HVAC products in the world, and we're proud to offer a tool to help consumers save money and save the environment at the same time. We'd love to hear your feedback at!

Customer Reviews

  • Great app!

    by Baralla

    It was unseasonably warm in NY this week, which got me thinking it was finally time to replace my old AC. This app was a huge help!! I can't wait to save money and help the environment by switching to a high efficiency AC system!

  • Big savings

    by RubiaSuperior

    Great app!! It was perfect as I was buying a new AC unit and wanted to save money and be efficient. Highly recommended if you also want to save the environment.

  • Great App

    by Hatteras36

    Great app. Thanks for the help finding a qualified HVAC contractor!

  • So hot it's cool

    by Asch77777777777

    This is amazing

  • I'm convinced

    by BanjanLady

    Our contractor was trying to convince us to go high efficiency, now I get why!

  • Coolest app on the web!

    by AS-PebbleBeachRoad

    Very helpful! Great app!

  • Unique app.

    by Edm24

    Quite innovative. Easily demonstrates the cost savings on upgrading my cooling system. Thanks

  • Excellent App!!

    by Dsimon49

    Nothing else like it! Extremely helpful

  • Cool ap

    by Jbones4445667775433578

    Cool ap

  • Saving $! Saving Trees!

    by ajthesaver

    I like the environment, I like my wallet…I like how this app shows me how to help both!

  • Eye opening

    by Jorge_Heat

    Great app...definitely made the decision to get a higher effiency A/C unit easier.

  • Immediately Helpful

    by cjeeeeasy

    Fantastic app, highly recommend.

  • Useful

    by Megatronico

    Great tool to compare the efficiency of AC equipment and calculate the savings of replacing a conventional unit by a high efficiency one.

  • Failed to see the usefulness of this App.

    by JPenning

    This app gives the user a total $ amt. saved in energy costs over a 14 yr. period. The criteria used to calculate this data? ...your zip code and the age of your a/c system. The goal of this app. is not to provide the end-user with any real usable information but to connect you w/ a dealer to sell you a new a/c system. Visit Energy Star's website to get useful advice and data on energy savings.

  • specalist

    by Superior Service of BA

    Do not trust this app , for every size range of home it says you can save the same amount of money . This is a fraudulent app, call a professional to get a real money saving quote.

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