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• Call quality improvements
• Bug fixes

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With Vonage Mobile®, you can place high-quality free calls, send free text messages, share photos and video chat with other Vonage Mobile users worldwide over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G.*

Free Video Calling and Video Messaging

Get great video call quality for face-to-face time with friends and loved ones with free video calling to other Vonage Mobile users worldwide.
Video calling is supported on iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, and 4 and requires iOS 6 or higher.

And now, if someone misses your phone call, or you just want to show someone they’re missed, you can leave a Video Message. Record a video in app to leave as a message or select a pre-recorded video from your phone. Videos are limited to 60 seconds.

International Calls

With Vonage Mobile you can make international calls to phone numbers worldwide at ultra-low calling rates.

On average, Vonage Mobile saves you 70% on calls to other countries when compared with other major mobile carriers, and costs 30% less than Skype™.**

Remember to use Vonage Mobile over Wi-Fi when traveling internationally to stay in touch for less. And, if you need to add calling credit at any time, it’s easy. Just buy in the app, directly from your iTunes account.

Find out what’s happening with Vonage Mobile:
• Learn more at http://www.vonagemobile.com
• Like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/vonage
• Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/vonage
• Need help? Visit http://vonagemobile.com/support


*Data rates may apply
**Based on per-minute rates to the top 50 countries called. Comparison reflects published rates of leading mobile carriers in markets representing the majority of iPhone users.
Pat. http://www.vonage.com/corporate/press_patents.php

Customer Reviews

  • Vontage

    by willandak

    So far it's been working great.

  • Great but no longer works with wifi. Only cell network

    by Consumer22

    The app it self is great and works great when using my cell phone providers 4G LTE network. However, when I connect using wifi I can no longer hear the person at the other end. That other person, however, can still here me! I have tried with multiple wifi connections and still run into the same problem. Is there a fix for this?

  • Liking it so far

    by Cenj2gether

    I am looking it compared to text me great and clear, no drop calls please keep up the good job.

  • Nice App

    by Vacherod

    Excellent App

  • Love It!!!!!!

    by Kristy2356

    Without vonage my phone bill will be through the roof.

  • Great app!!!

    by Naturalboi82

    Love it!!!!

  • Nice app

    by Verónica Ayala

    Very nice quality

  • Works great but can't do three way calling

    by Rukku529

    I love the service already and voice calling is great. One thing I'm noticing is that it's missing features that can't do on voice is three way calling and I talk with friends allot now via Vonage and there's not a feature for that yet.

  • high quality voice and video chat

    by yodakun

    It's been the best so far.

  • Excellent

    by Crctexas

    Easy to use. No issues. Very clear sound quality!

  • Best call quality

    by Ice2lite

    Better call quality than my cell phone service. However, there should be a way not to interrupt incoming cell calls.

  • Great call quality!!!

    by KieKieKen

    Was just so surprised by the quality of my call just now, it was clean n clear no feedback. Love this app!!!

  • Call crashes every time after 2.5 min

    by Ashavila

    For the past month every call I make repeats the conversation from the person on the other line. This always happens at about 2:30 into the conversation... How do I fix this??

  • Great app !!!

    by S claus

    Needed a cost effective way to call South America and it work out perfect. Has clear reception with about a second delay but otherwise I love it.

  • Excellent

    by 'Warami

    Excellent app. Good quality calls.

  • Parents

    by TexRPT

    I can call my parents anywhere! My father had a stroke and I didn't have to worry about getting to a phone to call UK as I could call directly from my cell anywhere. Made life so easy.

  • Best Application

    by Shambond007

    This is the top app..…awesome

  • Amazing clarity

    by Raman Singh Raipur

    Amazing clarity.

  • ..

    by Ko/20


  • Vonage

    by Quran guy

    Perfect in every aspect

  • Bad connections

    by Tmnnnnnnnc12344321

    Cheap rates, but sound quality is bad 98% of the times. You get what you pay for. All sort of weird things happen, like the conversation you had minutes before repeating itself.

  • Don't purchase any credits

    by saeed alhabwan

    This app is stealing my money I paid more than $20 for paid calls its all gone during ringing without connecting me with any person. Don't waste your money.

  • Vonge app

    by Hinarauf80

    Does not open please fix

  • Charged via iTunes but never receive credit

    by Suckmybalz

    Charged via iTunes but never received credit . A complete rip off


    by Asas050

    All I can hear is the echo and my voice being repeated back to me like a robot. I don't recommend this app at all. There are a lot of other apps way better than this one. This app needs a lot of improvements!

  • Poor connectivity

    by Dipak1225

    It works good sometimes but lately having issues with voice connection. I can hear myself and also voice breaks down. My family barely talks lately. I can understand their frustration too. Hope problem is resolved soon.

  • Poor quality

    by Appleji

    Poor call quality....I switched to fring... Only 1.5 € now and good quality

  • Poor service, excuses, unresolved

    by raniamir

    Poor quality, you get charged for calls that do not go through, poorest of customer services, canceling is not easy. Avoid if possible.

  • Round and Round

    by Sri Rahula

    The app stays intiating

  • Awesome app

    by Veebs19

    Awesome app

  • Best VOIP APP!!

    by Ohio Media Guru

    Call quality is perfect. I call South Africa from America often.... Rates and quality much better than Skype. Love Vonage!!!

  • Best VOIP APP!!

    by Ohio Media Guru

    Call quality is perfect. I call South Africa from America often.... Rates and quality much better than Skype. Love Vonage!!!

  • Fantastic

    by VeryHonestReviewer

    Simply the best phone App I have........and I have them all.

  • Vonage services

    by Frass box

    It's great I like it very much hope they keep up the gud work

  • Mixed feelings

    by Austinbaby21

    This app is amazing when it works. Lately, though, when I try to place a call to select favorite numbers, vonage tells me that "Lines are temporarily busy. " it has done this for days... Please address this issue, and it's 5stars again!

  • This call quality is awesome

    by VocoLight

    I haven't found an app that gives you the great quality calls as this one does. Five stars because you can use VoIP app phone numbers with vonage, because I like changing my phone numbers every 2weeks.

  • Intl Call

    by Fastastic2

    Good to have.

  • Simply the greatest ip phone app!

    by Avdengamer

    Awesome call quality and the calls are super cheap even if i call a cellphone on a foreign country!

  • mr

    by nurlmjb

    its so easy, economical & simple to handle, with smooth options

  • Dissapointed

    by Justin alaska

    So expensive to call Philippines skype is way cheaper for calling cell phones to Philippines

  • Use it everyday! Love it!

    by AG2010@PU

    I never use my phone anymore! Great app!

  • Great app. Must have.

    by Imbless79

    Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  • Better sound quality...

    by ToasterGeek

    than my cell or home phone, even on international calls. The only awkwardness is that Vonage calls get cut off by incoming cell calls, but I can't fault the app for that.

  • Vonage

    by LovDon

    I love it I even have it for my house phone!!!

  • Me encanta esta app

    by dannyypaola

    Es muy eficiente

  • Vonage

    by Suergro

    I love it ! It's the next big thing working of wifi

  • JCK

    by Amahoro

    This is better than magic jack. Greatest communication app ever!

  • Genial

    by Papatuloop

    Bueno fuera internacional gratis xD

  • Great app

    by Polodano

    Great call quality

  • GREAT APP!!!!

    by Ms Tinkabell

    Great app but wish I could text non Vonage users.

  • Fantastic App!!

    by jbp113

    Works with little or no issues.

  • Great call quality

    by Nahsang

    Call quality better than all the others

  • Amazing!

    by Bhushanmartinet

    Great app with excellent call quality!!

  • Great service

    by bear4u

    Awesome changes has come to vonage, now I don't have bad connections and drop calls. Thanks

  • Great for low cell signal situations

    by Macspert

    Excellent quality for calls. Good for quick calls when cell calls are unreliable, even when the wifi signal is mediocre.

  • 1 low call q

    by MataTanga

    Before excelent app. Now run out my credit w/o connection and the other party no hear me at all (wifi) or i dont hear them. Horrible call quality, before it was the best call q ever. No recomend it for now. I hope vonage fix this app issue.

  • Problem with version 2.4.1

    by deepsankalp4

    It was working great until I updated it with version 2.4.1. I am able to make vonage to vonage calls without any problem. But when I try to call on cellphones and landlines, I do not hear any sound. Although the call get connects and other side is able to hear well, but no voice at my side( not even phone ringing sound). I am using iphone 5s with ios 7.0.4

  • Long distance

    by Nod702

    So far I would have to say this is a great just as long I don't get a double bill. It's a great app if you have to call long distance often. The only issue is it drops after 10 minutes

  • Works perfect

    by Dcastro1243535

    No issues on 4S. Buying credits can't be any easier. No issues calling 7 different countries in South America.

  • Problem: Does not work anymore after update

    by Usrid0

    Love the app but after I updated to 2.4.1 the audio stopped working, even with blue tooth or speaker mode. I can call out, the recipient can hear me but I cannot hear the reciever. I have tried removing and reinstalling but still does not work. I am using ios 7.0.3

  • International Caller

    by Tagged power user

    Slight echo but a great app for easy and cheap calling from my cell phone

  • Awesome

    by Sanket Shah

    Saves my family lots of minutes

  • One of the top 5

    by ReadingTheQuran

    Very nice app. Please get it. Only downside is no SMS

  • Great!

    by Plastic Pen

    Works great and is more reliable then using Skype for international calls. Also the in-app credit purchase is very convenient!

  • Great App!

    by Jkpenner4

    Great App! Love using it!

  • OK

    by {ihasCupquake}

    OK because it wont even let me go in the app since the new update! WHICH PISSES ME OFF!

  • Awesome app

    by SantyC

    Very easy and simple app.

  • Fixed excellent

    by CharlesW

    Took a bit but update for iPhone 4 restored functions. Most used app on my iPhone excellent call quality.

  • Stopped working

    by Dodee214

    It won't launch. Deleted it & reinstalled it several times but still refuses to launch.

  • problem

    by Ziompe

    after you send us "the kids want to talk to santa "message the app does not open at all and it keeps crashing please fix it thank you

  • VPN

    by Ansari mother

    Awesome App

  • Anwar

    by I like it1981

    It's Aight

  • Fantastic App

    by vincehjr

    I Love Vonage Mobile. Works Great and saves money too. I use it in order to not go over my monthly anytime minutes. Thanks Vonage Mobile. Vince H.

  • Rate

    by Lady'Diva.... Bong!

    It freezes here and there but over all I love this app

  • Excellent App

    by Abule Dergu

    Super quality

  • 1.64 to India

    by Madhavitemple

    Wow! Incredible!! Nice ui! Waiting for offnet texting!

  • (;

    by Sitol18


  • Works great on iPod 4th gen.

    by Dave332

    I have used this for several months from hotels. Some places had slow Internet, but most of the time this works great for calling home. I'm satisfied!

  • Very happy

    by Croatian33

    With the App and the service while traveling around the Planet

  • Phone: IPhone 5s

    by SeanShaffer

    Has lots of bugs when I go into contacts it says syncing contacts and it just keep saying syncing contacts = BROKEN!

  • Make it cost-effective

    by Tatanve

    India calling from USA costs 2.4 cents per minute on your service. In between it was pulled down to 1.6 cents (good enough) but it is back up now. Competitors (KeepCalling etc.) are offering cheaper calls at 1.3 cents per minute?!?

  • It works with text now5

    by Amberbambipuckett

    I use apps to talk to family and friends and this works great.

  • Best Application

    by Shambond007

    This is the top app..…

  • Great App!

    by PGUNZ

    This app is great and is saving me a lot of money on long distance! Can't thank you enough Vonage! An app that does what is intended to do. The only major drawback is the fact that if you get an incoming call to your phone it automatically places the Vonage call on hold. I use it for business so it's really bothersome.

  • bug in credit purchase on iphone 5s

    by parbhi

    app in credit pruchase does not work on iphone 5s :(

  • Does not work with iPad

    by Marsha S Jamaica

    Please fix the APP so that it works with IPAD keep getting a message saying that I do not have any credit to make call

  • Bad connections

    by Tmnnnnnnnc12344321

    Cheap rates, but sound quality is bad 98% of the times. You get what you pay for. All sort of weird things happen, like the conversation you had minutes before repeating itself.

  • Excellent

    by KUnnumpurathu

    I just rely on vonage like my cell connection...

  • None

    by Cuteaspikachu

    Great app... Great reception.

  • Review! Don't get it!!!

    by Cahapato

    My family in Brazil could never hear what I was saying, this lasted a whole year! Do not recommend it!!!!

  • Excellent!

    by Papa Mbaye


  • International Calling = Irritating bugs

    by Yung_Executive

    Used this particular app for international calling primarily because the rates were slightly cheaper than others. But as the old adage goes "you get what you pay for." Multiple dropped calls, erroneous busy tones, and the app telling me I have no credits left when I did. Good app, just too buggy at this point.

  • Nice!!

    by Larnell Owens

    Excellent I love this App!!!


    by HEMAN 1520

    THE TRUE, REACH-OUT AND TOUCH SOME ONE. GREAT APP after the new update its been crashing . They want us to pay for the service

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