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All new design and layout!
Share shelter addresses with friends and family.
In-App News Feed.
Significant back end improvements.

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Shelter data reflects all disaster shelters across the United States. Information is updated at least daily, and more often during disasters, including location, capacity, current number of shelter residents, and the date and time of the last update for each activated shelter.

Shelters are only displayed if they are active and open. Shelter managers open and close shelters as appropriate to local needs and the information is updated from every active shelter at least once a day.

The application maps locations and shelter details across the United States. Zoom in to the local area. View shelter details: the agency managing the shelter, capacity of the shelter and current population, the associated disaster event, the specific shelter address and location and driving directions from your location.

View open shelters by state, jump to the latest disaster information via the Disaster Online Newsroom, and donate to help the American Red Cross respond to those in need.

The application uses data about open shelters from the American Red Cross National Shelter System (NSS). The NSS contains information about more than 60,000 potential disaster facilities and is used to track and report on shelter information during disasters.

The NSS enables emergency managers and disaster relief workers to identify relevant information for all shelters in use and to develop effective response strategies before disasters strike.

This application was contributed to the American Red Cross by VisionLink® in Boulder, CO, providing enterprise software (CommunityOS™) for multi-agency client and case management, community resource management and referral, and disaster relief solutions. VisionLink operates the National Shelter System for the American Red Cross.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app!

    by Dual Halo

    Amazing app! I have family and friends across the entire country so when I see a storm coming I can alert them as to which shelters to go to if the need arises!

  • No stars

    by Rviator

    It used to work. The latest update is stuck on my iPhone "waiting". It's grated out so it won't open and can't be deleted. All I can do is wait for another update to see if it will be fixed. Update: ok app/download fixed itself. Added a fee stars

  • Great Update

    by Lee Salminen

    The new app update is great! Much smoother than the old one.

  • People are idiots

    by Drfp

    The map shows current open red cross shelters, its updated hourly so to give it one star because it shows one shelter like today is stupid. Please be intelligent to know how to use an app before rating it! Could be a great resource

  • Floods

    by Beadcat21

    Please make a flood app.

  • Useful App

    by SlowSpin

    Nice interactive map and comprehensive listing of open shelters across the US.

  • love it

    by ¡Freddy!

    this is really handy!!!!!!

  • Great

    by User53892505

    Worked fine for me in SoCal.

  • Very helpful...

    by Jackodlj

    Has been wonderful and so helpful at a time like this! I could get locations of shelters quick! I found just what I needed! It also brought me straight to the current news. Great app!

  • Awesome!

    by Chef Tommy

    This brings the Red Cross up to date with state of the art communications. Great job!

  • Great Source of Info For Volunteers

    by Roydiver

    As a Red Cross disaster volunteer I look forward to this easily accessed info this summer. Just wish the sites set up by national Red Cross to keep disaster volunteers informed were as easy to access.

  • Shelter View

    by D. Hill

    This is a good app for those who may be facing hard times or when disaster strikes. It goes a long way to providing people with information so they don't have to go searching for.

  • N/A

    by Sable6471

    Would REALLY be better if it allowed one to use the Google map function to provide directions to the shelters. Even being able to just cut & paste the address would be an improvement, but it is a free app, just needs tweaking a bit to make it more user friendly.

  • Awesome

    by App Man123

    This helped me during hurricane irene!

  • Awesome app!

    by Confusedturtle

    What a cool app. Tells you which shelters are open & puts them on google maps to help you find them. I wish it listed whether or not they were medical or pet friendly but still an awesome app!

  • We need this! Thank you

    by Kikigilb

    I agree with the last poster. Thank goodness for this app. I just heard about this from the President of The American Red Cross. I also heard something about being able to text to donate. Check on that. Everyone be safe! Great app!

  • Awesome

    by Newgirl01

    Thank goodness for this app. Up here in Philadelphia we are getting ready for Hurricane Irene to come right over us and this app will help so much if we have to leave our home.

  • Excellent App

    by Javier rover

    This is an exceptional App - I literally use it every day. Keep up the good work. My only critique is that sometimes the information about the shelters is unclear such as the numbers and the reason for the emergency. Nevertheless, even when it's bad it's good.

  • Good call.

    by Jason Abou-Samra

    This app is simple yet functional. It provides crucial emergency response information for the entire United States. It's a great thing to have even though I do not need an emergency shelter today. But if some crazy natural disaster happens on my street and my iPhone is full of juice, at least I will know which YMCA to go to. Thank you Red Cross.

  • Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes!

    by Brian93063

    You only need to know 4 things about this app: Yes, it's official; Yes, it's free; Yes, it's good, and Yes, you need to install it on your phone *now* (before disaster strikes!)

  • Nonsense

    by ace apertura

    Shows only 5 shelters in all of the US. That's pointless.

  • Not ready for release

    by Yesterdad

    So in a disaster I should go to West Virginia?

  • Crashes...

    by bck17

    Won't go past set up screens without crashing.

  • Not Helpful

    by Rnbsn2

    I saw a commercial regarding This app and thought it would be very helpful and life saving So I downloaded and launched this app on my new IPhone. However, the State of Mississippi shows up with only 1 shelter no matter which State you choose to access Not helpful.

  • Don't Depend On This App!!!

    by Astronomy Buff

    This app represents a great idea, too bad it doesn't work! I'm using a third generation iPad and iOS 5.1.1 (latest version at this writing). The app downloaded and installed without difficulty, but when I attempt to launch it, it displays a message that says "Loading Shelters" and then goes into an endless loop! Publishing a bad app is always poor form, but in this case it goes far beyond that. ARC has put their name on it and their reputation behind it. Many people will download it and not test it until the time of need. When it fails to launch... ARC deserves the strongest condemnation for failing to adequately test their app and for potentially putting the public at risk. They should pull it from the App Store immediately and get it right before publishing it again. Don't waste time downloading it until they publish a new version, and even then be sure to test it thoroughly on your device before you depend on it.

  • Data needs to be current!

    by akpenney65

    Shelters listed in LA were from 2008 for Gustav & Ike. This would be a great tool but the information needs to be current. Correct information in time of disaster is crucial!!!


    by lkth93

    This app needs to be more functional and interactive so that people have the ability to donate to different causes, disasters, and charities. This app also needs to list local, state, country, and international volunteer jobs! It would have been nice to have been able to find out fast and easy, as to how one can donate their time and/or money to the tornado victims or the tsunami victims in Japan and elsewhere, and many, many other opportunities to help and give!!! Isn't that part of what people should expect from this app!!! App definitely needs some improvement Add these features and abilities for 5 stars

  • Red Cross exec.

    by SusanAPAT

    This app will put great, useful information in the hands of the public during times of disaster!

  • Help is Here

    by Gateway144

    During a disaster, apps will be the way people obtain information about shelter, food, and emergency assistance. This one helps you quickly find a safe place to stay if you need it. Great job, Red Cross. Give us more!

  • Great App for disaster folks!

    by Crayplay

    If you are responding to disasters or just need to find a Red Cross shelter, get this free app. It's great.

  • Amazing!!

    by skaic1

    Amazing FIRST Red Cross app for the country.

  • Nice

    by Power890

    Surely it will be nice it is of red cross!!!

  • Finally!

    by 55667123

    Very cool great

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