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All carrier maps completely refreshed and updated for the entire USA. AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all continue to turn on new LTE markets, while Verizon seems to be slowing down.

We continue to manually mark T-Mobile LTE markets with a purple star, as their own maps don't visually make a distinction between 3G/HSPA+/LTE at regional zoom levels.

4G Finder has also been optimized for the new 64-bit A7 processors found in the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and Retina iPad Mini.

As usual, your reviews in the App Store and telling your friends about the Coverage? line of apps (including 4G Finder & LTE Finder) help us reach new customers. These free & frequent map updates are entirely funded by new sales of the full version of this app - Coverage?. We greatly appreciate your support & enthusiasm!

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'4G Finder' is a special free 4G-only version of our hit app 'Coverage?' intended to provide travelers with a powerful tool for tracking down the nearest fastest bandwidth.

'4G Finder' provides an at-a-glance, "universal", area overview, cellular 4G coverage map by interactively overlaying the major USA cellular providers. 4G is defined by whatever the carrier is calling 4G and can include LTE, HSPA+ and WiMax. For AT&T, their LTE network is displayed as a slightly darker blue than their HSPA+ network.

'4G Finder' focuses on helping bandwidth junkies know where they might be able to get their next hit, no matter what network (or combination of networks) they use.

** Know before you go: Avoid having to check each provider's coverage map individually to know where you're most likely able to keep connected in your travels.

** No internet needed: All coverage maps are stored locally, so you can check where coverage is most likely even when you have none.

Like 4G Finder and want all the coverage types and more frequent updates? Get our full app, Coverage? - It includes layers for LTE, 4G, 3G, 2G and roaming of all major carriers, and has additional features including search ability.


Q: Why aren't the maps more detailed?
A: We can only include so much map detail in an app small enough to be downloaded wirelessly!

Q: What makes '4G Finder' unique?
A: There is no other tool out there that allows you to overlay coverage maps from all the major carriers. We have done the labor intensive work to create aligned, standardized interpretations of each carrier's reported coverage. For travelers who have devices on multiple networks who need to stay connected as they roam, this information is essential. Unlike checking individual carrier websites, 4G Finder is fast and easy, and it works even when you have a slow connection, or none at all.


Note that the maps in 4G Finder are our own proprietary interpretations of the coverage reported by each carrier. You should not rely on the maps in 4G Finder to be perfectly precise or comprehensively up to date, though we intend to periodically update them. (We do keep the full Coverage? app updated more often).

We can of course make no promises as to where you'll *actually* get signal. The goal of 4G Finder is to give you an indication of where you're most likely to catch a wave, not provide neighborhood level precision.

So… Got Coverage?


The last major update to the '4G Finder' maps:
November 20, 2013

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by Camtwan wilkensen

    4g coverage is the same as LTE, except t-mobile

  • 4G Finder


    Having 2 iPhone 5's at all times require me to be knowledgable as to where I will have the very best communications with my coworkers. I have made it mandatory for ALL of my employees to have this app. My son is getting married in August, and we have included the name if this app, and where to get it as everyone in the wedding party must know if the will have use of their phones or just be left out of everything that is going on. Many of the wedding party already know (including myself!) that phone services will be little to NONE all around the wedding site, & the Entire City where the wedding & reception will be held. I. Was able to contact 3 different carriers regarding this matter, and 2 of them are setting up temporary cell towers for the 300+ people that will be using them in this remote are. (For the time we will be there.) Later, permanent towers may be placed to accommodate future cell phone users. Dr.'s Recor & Recor, Orange County

  • Best

    by Mannavb

    Nice app...Great work by the developer.

  • This app is alsome

    by Bxguy8523


  • F

    by Mjc bro


  • OK

    by Josh Joshua

    Could be a little less expensive but it does the job.

  • Does as it says

    by Mark Snider

    As someone who travels all the time this app accurately tells where I will and won't have 4g coverage with Verizon. Good tool to have

  • Mc star

    by Alfredo el romantico


  • Is it up to date

    by Tb34820

    How up to date is this app. AT&T map on there web site looks different then this map (4G) in Ohio.

  • great app

    by Fadi r tami

    does what it says

  • Ok app

    by Theawesomeguywithcheese

    I like it but it favors version and isn't actstreamly accurate

  • ??

    by Bblablablablablablabla

    Does it work for itouch 2nd and 3rd generation?

  • It's awesome but...

    by 100cool


  • How does it work?

    by FeedbackNJ

    I saw one review saying it worked well. I don't understand.

  • 4G!!

    by Waffle9000

    Yaaaay now I have 4g for my iPod touch!

  • ...

    by Punkin91

    I don't really understand this, may someone explain please

  • Useful

    by iliketurtlesbro

    It's nice to compare carriers side by side

  • Meh

    by YayMaKay

    It's ok but they really need to update the maps!!!!!!!!! It very useless without that. The Omming feature is helpful, and they should make it so you can see more types of coverage than just 4g. An update is a must!

  • It's ok.....

    by Six Gun Todd

    Not a bad app....but definitely needs to update 4g areas more quickly since many in my area are not noted on the application.

  • 4G Finder

    by DavyD0g

    This app only leads you to the pay app. It did not provide information about LTE like it said it would.

  • No LTE

    by Uranus03

    You need to pay to see LTE. Who cares about WiMax anyways since its basically just the same as 3G but doesn't always work...

  • Auto deleted

    by Jbud124

    This app requires a purchase to view LTE coverage trash app

  • Garbage

    by Sleepy aka G.Baby

    Sh!!!t is GARBaGe dude!!!!

  • App has become useless

    by jhpavdv7t9800

    In previous versions of the app, users had the option of accessing other coverage map layers besides "4G". However, especially in this newest revision, it is impossible to access anything other than the 4G map (and makes it well known and with an annoying popup rather than not displaying the buttons selecting the other layers at the bottom of the app).

  • Mostly useless.

    by NCaito

    Pressing almost any button nags you to buy the full version. This free version doesn't have anywhere close to accurate maps. It uses the term "4G" very loosely. Places that I know have barely EDGE coverage supposedly have "4G", according to this app.

  • Not good

    by Am3r1ca16

    Want you to pay to have access to everything. You can use 4G for free.

  • Deceiving

    by CarterMarkham

    Can't use to find LTE.

  • Feeder app for others

    by gh_42

    The ads and upgrade prompts make the map difficult to use. It's of limited utility but is better than nothing I guess. Better data is available on carrier websites for free.

  • WHY!!!

    by dgsdrhdf,udikdethj

    Where's my town Tewksbury Massachusetts said on the Internet that AT&T added 4g lte and the update doesn't show it

  • Whats the point

    by Mickelsterafghj

    Whats the point, iPhone doesnt even get 4G or LTE

  • Not as advertised

    by Lizardninjacrickel99

    Not as well as it seams it would be

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