TabletFMC Utilities App Review (iOS, $19.99)

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  • Publisher: TOT
  • Updated: Feb, 02 2013
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 26.94 MB

Languages: English

Seller: TOT

Supported new resolution mode.
- Fixed Screen
- Full Screen

Network connect bugs are fixed.

Change UI design.

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TabletFMC transforms your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad into a wireless FMC. FMC function of 'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004' and 'Microsoft Flight Simulator X' can be simulated on the computer with TabletFMC server.

* Supports iPhone / iPod touch / iPad (We recommend to use iPad for smooth progress).
* Automatically recognize version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aircraft manufacturer, and Aircraft model
* Easy to use

* TabletFMC requires and only work with 'Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004' or 'Microsoft Flight Simulator X'.
* TabletFMC requires TabletFMC Server that can be downloaded from website for free.
* TabletFMC Server requires FSUIPC installed.
* TabletFMC works in window mode only.
* TabletFMC and TabletFMC Server must be on same bandwidth and only support WiFi.
* If TabletFMC can't find TabletFMC Server, please check the firewall of your Windows, antivirus program and the rules of use.
* If TabletFMC still can't find the TabletFMC Server, please put the IP manually.
* If you see "Please open the FMC window" message, TabletFMC Server and TabletFMC are successfully connected..
* In order to communicate between TabletFMC Server and Flight Simulator, FMC window must be undocked from window so FMC window can be clickable. After that, select the airplane type on the TabletFMC Server window and then, it'll automatically connect to the TabletFMC.
# Undock Window: Click the right mouse button on the FMC window and select the Undock Window menu.
* Depending on the performance of wireless network server's response rate can be varied.
* Supported Aircraft models are shown below:

- Boeing - PMDG : 737, 747 (FS2004, FSX)
- Level-D Simulations : Boeing 767 (FS2004, FSX)
- McDonnell Douglas - PMDG : MD-11 (FS2004, FSX)
- feelThere/Wilco Airbus Series Vol1 / 2 : A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 (FS2004, FSX)
- iFly Developer Team : Boeing 737 (FS2004, FSX)
- Boeing - feelthere/Wilco : 737 (FS2004, FSX)
- Flight One Software : ATR 72 (FS2004, FSX)
- Boeing - QWSim : 757, C-32A (FS2004)
- Boeing - PSS : 777 (FS2004)
- Airbus - PSS : A319, A320, A321, A330, A340 (FS2004)
- Fokker - Digital Aviation : F-100, F-70, F-70CT (FS2004)
- Captain Sim : Boeing 757 (FS2004, FSX)

Customer Reviews

  • Works as advertised.

    by Daveinca2000

    If you are not a fan of trying to click the FMC within FSX then this utility is a must have. It also works with P3D if you choose the FSX in the server companion utility. I would like to see the following improvements: * Ability to run two FMCs at the same time. * A more user-friendly setup such as moving the configuration from the server to the client. Also eliminate the need to close and restart TabletFMC app when you close and open the FMC in FSX. * Future expansion to display other instruments/windows. This is the only app (that I have found) that allows touch input without refresh problems.

  • dont buy this crap

    by this is crap bigtime

    rip off laggy remote desktop that doesn't even work. i only get a black screen in the iPad; i can here it clicking and the mouse moves on my computer but nothing shows up on the iPad. i am also getting spam emails after registering for the mandatory software you have to install to start a server to connect. biggest waste of money ever. you will regret it don't buy it. it also never mentions you have to leave the windowed fms open on you computer which defeats the purpose of having this program because now the stupid fms window is in the way.

  • Simple,ugly and expensive

    by Crusadernoremorse

    It is the most ugly app which I met. He just share the window a screen on the iPad. No art work, nothing inside. You have to run the FS in windowed mode but full screen. Horrible app!

  • Great for about 30 seconds...

    by reptile2001

    "Installation" of the server was simple, it's simply a .exe to be run in the background. I'm not a fan of running FSX in windowed mode, but I guess I can somewhat understand why it needs to be done. Although being forced to have the CDU up on the screen sort of defeats the purpose of having it on the iPad. The biggest issue? The CDU screen on the iPad would quit refreshing after about 30 seconds. Hitting any buttons on the iPad CDU would register in FSX, but not on the iPad. The only resolution I found was to mouse over to and click on the CDU in FSX to refresh the iPad. Since this happened about every 30 seconds, it made the app completely useless. If I'm going to be mousing over the CDU in FSX anyway, why do I need this $20 app that only sort of works? I'm pretty disappointed with this. I really wanted to like it and had my hopes up...but the cost and the fact that it's rather redundant and useless really makes me want my my money back... Go with Air Display or something similar if you want a CDU on your tablet.

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