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***** LIMITED TIME SALE (Regular price USD$4.99)
***** Remote control your computers using iPhone
***** Over 15 million users are enjoying Splashtop apps!

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Splashtop Touchpad:
* Turn your iPhone/iPod into a wireless touchpad and keyboard for your PC or Mac!

* Home: Use your iPhone/iPod to play Hulu and other media players on your PC / MAC connected to your TV!

* Business: Use your iPhone/iPod to control Powerpoint slides on your PC / MAC conntected to a projector!

Do everything that you could with a real keyboard or mouse, including:
- key combinations
- special keys
- left and right mouse buttons
- scrolling controls

This app is super easy to use!

* Application finds your computer automatically with minimal setup.

* Works over Wi-Fi using award-winning Splashtop Remote technology - no line-of-sight required!

* Supports multi-touch gestures, such as 2-finger scrolling.

* Supports all versions of Windows 7, Vista, and XP, including Home Premium.

* Supports Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users).

* Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch (3rd generation and later).

Customer Reviews

  • It does the job really, really good!

    by Phill Cunha

    I downloaded this app because I just upgraded my computer to windows 8.1 pro, it works really well with it.

  • Good

    by memavart

  • Being lazy has never been easier!

    by M-m-m-megan!

    Now I can lay in bed and watch Netflix all day!

  • Idk how to use

    by Rjgomez_6

    This sounds like a very useful app but i donk know how to use it. My computer will not pop up. If anyone knows how to use plz tell me.

  • Great functionality

    by ShickNea

    Point and click. Pretty simple yet incredibly useful.

  • I love this app but

    by Cie boogie

    I just it was updated to look more like ios7 because I use an iphone 5 and it doesn't even use the full screen

  • Needs

    by Bjossie

    This app is fantastic, now all it needs in the keyboard section is a calculator-style-layout number pad to be used alongside a laptop keyboard. That would be phenomenal!

  • Great for teachers

    by Kakahrot

    I'm a high school mathematics teacher and this is awesome to fully control my PC and be mobile in the classroom. While continuing the PP or online tutorial. Would have got 5 stars but it can be a bit buggy. Otherwise 90% of time great!

  • Perfect A+

    by Azura33

    No problems at all. This app performs exactly as described and has made my life just a little easier. Thank you Splashtop!

  • Turn phone into wireless mouse

    by Bnice2me

    Love it!! Don't have to keep getting up to control laptop when watching movies from it on tv.

  • Great app. Just needs to be updated to iOS7 so it fits the screen size and uses iOS7 keyboard.

    by DDerekDunbar

    Hope it gets updated soon. Will revise rating.

  • Good

    by Al'Sharpyton

    Crashes when u switch apps

  • Good for computer connected to TV

    by Saurabh Parkhi

    I used this app to control my computer from my couch, the computer being connected to TV. Works very well. I noticed that the computer does not need to be connected to the WiFi network in order for this app to work, it can be connected via Ethernet cable to the WiFi router.

  • Great app

    by naif.111

    Easy to use too!

  • wonderful app

    by MeiLi777

    my iphone is my remote control ..

  • مني انا

    by ايسر الحيالي

    برنامج فول جيد وممتاز

  • The best

    by rosscjr

    still My favorite keyboard app

  • Awesome!

    by Skate1031

    I've tried some like this, but they definitely can't compare. Awesome stability, compatible with the already installed splash top streamer on my PC, and outstanding response. No lag, and great UI. Simplicity done right. Thanks developers!

  • Excellent app

    by Kamandoo

    No need to buy extra handy keyboard or mouse This app does job in an excellent manner Its highly recommended

  • Great app!!!

    by Urgonnaha8me

    Just what I was looking for now I don't have to get out of bed and walk over to my desktop. Just click click while still laying down. Love it 5 stars!!!

  • Outdated & limited usability

    by Johnny5k

    I thought I could use this like the Apple Trackpad. I was very disappointed. It's not updated for the 4" screen of the iPhone 5, 5S or 5C so you can't even use the whole screen. And it doesn't understand any multitouch gestures, so no pinch to zoom or swipe 4 fingers to switch desktops, which is the whole reason I wanted it.

  • iPhone as my new mouse!!

    by Tinat2010

    iPhone= remote mouse!!!

  • Turn my iPhone into mouse

    by Julianlxx

    Very cool app... My iPhone is my mouse...

  • Please fix!

    by JamesL22

    I used this app as a remote for my htpc and now it keeps crashing with iOS 7. Please fix!

  • Really good! (Needs iOS7 fix)

    by xxDieNxx

    I really can't complain with this version, this is a really handful app, seems to work perfectly with any PC. The only flaw I've seen, app crashes when switching to keyboard since I updated to iOS7. Please fix it D: Great Job

  • Computer

    by Monker1234567890

    I don't have a computer. so I want this to connect to my tv.

  • Needs Work

    by Hedwig595

    It looks very sleek, but lags when starting and doesn't have a keyboard (or at least it doesn't pop up) that I can use when I want to fill in text on the screen.

  • Needs an update

    by MufasaAM

    It needs to updated to support iOS devices with 4 inch screens. Also can't use keyboard.

  • Pretty good but one thing

    by J.M.Hwang

    This tool is really useful when my wireless mouse runs out of energy. But there's only one thing, the most important thing I can't stand: it hasn't been optimized for iPhone 5's 4-inch screen and it looks bad on iPhone 5!!! Wait for upgrades!

  • Really need to update for iPhone 5

    by TimPham

    This would be 5 stars if only they would update the software to support the iPhone 5. As is there are black bars above and below which is kind of annoying.

  • Works, but not compatible with Splashtop 2

    by Salsander

    This is an awesome remote keyboard and works great when using on a TV, however it would be nice if I could use this while using splashtop 2 on my ipad. It would be nice to have a mouse for that app

  • Frequent crashes

    by Morgan Iverson

    The app is great but the last time I used it it crashed twice and I just stopped using it. Still a great app just would like an update.

  • Just need one more step

    by Ooiool

    It would be a five star if there is a way to enable natural scroll in the settings

  • No settings

    by Monib410

    Cant disable "tap to select" or disable the buttons. The redundancy only serves to reduce usable space. Tap to select causes selections to be made involuntarily, which is why no laptop touchpad comes without the ability to disable it. Also, click speed adjustment would help but is also not present. The app works, but is too difficult to use as is.

  • Works well, but crashes a lot.

    by Scaly Man-Fish

    See above.

  • Really awesome, but can be laggy

    by leemahi

    Sometimes, it is kind of lagging. Also, I hate I have to put in an 8 character pass code every flipping time. Fail!!! It's a very good app very good thank you. Edit: I just found the option to put in the pass code on the touchpad app. Nvm!! No password every time needed! Could have made that option a little more clear!

  • Good but could be better

    by urbanr_cker

    Doesn't run in background so if you switch out of the app you have to reconnect which is a hassle but not a deal breaker. I connect my laptop to my TV/stereo via HDMI and this saved me the trouble of having to get up to change the song or tinker with Netflix every few minutes. It's only crashed on me once so far in the several months of on and off usage so I can't say I've had that problem like others have mentioned. All in all it does the job it says it will.

  • Crash! Crash

    by Guru834

    Crashes all the time. Keyboard doesn't pop up

  • Excellent

    by Fastnooobservice

    App works great besides the occasional bugging . The touchpad is very easy to use and set up.

  • Possibly a bait to sell other products

    by Jeffjeffjeff

    No instructions at all. There's no evidence this app does anything. I've tried to connect to several computers via wifi, but the app appears to do nothing. Online searches only lead to sales pitches for other seductive concepts that may not actually work (but, of course, cost more).

  • BEST APP EVER, but could be better if.

    by Btechnosmith

    Great app I use it every day but could be better if it had a gamepad function like Splashtop 2 and maybe a audio in and out for people that use a headphone mic .

  • Worthless and crashes all the time v

    by Alexander Paulin

    Don't waste your time. This app crashes all the time right after connecting to the computer. Not reliable. Worthless.

  • Works great

    by streamanic2012

    You must download and install the streamer to your desktop, and then use app. Works flawlessly over my home wifi.

  • Meh

    by anteojosrosa

    I just want a trackpad I can pair with my computer. No idea how this thing is supposed to link to my desktop, and the app offers no help. Couldn't find any support online either. Lame.

  • Please update this!

    by jvbo

    Needs update, doesnt work flawlessly

  • Crashes way too much

    by Pzykojozh

    It's a handy app, but it's pretty infuriating how often crashes.

  • Best PC/HTPC remote!

    by iwantmymtv2010

    Have had nothing but positive results with this remote. Very responsive and reliable. I haven't experienced any crashing issues or haven't had the app close on its own as others have stated. Connects with ease and has a host of controls that are easy to find. The touch pad has a great multitouch interface and can switch over to keyboard mode quickly.

  • Not very good

    by Zatchillac

    It's ok, but needs 4" support and also needs to stop randomly closing. I'll look down at my iPod and notice the app has closed and I'm back on my homescreen. Pretty stupid, really.

  • Amazing

    by Jdug457

    This works flawlessly. And it is free. You should definitely get it. I would like it to be updated for the bigger screen though.

  • Update needed!

    by castleemily

    It's a cool app but It would be better to have inverted scrolling like I have set on my Mac, and the whole things a little lagging in quickness also. And have it full screen also, and getting rid of the shift, and other button at the top of the app would be nice, because sometimes I accidentally hit them and every time I try to click a menu pops up and it's annoying. If anything it needs to be more responsive..

  • Works 1 out of 3 times

    by Stephen Estrada

    The first time I open it, it connects with my MBP flawlessly, so I start up a movie, and close the app. If I ever need to pause, I'll open the app, and the mouse tracking is WAY SLOW and doesn't click. So I restart the app, now the tracking is WAY FAST and doesn't click. Then, by the third time, it's fine again, but of course that's after the awkward sex scene that my parents already walked in on. Every now and then it will just not connect at all, I suppose it depends on its mood. Just something to be aware of. I haven't read any review about this problem, but I'm not sure how many people are using it with my exact setup, or what is causing the problem. I have the 3GS and a 2008 MBP.

  • Perfect, except...

    by Cperrywv

    Please update for iPhone 5.

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