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Celebrate Splashtop reaching 15M users!
Limited Time Sales (regularly priced at $9.99 USD.)

Over 15 million users are enjoying Splashtop apps today, and you should too!

** #1 iPhone business app in 30+ countries!
** #1 iPad business app in 60+ countries!
** #1 MAC business app in 40+ countries!
** Top Android, WebOS, and Windows app!

Your PC or MAC in your Pocket!!
Go everywhere with your iPhone/iPod and have full access to your PC or MAC.

This is the ONLY remote desktop app that streams smooth, high-res video and audio from your PC or Mac, allowing you to interact with your PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, and other applications. Access your PC or MAC programs, games, multimedia content, and files over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks. Go everywhere with just your iPhone without having to carry your computer!

* Access your PowerPoint and Keynote with full animations and sound

* Access Microsoft Outlook with folders and archives

* Access your Excel and Word applications with 100% compatibility

* Watch Flash videos (Hulu, AOL Video, Yahoo Video, etc.), DVDs, Media Center

* Listen to music in any format on your computer (WMV, Real, WMA, MP3, AAC, etc.)

* Play 3D games such as World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Civilization V, etc.

* Access your full computer browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) including your bookmarks, favorite plug-ins, and extensions (Flash, Java, etc.)

* Play Facebook Flash games like FarmVille, CityVille, Pet Society, Café World, FrontierVille, and Mafia Wars

* Access your Quicken, iPhoto, and other computer programs not available for iOS

***** "Both a breakthrough and a bargain." -- The New York Times

***** "Splashtop -- Meet the most popular app on iTunes." -- USA Today

***** "Splashtop Remote Desktop App Flirts with Greatness" -- Mac News World

***** "Splashtop Remote WINS hands down!" -- Apps for iPads

***** "Splashtop Remote is... extremely easy to setup" -- Pixelatedgeek.com

***** Best of CES 2011 Award -- Laptop Magazine

Fast and Easy Setup:

* One-click access to your computer desktop with minimal setup

* Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your computer - supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP (including Home Premium), as well as Mac OS X 10.6+ (Snow Leopard or Lion is required for Mac users)

* Application automatically finds your local computers -- sign in to your Gmail account on the app and Streamer to find your computers across the Internet

* A computer with dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance

* Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch (3rd generation and later)

Customer Reviews

  • Works great.

    by Geelmeel

    Best way to remote control your Mac.

  • Best Remote App!!

    by focusfuturesinc

    Their suite of apps have no equal.

  • Nice function to have

    by Frugal Dad

    For the most part this is a five star concept, but some tech and support hurdles kept it at a four.

  • earned every star!!

    by Seasoned Vet

    LOVE IT! ive seen people reccomend other programs, but i honestly see not one problem with this one....AT ALL. i do alot of ripping on a computer downstairs. this program helps me monitor it from upstairs or even when im at work. cant say enough good things about it.

  • Forget logmein

    by Ricky WILLIAMS

    The hell with logmein, this is where it's at

  • Awesome

    by Ayceattack

    Love it!!! This app is awesome

  • Splashtop

    by DavCustoms

    Great app, that's used for my business everyday

  • Excellent

    by Jon3syJones

    Took me a second to get the Remote Desktop going over the internet but once I did it's awesome. Really helps being able to access my home Mac without a problem when I need to review something fast.

  • Awesome

    by kblee1

    Could not live without it! Works perfectly every time !

  • Works Great!!

    by Hyperhonda

    Been using it for years now. Works pretty good. I use the older and the newer versions.

  • Blegge


    Great app

  • Great Great Great

    by JKureshi

    Please update the UI with iOS7, Too good for me, it resolves my purpose to control my mac via my ipad or to see sth from my iphone, i must recommend this app to every one who owns ipad, must have app, great work developer never tried from google account which ill do later today.

  • Perfect

    by Solumant

    Perfect for gaming, especially hearthstone until the actual blizzard app comes out

  • best remote desktop app

    by MeiLi777

    go anywhere w/ my iphone with full access to my computers!

  • Amazing

    by Kevinrzxxx

    You get what you see.

  • Great for class

    by 1grt app

    Use it all the time to present in class.

  • Awesome!

    by KranzStyle719

    Works just as expected. Great app

  • One of, if not the best apps in the App Store!!!

    by torque27

    I've owned a lot if apple products, and one of the first apps I put on them is splash top. I actually have both this version splash top as well as the version made specifically for windows 8, which is perfect. Gestures are fluent, responsive, and truly makes you feel like you also have a windows 8 tablet (as long as you have wifi and a computer running windows 8). Keep up the great work.

  • Does what it says and easy to set up

    by Edoublz

    Works with maverick! Set it up to remote in from anywhere if you have a gmail account. Works fast and does what I need it to do flawlessly. Took advantage of their special pricing. Other apps that do the same thing are 3-5 times as much get it NOW!!!

  • Great app

    by NoOOaR

  • Veteran User Complaint

    by Mr.Wise USA

    I have been using splash top for a number of years and I am very disappointed that I can only access my computer from my iphone only when I am at home! The reason why I paid for this app was so I had access to my main computer when I was traveling! Why would you ask me to pay a monthly subscription for Something I ALREADY PAID FOR!!!!!!!

  • Do not purchase

    by Jared0789

    The app does not connect my iPhone to my computer that I have connected my iPad to, even while on the same network. Does not allow me to log into my splashtop account from inside the app. Instead it asks for my gmail login. All I can say is be very wary of any app that asks for your email login information!

  • Great app that actually works

    by Airdoc

    Great program that works as described. I run any program that is installed on desktop at office or home or my tablet PC as if I were sitting down in front of it. Easy setup and new features and improvements are updated regularly.

  • nìce work as mouse and keyboard

    by D3Beat

    To remotely control my computer which is broadcasting on the screen. Very handy for me

  • I Like It

    by Trust Media

    Its not bad... Too many connection problems though

  • Negligence on their parts

    by Angry cusser


  • It is great app

    by Jovany Salas

    Great app really ...reallyyyyyy

  • Works great.

    by Kannadian1

    It does the job and that too, quite well! No complaints. It's been getting better and better to the point where it's useful even for the average consumer.

  • excellent streamer

    by Mightyenigma

    it finds my computer even when i'm on 3G and has great performance

  • Works as promised

    by DonKopy

    I can play flash games through my PC with no problem.

  • Mac에서 잘 동작합니다

    by 20eung

    매버릭스에서도 잘 되네요

  • Great!

    by Ron'sWifey

    Perfect app! Just an issue with LTE/4G connections.

  • Awesome

    by MattsReviewName

    This is the best thing on my iphone

  • :-)

    by Tech2912

    I have been using it for years now. It works great! And idk why people are saying it doesn't work with splash top 2 mine word fine... Great product. And I love that it works over the Internet! Controlled my wife's laptop from the other side of the world while I was deployed! Five stars all day!!!!!

  • Hearthstone Perfection

    by Raofun

    This app is perfect to play Hearthstone on your phone or iPad until they release an iOS version of the game.

  • Easy to set up and use

    by SallyVander

    Dependable functionality. Works well over wifi or across the net.

  • Fast and simple

    by Tinat2010

    This is simply the fastest and best Remote Desktop app!!,

  • PC in my pocket

    by Julianlxx

    Go everywhere w full access to my PC... Super fast and amazing app!

  • Awesome

    by Charles Mason

    Keeps me up with my school work by allowing my full access to my PC @ home.

  • Good

    by Ed7474

    Good app, love it

  • Why

    by $$420$$

    I paid for this app on my iPhone Why do I have to repurchase this app for my Mac ,at that it cost 9.99 then you make splashtop 2 Left us with the old version come on now

  • Splashtop

    by Moona22

    Not to bad better than splashtop 2 so far

  • Great App & Customer Support!

    by bgtapangjr

    Thanks again for fixing the iOS7 screen tilt issue!

  • Great App

    by HandsomeRon


  • Amazing remote desktop technology!

    by sokkz

    Compatible with iOS 7! The functionality is amazing. Frame-rates are unbelievably good (especially in "smooth" mode). I really appreciate how this version of Splashtop is a one-time buy with no need for subscriptions. I'm happy to pay for good software, and this app is worth it!

  • finally

    by IndraHadi

    thanks for the update

  • Nice

    by Smcspeedy


  • Great update

    by Chakwa

    I was waiting for an update to fit the larger screen and now that the app is upgraded for iOS 7 it works perfectly. Thank you!

  • Now it works for iOS 7!

    by wncapt2007

    Thank you! My fav app! Let's me have full access to my PC from anywhere, smoothly and quickly. Thanks for fixing!

  • Now Perfect!

    by Spirit.in.Exile

    The iOS7 / 4" screen update has re-perfected this awesome tool. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to control or stream from their computer. Yay!

  • Thanks!

    by Pdoobs

    Thanks for finally updating with iPhone 5 screen support. Love and use this app/service all the time.

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