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* Support pre-sorted computer list
* Support IT notification
* Support computer remote wakeup from anywhere
* Added a settings flag to enable/disable the 2-finger tap shortcut to toggle between trackpad and touch mode

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Splashtop Enterprise with SplashApp Mobilizes Corporate Applications and Desktops Instantly, enables BYOD

Splashtop Enterprise is a much simpler, higher performing, and cost-effective alternative to Citrix. It enables IT departments to deliver corporate apps and desktops (physical and virtual) to tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs, and thin clients. It supports Microsoft and VDI infrastructures including RDP / RDS / Remoteapp / Terminal Services, VMWare, Vsphere, and Citrix Xenserver. Splashtop eliminates the complexity and expense of mobilizing all of your hard-to-access apps. Zero Coding. Zero Training. Complete Control. Superior Performance.

Employees on the go can enjoy all the benefits of remotely accessing applications and data from their BYOD / mobile devices as if they were in front of their computers. Top industry adoptions include 3D, CAD, CAM, design, education, government, manufacturing, healthcare, and mobile workers who traditionally use RDP / VPN. Top performance streaming and touch screen experience means mobile workers can quickly and easily use office productivity, line of business, 3D graphics, and customized Web applications from home or from the road. Learn more at www.splashtop.com/enterprise.

Over 15 million users enjoy Splashtop’s range of high performing and highly rated remote access products.

*** For personal use only please search for Splashtop Personal app ***

Splashtop Enterprise delivers:
+ Fast, cost effective high-performance alternative to VPN, RDP, VNC, Citrix
+ “Last mile” extension for VDI and RDP environments
+ On-premise deployment – secure and protect sensitive data
+ Active Directory (AD) - Integrate with your existing AD for local authentication and authorization
+ IT remote support solution+ Centralized control - Set user and device access policies, activate/deactivate users and devices, centralized streamer updates , bandwidth throttling
+ Reporting - View real-time connections and audit trails
+ Grouping - Allow access to shared pool of physical or virtual desktops
+ Multi-device support - Supports iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, Android phones, Mac and PCs
+ Supports AppConnect by MobileIron
+ Support for other MDMs include Good Technology and OpenPeak (also known as AT&T Toggle) available
+ Easy to setup, get your team setup and running in an hour

How users benefit

+ Access anytime – Be able to securely access your Windows applications & data on your PC / MAC remotely from any mobile device, any time, any where
+ Easy to use - Intuitive gestures and menu interface delivers a native application experience including support for multiple displays
+ High performance - Patent pending streaming technology including 3D graphics, HD video and synchronized audio delivers a responsive and engaging user experience
+ Connect from anywhere - Intelligent optimization techniques provide reliable connections even when connected over lower bandwidth 3G and 4G connections
+ Secure connections - With support for SSL/AES 256 bit encryption, network proxies and SSL certificates you can be assured that your sessions are safe
+ Presentation and annotation capabilities (over .ppt, video, including Flash) that can be controlled via tablet and projected to a group

Here’s what App store customers say about how Splashtop Enterprise benefits their organizations.

***** "We've tried both RDP and VNC in the past but neither proved very fruitful. Splashtop's speed, versatility, and extensive graphics support give us everything we need."

***** "I've used Citrix and virtualization, and I haven't been this excited for years!"

***** "Our employees no longer need to tinker with different incompatible VPN clients and RDP apps. We estimate that we'll be able to save over tens of thousands of dollars every year."

Customer Reviews

  • Making remote access successful and easy!

    by mojohara

    This is a great way to access your desktop from my iPad. It is not the smoothest, but what can you expect. Awesome technology that is a true time saver!

  • Most valuable iPad app for our business!!

    by Julianlxx

    Enable our Mobile workforce w all apps and data! Most powerful app for iPad!

  • Loveit

    by Monker1234567890

    I like the demo now I can run windows rg on an iPad

  • Never Mind...THE GREAT WIN.Server 2008 is great!

    by Jerry Luis Prado Aponte

    I LIKE THE DEMO!!!!!5 STARS FOR YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Excellent Space Saver

    by Hutson_19

    Slashtop Enterprise is a great way for you to only have to carry your lap top anytime you travel. It works great, allows you to access your files/program/computer any time any where.

  • Amazing. Great for iPad

    by Tritritrit

    Most valuable app for my iPad!

  • Nice



  • Presidents

    by Gvanscho

    Very please with the performance of this application. I am able to monitor and control multiple lab computers from my phone and I pad. Impressed with the security. Have had no problems with logging in or crashing.

  • Cool


    Nice app!!!!! I love it can you make more with a dimo?

  • Great app, love the integration with Mobileiron

    by AguyinLA

    Great performance and easy to use

  • Awesome app

    by NinjaNate80

    I really like the accuracy.

  • This is fantastic!!!

    by Thin Charlie

    I've been using Splashtop 2 for almost a year now and decided to try Splashtop for Business for my company. I have to say this is by far the easiest Remote Desktop for a SMB to setup virtually without any IT assistance. I'll recommend to anyone who needs Remote Desktop at their work place with minimal IT resources. 5 stars from me!

  • خيلي برنامه خوبيه !!!

    by إرادة

    عالييييي.... !!!

  • Great App for Higher Education

    by Brendalyn B

    This application allows me to remote into my classroom and set the the environment with directives before I actually walk-in. Love it.

  • Max cornwell

    by Max cornwell

    I can't download files

  • Only demo

    by iDaika9xL

    Can only do demo. How to activate? Wth

  • Doesn't work

    by Basspig

    Won't login. Only demo mode works.

  • I hate it

    by Michael Clymo

    I don't know what splashtop center is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not working

    by Therealsunson

    Bad just bad

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