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***** LIMITED TIME SALE!! (Regular: USD$9.99)
***** Best high performance remote monitoring solution
***** Over 15 million users are enjoying Splashtop apps!

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Peace of Mind from Anywhere! CamCam is the easiest way to remotely check on people, places and things you care about with live video streaming from your computer's webcam! Keep an eye on whatever matters most to you from anywhere on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

* High-resolution, real-time video and audio streaming
(Note: Video and audio is streamed one-way from a remote computer to your mobile device.)
* Compatibility with built-in or external computer webcam and mic - no need to purchase separate home monitoring cameras and equipment
* Pinch-to-zoom and pan

* Check on your child and other family members when you're not at home
* Monitor your children playing when you're not in the same room
* Turn your PC webcam into a live nanny cam
* Never miss a big event that your computer webcam can capture
* Find out what your pets are up to
* Keep an eye on your home while traveling
* Watch your paint dry without breathing in the fumes

* Install the free Splashtop Streamer on your Windows computer - download from http://www.splashtop.com/streamer
* Compatible with all versions of Windows 7, Vista and XP
* A computer with dual-core CPU strongly recommended for best performance

*Resolution: 640x480
*Color: True color (32bit)

Customer Reviews

  • No 3G or LTE

    by facebaeza

    Doesn't work on 3G or LTE!

  • Cool app!

    by NR145986

    Love this app!

  • best

    by mrPsIX


  • Surprisingly poorly thought out

    by Beeblebrox

    • Instructions are nearly non existent • no method to escape out of a session short of quitting the app (what the heck?). • no control UI once in streaming mode. • confusing array of passwords and logins required. Requires both Splashtop and gmail logins and passwords. All in all, a half-baked app that looks like an amateur coder developed it.

  • good

    by ifanifun

    very good

  • Owesome !!!!!!!

    by Nancyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 

    Love this app.

  • Very nice

    by Salmyat

    Thank you

  • If you get deliveries, get THIS app!!!

    by LdyFantom7500


  • Great app

    by naif.111

    Easy to use!!

  • It DOES work!!

    by toc363

    Seeing a lot of remarks about only wifi.... Not so!!!! Works just fine on 3G,I watched my room from work on my iPhone and we have no wifi!! Be advised, you need a decent signal to get the picture, but it does work. Then went to Wendy's and watched the house from there too.

  • Quite Amazing!!

    by Eirracr 

    No issues here. Effective app.

  • Excellent App!!!

    by Wbgilbreath  

    Nice UI, i like it a lot

  • awesome

    by ertyuiopoi

    works - no issues

  • Awesome

    by EvoL beats

    Does everything it says it does. It can do 3G anywhere. No problems. Minimal lag. Decent audio latency(minimal as well). Better than I expected and phenomenal! It's nice to check on the pets while far away from home/wifi!

  • karrar iq

    by كرار موسى الفتلاوي

    it's very good app

  • Camcam

    by Abobbybaby

    Excellent. Great app!

  • Great App

    by William Karis

    We babysit our 18 month old granddaughter who still naps! Great way to keep an eye on her! Thanks!!!

  • Great App to watch pets!

    by Stevofresh

    The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is I had to google how to get it all connected right. Now that it is set up, it works great! Loads fast and does exactly what it was meant to. Not sure about some other reviews, but it does work on 3G on an iPhone 4 and it does turn off my iMac camera when I exit the app. Now I know what my two dogs do while I'm not home! Great app!

  • Splashtop

    by mist rider

    I don't usually review but slashtop software has opened up many more opportunities on my pc. Love it.

  • Nice

    by shakialhm

    Great i love it

  • Drop connection

    by BertinJacobs

    The app is nice... But it constantly drops my connection. Using Splashtop 2 I have no problem to stay connected with the same PC that I'm using this app on. But the cam app seems to struggle to stay connected or even just to create the connection. It could be that the difference between the cam app and Splashtop is that for this app you use your google account to connect and not the Splashtop account.

  • Windows program can't be installed. Useless

    by Vermontier

    I have windows 7 pro, 64 bit. Downloaded the program but couldn't install it. Makes this app useless.

  • Buggy

    by Chadgib

    Only worked the first time. Tried using it again and never worked. I tried all the recommendations online. Seems to be a common problem. The program you need for the computer effectively made my built in webcam on my laptop unusable. Don't get.

  • useful

    by mistro_purple

    i think its useful app but it works only locally

  • Nice

    by ضحكتي مااركة


  • Not good

    by Faaaraaaaahhh

    On the computer you get a splas account. On the iPad you get a google account login!!!! Why not the same login!!!!!!!!!!

  • amazing app... monitor my pet remotely!

    by Julianlxx

    great app... fluid video streaming and simple...awesome

  • Cam cam

    by Zxheduh

    Awesome and flawless simple to set up!

  • Love the idea.....but

    by Cowladytatum

    I got it to work when I was at home with my iMac using my iPad from another part of house. Then I went to work, and it never could work...and when I got home, my iMac was frozen.....could not get it to do anything until I turned it off manually!

  • Alshaibah

    by الهدف تحقيق العدالة


  • العراق

    by ايسر الحيالي

    برنامج اكثر من رائع يستحق التحميل الخمس نجوم شكرآ

  • Waw

    by محمد الدهلكي

    So good

  • Amazing remote monitoring!!

    by Tinat2010

    Very handy way to monitor my pet!!!

  • Great but..

    by Flanua

    Need at least 3G support!

  • Rating

    by 193501881871


  • best app

    by rameenazadi

    this app best

  • برنامج جميل عاشت ايديكم

    by 655080

    برنامج جميل عاشت ايديكم

  • Great App, Awful setup instructions

    by proftom

    This is a great App (once you get it setup) So why did I give it a 3-star rating? I almost gave it a 1-star rating. The instructions to set it up were AWFUL. I have worked my entire career with computer hardware, computer software and computer networks. The instructions for setting up this App were TERRIBLE. Not a difficult set up, just very, very confusing and poorly written. The setup instructions were written by someone quite familiar with the setup. The setup instructions should be written by someone not familiar with the setup. Once you get it setup, it works great. So my advice is don’t give up, just keep trying. Note to company: Rewrite the instructions so they are not so confusing,

  • This App

    by Chrizzy866

    Ok app don't waste your time on this app. It was good at the first now it's so boring. !!!

  • No Mac support

    by BluesRazz

    One star. Why is this even on iTunes with no Mac support?

  • Can't be turned off once it's on..

    by Benny Honah

    I used my phone and turned my webcam on, but there's no way to end other than press home bottom and that leads to my webcam NEVER really turned off.

  • Another great app...

    by Iman Rzn

    After splashtop and win8 pad, camcam is another useful app to control whatever u want...nice job dev team..;)

  • Does what it's made to do

    by HtoTheRescue

    I hit the button to open the app and I see what my computer sees on my phone. Very handy. It would be great to have the option to hear audio from the mic too.

  • Great App, Missing Connectivity

    by TroyLoisel

    This is a great app to be able to check up on the pets with, but unfortunately you must be on wifi to do so. The option to use it for cellular connection (3G/LTE) would be great. Other wish Splashtop is my go to apps while away from home.

  • Please Optimize for iOS 7

    by Levyse

    The application works as described, but needs to be fixed for iOS 7. I'm currently using iPhone 5.

  • Works wonderful

    by Alfons L C

    Works good. My only wish is that it supported more than one camera. I could keep an eye on my whole home while away if it accessed 2 or 3 :-). Hope it comes in future updates.

  • No more landscape

    by BassHedz

    Used to be great, but what happened to landscape mode? Kind of less useful without it.

  • Time to update?

    by Charlie_dare

    I love this app,but as for for now I am not able to use it because u can not use it on Windows 8.. all of my computers in the house (5 of them) all have 8 on it.. I think I NEED A MAC IN THE HOUSE. It's really 5 stars but -1 for not being capable w/ Win 8.

  • Great app love it.

    by Emilio.g

    Great app love it. I recommend .

  • Does Its Job... Poorly

    by Nick Nestor

    To be honest, this app does not seem like it was made by the same company as Splashtop Personal. It can do what it's designed to do, but the interface isn't updated for the iPhone 5, it uses the old Google login information and requires a verification code (which messes up my experience with remote desktop), there's no way to disconnect from a computer other than closing the app, and the connection reliability is spotty at best, regardless of network conditions. I'd love to see this app just somehow rolled into Splashtop Personal and revamped. The theory is great but the execution is sub-par.

  • Excellent

    by Carlosgonzalez1970

    Excellent app it keeps me connected to my cam at home

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