Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop for iPhone & iPod - Personal Business App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Splashtop Inc.

- Add Russian and Portuguese languages
- Bug fixes and usability improvements

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Celebrating 16 Million Users, Holiday Sales Limited Time! (Retail: $9.99 USD)
"Both a breakthrough and a bargain." – NY Times
"Splashtop -- Meet the most popular app on iTunes." – USA Today
“Apple’s Top 25 best-selling iPad app of All-Time” -- iTunes (April 2012)
#1 iPhone business app in 62 countries

Over 15 Million Users -- #1 Remote Desktop App for iPhone & iPod! Splashtop is the easiest and fastest way to access your Mac or Windows PC from your iPhone & iPod!

Use Splashtop to access your computer on the local network with best-in-class video streaming performance. View and edit Microsoft Office and PDF files. Browse the web using IE, Chrome, and Firefox with full Flash and Java support. Play 3D PC and Mac games. Access your entire media library and documents. Put your PC or Mac in your pocket!

To access your computer from across the Internet, subscribe to Anywhere Access Pack via In-App Purchase.

* Use your iPhone or iPod to access all of the programs and files on your computer with 100% compatibility, including PowerPoint, Keynote, Word, Excel, Outlook, Quicken, IE, Chrome, Safari, and all other PC/Mac applications

* Use your full desktop browser (IE, Chrome, Firefox) with Flash and Java support, with all of your bookmarks and your favorite plug-ins

* Enjoy the full video and music libraries that are playable only on your computer, whatever formats they’re in

* Play all the 3D games (World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Skyrim, Diablo III, etc.) and all the Flash games (FarmVille, CityVille, etc.)

Optional In-App Subscription

Get Anywhere Access Pack to access your computer over 3G/4G or from across the Internet, via our global network of secure, high-performance servers:
-- Access across Internet over 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
-- Optimized streaming performance under varying network conditions
-- Fully secured via SSL with 256-bit AES encryption
-- Subscribe monthly for $1.99 or annually for $16.99

Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel a subscription during the active period. Manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings after purchase.

See our Terms of Service and Privacy policy at http://www.splashtop.com/terms/splashtop.

You may access up to 5 computers via your Splashtop Account.

Splashtop Personal is for non-commercial use only, i.e. use it to access your personal computers for non-work related purposes.

For commercial use in a professional environment, please use Splashtop Business which is designed for the workplace offering enhanced manageability, security, and compliance (www.splashtop.com/business).

1. Install Splashtop Streamer on your PC (Windows 7, Vista, and XP), Mac (Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion), or Linux (Ubuntu 12.04). Download for free from www.splashtop.com/streamer
2. A computer with dual-core CPU is strongly recommended for best performance
3. Compatible with iPhone 3GS and newer and iPod touch (3rd generation and later)

Customer Reviews

  • HELP

    by ttrey0123

    idk how to play games from my phone and display it to my computer

  • Slasp Top

    by Tomuchfor

  • Incredible

    by ErrorBorn

    I just wish it was updated for iOS 7.

  • The best app on the App Store

    by PixelXHUN

    I really love it!!! Awesome when you have flu, and you are lying in the bed. You dont have to sit in the front of the monitor, you just do it on your iPod!!! Amazing!! A little bit laggy on 6 mbps net, but its not that annoying! :)

  • Greatest app ever

    by Choppalouie

    I almost never leave reviews.But being able to go onto ur computer through ur iPod. Is amazing. It's capable if handling call of duty mw2, skyrim, without lag. The word docs work fine so I can type a book while I'm on the other side of the house. Worth it i recommend this to anyone!

  • Bravo!

    by Marty rockin

    I would have paid 50 for this app. Works to perfection . Wow, hats off to splash top!!!

  • Amazing

    by Does it all"!

    The ultimate app. Carries your PC in your pocket anywhere you go.

  • Awesome app

    by jdcstephens

    I have this app on my iPad and iPhone and can now use my computer from anywhere. My work computer is a laptop that I barely take anywhere because I can now work on it from my iPad.

  • A must have.

    by dayzfamily

    I Use it daily. A must have. Make sure your computers power settings are set correctly. The in app purchase to be able to use on whatever network is very nice. 5 stars when the app will set my power settings on my computer for me.

  • Yay!

    by Oldthinker

    Love it!

  • Got to have

    by alexanderRj

    Runs great, minor lag but good enough to work around it.

  • Great app

    by Stephen Esposito

    This app works wonderfully for the ability to control your computers from anywhere, whether your on the same network or not. Is much more easy to setup then similar offerings from other providers. Simply download a program to your computer and login to your account and your done. Control system is also very easy to manipulate, considering the differences in inputs. Have this app installed on both my iPhone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and both apps work great.

  • Great app

    by Jwalcutt

    Works great even on the macs them self works better than back to my mac

  • A considered review

    by Galen Ellis

    As a rule I don't give reviews based on snap judgements. I've used Splashtop for several years now and have yet to find a Remote Desktop app for mobile. Splashtop is powerful enough to meet my demanding needs and easy enough for my parents to use (they both actually use it). If you're searching for a Remote Desktop app to control your computer from smartphone or tablet, no need to look any further.

  • Superb!

    by Akamia179

    This is some awesome software! Very nice! Works almost perfectly on my phone when operating my computer. "Almost" being the operative word in that sentence; there are certain games that are completely unplayable on this app (maybe a limitation of any Apple tablet/phone) and there are times the app outright crashes during the stream. I'm never sure why, but there's got to be a reason for that. Anyway, if you're not up to doing some heavy-duty gaming, from a distance, this is probably the ideal app for you, if you're running iPhone 5s. I don't know how this runs on iPad or any other Apple device besides my phone. That said, I am interested in seeing how this product performs on other platforms it is available on, when I have access to those platforms.

  • Best I've used

    by Drewhayes


  • Great!!!

    by Jnoel360

    Does exactly what I meet it to do.

  • sweg

    by medium sized willy


  • Amazing

    by XXjPeGXx

    This app rocks I can access my computers whenever from anywhere!!

  • Why didn't I get this sooner?

    by Reengoe

    I don't understand why people have a problem with the annual fee of 17 bucks. It is not much considering the capabilities of this software. I was able to stream a football game from work and a movie when I went out of town. It is everything I have been wanting in a remote desktop. I also now use this on my ipad or kindle fire hdx as a remote for my home theater PC. It is a game changer for sure.

  • Not bad

    by Riadhq

    No doubt it's a good remote desktop application but it lacks of video streaming feature.

  • Part works, others parts don't

    by Rlrg222

    Pro- works awesomely ipad or iPhone to desk top pc. Con- I can not figure out how to get it to work desk top to desk top. I put in a support request and got a link to a some download that did absolutely nothing. I put in another support request and did not get a response.

  • It's not fair

    by Orel5430

    Why do I have to pay this app every month !

  • Crashing all the time

    by Кристофър

    Fix it

  • It's awesome. A reliable app. I love it.

    by Jsnipes414

    I haven't had any problems with the app.

  • Does the job nicely

    by fahdoos

    I have multiple platforms and the app seems to be doing what it is advertising. Smooth integration, easy setup, and well designed.

  • It's awesome

    by ChrisPerez86

    I use this app all the time and not only does it help out tremendously when I forget something on my computer at home, but it also "wows" all my friends. I love that it works so well even from my iPhone.

  • Worse app out there. DO NOT BUY.

    by Warl0ckk

    Those who paid for it, I feel bad for them. Do Not buy this app. It's $3.00 every month!

  • Works Best

    by DeepDave

    Works flawless, lots of options. Yes there's a subscription to access anywhere. To me, worth it. $2 a month isn't anything anyway, and that fact is clearly explained before you even download. Stop giving poor ratings because you don't read.

  • Caps lock not working

    by Darin Hershey

    I would give this five stars but the caps lock does not work with Windows 7 on my computer.

  • Great app

    by mrpopular

    Fantastic app must have! Download the access the anywhere pack

  • Great product

    by nutznboltz2003

    Works amazing and has never let me down. A great app to access my machines when I'm on the road.

  • Pure awesome

    by Wtu2000

    This is by far the best remote control app available! (For iOS, OSX and Windows!) I do not use TeamViewer any more! It would be much nicer if SplashTop can add some sort of file transfer function! STILL THE BEST REMOTE CONTROL APP!!! Happy New Year!

  • Awesome

    by Tslee214006

    Great app

  • Best app for work

    by Gwedough

    I use it all the time to access my work pc on the go!

  • Best app

    by hybris1

    I couldn't be happier with this app. I have been using it for a couple of years and it keeps getting better. Very stable and never left me hanging.

  • Great for productivity!

    by Radise

    Love this app. Let's me keep my computer up to date no matter where I'm at. Originally just got it to keep files updated but now I use it for so much more. Never would have thought of all the uses I've managed to get out of this but it's fantastic.

  • I don't often leave reviews...

    by Bryan Tump

    But when I do, it's because this app is one of the best pieces of software i have ever used, simple UI yet powerful enough to remote play RuneScape, League of legends, and even Skyrim without lag over my 20Mbps internet. It's many various settings and options allow me to have audio running though my Computer, my iPhone, or both simultaneously. The screen shows beautifully, even going from my HD res Computer to my small iPhone screen. No latency or Graphic/Audio skipping even my Computers iTunes can be used (I used it as an audio test) I can stream music from iTunes Radio to my Computer to my iPhone without any noticeable drop in performance. I have tried (and bought) many Remote Desktop programs before but this is the best; in terms of both power and simplicity. I can even set it to remember my connection for as long as I like when I am away from the app. (I am still connected and playing audio while I type this). Could not be more impressed with this app. It is noteworthy that you cannot Remote Desktop over the internet (that is; on a different network than your Computer or over 3G) unless you subscribe to the anywhere package which costs monthly or annually, however the average user would likely not use this feature anyways.

  • by Chaos_Knight

    Works really well! I'm able to play skyrim and other types of games on my iPad!!!!

  • Works Great

    by Onisser

    Only problem I've had is the options and keyboard buttons get in the way sometimes.

  • Greap App

    by Heymietam

    Thank you for the good app

  • Great

    by Bobbo6432

    Awesome app

  • Read the fine print

    by Kjay012

    You can only access computers on the same network with this app unless you pay an annual subscription. I am very disappointed now that I stumbled upon this seemingly great app.

  • indispensable tool foe net admin

    by InmarsatZ

    no problems found so far

  • Good But some flaws

    by Winnie62482

    While driving the app does sometimes freeze my computer. At times there is poor connection quality. However, it's cost efficient and gets the job done. Yes I would recommend this app to anyone. It has saved me money because I have 3 groomers who constantly fight over one computer. Now when they take lunch they log on through iPads and set up there own pricing.

  • Really great app for great price.

    by Ryan.Kim

    Remote desktop for personal computer is great. I was able to stream movie anywhere using my iphone. It lagged sometime because of my 3G signal a little weak here and there. Second, is that i can not wake my comp up. I was wondering if i was able to wake it up using WAN... The experience on controlling mouse and keyboard on this remote desktop app is actually very easy and can be getting used to..!

  • Great app!!


    This app is the best I have encountered for accessing my work computer remotely from an iPhone/iPad. I only wish there was a mac version as well.

  • Super convenient

    by Ca95070

    Very cool app!! Useful and convenient, although more effective on larger screens

  • Very good

    by Jzorus1

    Great app, but laggy at times even over LTE. More options to lower stream quality would be great.

  • Review

    by D.Y.L.A.N

    App description is extremely misleading and u have to pay another two dollars a month just to use your computer from your phone... Sad just sad

  • Great App

    by RThakker

    Quick and easy to use. Works perfectly

  • Awesome app!

    by NR145986

    I love this app, makes my life so much easier. I recommend it!

  • Couldn't ask for more

    by Ebret4

    I've been using this app for a few years now. I was grandfathered into it so I don't have to pay a subscription. I have had almost zero issues with this since I first started using it. I even used my home computer in Germany from Virginia. It's amazing what it can really do.

  • Great Aop

    by CuteQ8

    Great App

  • Just works

    by Theepicgamer

    Great app! I used it to make a ghetto nvidia shield!

  • Remote access done right...and simple

    by DeanB_N98510

    Intuitive interface and actually usable from an iPhone touch screen. Connects easily from the same wifi network or from anywhere over the internet. Wireless router, firewall, VPN may require some tweaking but can't blame that on the app. Very useful app that I use every day.

  • Ridiculous

    by Matthew Whittaker

    The old splashtop doesn't require annual/monthly fees Also make it compatible across iPad not 2 separate apps

  • Perfect

    by KyleNaka

    Best app I've ever owned

  • Now if they give me a voucher for a cup of Starbucks if give them 6 stars

    by ChicagoPolo

    Great App almost worth every penny to a penny pincher

  • A+++

    by Geetee10

    Great app. Kept me entertained on my drive from Cali to ny!

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