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***** LIMITED TIME SALE (regular USD$4.99)
***** Remote control your Windows 8 computers using iPhone (gestures, trackpad, keyboard)
***** Over 15 million users are enjoying Splashtop apps!

***** Also BIGGEST SALE EVER -- Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop to remote view and edit all Microsoft Office documents, access all your video/music stored on your computers, and even play remote 3D games: iPad from USD$19.99 --> USD $0.99!! iPhone from USD$9.99 --> USD $0.99!! Get now!

+++ Please remember to download the FREE Splashtop Streamer at for your Windows and Mac. This enables seamless discovery and connectivity between your iPhone/iPod and computers.

Use your iPhone/iPod like a real keyboard, mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen for your Win8/7/Vista/XP PC and Mac. The app supports:
- Win8 gestures
- Key combinations
- Special keys
- Left and right mouse buttons

This app is super easy to use!
* Application finds your computer automatically with minimal setup.
* Works over Wi-Fi using award-winning Splashtop Remote technology - no line-of-sight required!
* Supports multi-touch gestures, such as 2-finger swipe and pinch.
* Compatible with iPhone5, iPhone4, iPhone 3GS, and iPod touch (3rd generation and later).

Customer Reviews

  • I love it! Just one thing irks me

    by pamela68

    Why isn't their any enter button? Like ill be on my couch typing to my laptop on my phone but I can't hit enter on chrome to access websites. 5 star if they change that.

  • Spot On!

    by HappyUser000000001

    Simple, clean, small and seamless. Well done splashtop devs.

  • Fantastically responsive

    by Jake Birnbaum

    I use this application every day to control my desktop from afar. I love how responsive it is and how easy it is to use. This is a gem.

  • Keyboard please

    by Itrollonthem

    Does what I want... Except for my need for a keyboard.

  • Awesome

    by billybob469

    This app is great! I can control my mouse from my iPod touch

  • Awesome

    by Mandahdz

    Awesome! Make sure to read the app details and download the streamer!

  • very cool app!!

    by MeiLi777

    now my iphone is my controller


    by TT_ZO6

    WORKS GREAT WITH MY HP WINDOWS 8.1 LAPTOP!! No lag whatsoever and all the extra user controls make navigating and controlling very easy!!

  • Best app for win8 htpc (tv pc)

    by Thisnicknameistaken,please

    Kudos to splashtop for making this awesome app. Lets me contol my tv pc easily using gestures. It turns your iphone/ipad into a virtual trackpad with gestures, a keyboard, and shortcut buttons. Much easier than having to reach for the keyboard/mouse on the couch!

  • Win8 gesture using iPhone!!!

    by Julianlxx

    My win7 PC was updated to win8.... But no touch screen. Now, w this app, my iPhone can do remote win8 gesture like a Magic Mouse..... Simply so cool!!

  • First time rating in a long while

    by JJB117

    It's been years since I have finally found an app that I have truly loved and actually rated it. This app just really surprised me. Best app in my opinion. It syncs to my computer pretty well, hasn't lagged yet, witch is a plus. Although it would be cool to have some type of scroll button so you can go down and up the pages, but other than that, good job guys!

  • Awesome

    by patito17


  • Awesome app!

    by The Eye 12

    Works great! Fills a needed void!

  • Works great with my surface

    by Logic88

    love it

  • Awesome!

    by Savior2252

    very helpful, it would be better if you guys put little icons of the apps i have in this one, for i can just tap it and it will start the app on the laptop

  • Great

    by Ryan987987

    I love this app it is so useful, it just needs to show you the screen on the devise too.

  • My iPhone can remote gesture my win8 PC!!!

    by Tinat2010

    Amazing app to support remote win8 gesturing of my PC! Cool!!

  • Loving it

    by KevKha

    I'm a big fan of Splashtop. Just purchased this app for my 6 years old boy to navigate his Win8. He's loving it more than this traditional mouse now. Please fix the keyboard issue. It crashes every time on iOS7. The same issue with Splashtop TouchPad.

  • iOS 7 keyboard error

    by Ianhot

    Slide over and click on keyboard it closes every time,, please fix for iOS 7 and update then I will give a 5 star rating

  • Great but....

    by Andrewchenault

    Needs an update after iOS 7

  • Buggy

    by Xzen54321

    No widescreen support in contrary to screenshots, no multitasking support, uses pre-iOS 7 keyboard, no auto login, jerky mouse movement. Program on computer has you make an account with splashtop, iPhone app has nowhere to sign in to account.

  • does not work

    by Father-God

    the idea seems good, unfortunately this app is fraudulent has it does ot do what it is suppose to do, it needs to be remove as it is false, do not get this is fake.

  • Not working

    by Maghawry

    Can't connect to my pc even even with my correct ip address

  • Fantastic app, but iOS 7 issues

    by SilvaFox

    Once I updated to iOS 7, the app consistently crashes when I display the keyboard. I assume this has to do with the new keyboards in iOS 7, but please, please patch this issue!! This has significantly affected the usefulness of the app. Thanks!

  • I like it but

    by MufasaAM

    It would be nice if it fit my iPhone 5

  • App crashes constantly

    by Bmxbandit480

    I don't know if anyone else is having this issue. But when I try to bring up the keyboard, it crashes and licks my computer. I can solve the computer locking issue, but not the constant crashing. I'm joy giving up on it yet though.

  • Crash!!!!

    by Chopiy

    The app crashed out every time I press the keyboard feature. I have iOS 7.

  • Great app

    by Kicopuertorico

    Love the way u can navigate thru the different functions that u can use I love it better than Logitech app

  • Great idea

    by Heydatcritic

    Would be nice if it also worked with windows 8 rt.

  • Please Help

    by raedech123c

    When it says "Scanning For Computers" it never picks mine up. I don't know what else to do

  • Good

    by MazenOmairan


  • Awesome

    by Tinkerbellbeotch

    Best thing for your computer.

  • Awesome

    by theSMOOF

    Works great for when I don't want to grab my keyboard and mouse and just queue up Netflix or something from the couch. Almost 0 latency. I love this app.

  • Very Good

    by Power.Guido


  • Very good

    by AaronJ42

    This is a good system for a trackpad and keyboard. However, it should have more controls, like volume.

  • Ill I can say is I love it

    by Ronnie6478


  • Ruined the reputation

    by Okleba

    Completely kick me away. Great!

  • Great App

    by Role-play Freak

    Great way to have remote keyboard and mouse work great with Windows 8

  • Awesome!!!!

    by Dyl13579

    I love it

  • Very nifty app

    by Neverknow )))

    works well at first it's complicated I didn't see I had to download this also on my CPU over all awsume app

  • Perfect.

    by josevargas1978

    Just as it states.

  • Pretty good

    by Blainetrain

    Works pretty good. Its a little touchy but for the price it works.

  • Awesome app

    by Thornnn

    This app works great. It does everything it's supposed to do.

  • Works Great

    by xXPerplextXx

    Perfect for windows 8!

  • Doesn't have instructions how to use on the app.

    by Chaoas

    I need to go to app store to know what should I do.

  • Works ok.. But

    by jourabchid

    Would be nice if gestures were customizable, swiping down from the top snaps open apps, it should close an app. Tap to click is buggy it should respond as a normal track pad but it doesn't. It would be nice if there were some more customizations. Also says iphone 5 compatible, but it is still and iphone 4 app. Does not take up the whole screen. Kind of deceiving from the descriptions...

  • Black bars on iPhone 5

    by Кристофър

    The first screenshot is fake, there are big'ol black bars on top and bottom of the screen.

  • Win 8.1

    by teric528

    Works with Windows 8.1 preview.

  • excellent but...

    by Isamule

    please make an ipad version..!!

  • Milson Washington

    by Milson Washington

    Man I love this app so much I had a average computer now I can use my iPhone as a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse So it just makes not having a touchscreen computer just so much better

  • Helpful

    by Popopopopopogy

    It's a nice app, that could use some more features.

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