Password Vault Safe HD Pro – Password Privacy Manager for iPhone & iPad Reference App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Senming Huang

* Support 4 inch display
* Support iPad

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Has ALL THE FEATURES you could want and more. You’ll never want to use another password app after using it!


Password Safe can automatically log into websites with a single tap. There's no need to remember the username, password, website address any more. It also provides lots of popular website templates. You can get started as fast as possible, without inputing the long URLs.

* Securely store website login information: url address, username, passwords
* One touch to log into websites, automatically filling username and passwords
* A lot of website templates, including all popular websites
* Save important information such like credit card, bank account, passport, driver's license and etc.
* Store secret notes

Customer Reviews

  • Great App! Easy to use!

    by Sep1960

    Tried it and loved it!

  • Great

    by SSG rider

    I love it, it is secure I wish I could sync it between my iPad and iphone

  • Awesome & easy to use

    by Hes777

    Awesome & easy to use

  • Awesome

    by Jh88keys

    Great app!

  • Barb

    by Busmith57

    Great app I have told several friends to get this app

  • Can't live without it

    by Barrett Farm


  • Love it

    by Hosstyle1

    Supper easy

  • Indispensable app

    by Jerrytx

    Password management is a snap using this application. Easy to use and set up and always at your fingertips when necessary.

  • Very useful!!!

    by DdubzMT

    I love this app it makes my life so much easier

  • Great app!

    by Playa667

    Easy and functional

  • Extremely useful

    by Touobou Jean Nguessan

    I am now in peace, no need to worry about the multipasswords, back up for incident issues. Great App Jean

  • Good App

    by IHateWritting

    Finally a good password keeper, though it costs more than it should, it does work well.

  • Password Keeper

    by Shotgunner girl

    This is an awesome app! With all the different passwords and user names everyone has, you can't do without this s safe and I only have to remember one 4 character password!!!!

  • Great

    by Norman Chad

    Great App.

  • Love this app.

    by Mimi2+2

    Love it's. helps so much with all passwords.

  • Awesome app!

    by Kar7100

    This is the only app I can't live without !

  • Satisfied

    by Fotonator

    Great app! Get it!

  • Ok but little problems

    by Solo714

    Need a little improvement on the web browsing sometime don't let brows to my Wells Fargo bank

  • Gary

    by Solliesailor

    Great app easy to use

  • Graham

    by Gazzatfc

    Great app

  • WAS great….now not usable

    by 66 Motorstport

    SOme recent update took my ability to look at my passwords…only copy and speak show up when I click on ********** (incripted passwords ) …and when I click speak, its gibberish… when I contacted them with the email address they provided asking for help, the email kicked back...

  • Great app

    by Nala1200

    So far, user friendly and very helpful

  • Larry

    by Larry Lewis

    Best one out.

  • Awesome app

    by Gameman54

    Love having everything in one place. So easy to use and feel safe about it.

  • User

    by Matt Harbaugh

    I use this everyday and love it.... My memory isn't what it used to be

  • can't back up and access on my MacBook Pro

    by JSO1954

    I love that I have a mobil place on my iPhone to collect and carry my user IDs and passwords. When I try to back up and sync with my MacBook Pro, I cannot access this information on my computer. Go forbid I lose my phone or it gets damaged. I just face booked the name of the creator of the APP asking if I can back it up. I hope to hear from him.

  • Great app

    by Sjori24

    Great app use it all the time

  • Good

    by Kira Siu


  • Great app!!!

    by Cwhitman13

    Make my life easier

  • Great app

    by Cjrinflorida

    Easy to use. Works for me every time! A real help when I am away from my desk. Thanks for a great app!

  • Password vault

    by notdman

    a very good tool if you,like me, forget passwords

  • ok

    by hamdi 1983


  • Only 4 digits?

    by Want secure storage

    Unless I am missing something I can only use a 4 digit number code for this. Seems to me that putting all my "one upper case, one special symbol, 4 number, 4 letter passwords in an app locked by 4 digits is kind of like storing the combination to my high security vault on an index card in my glove compartment

  • Awesome

    by Keep safe

    It takes a lot of pain away of digging into your wallet to find your cr/debit card and other info. Above all it is SECURE!!!

  • Really Helpful

    by DZHIGG

    I can keep all my passwords, numbers for hotel/car rentals/air miles, all in one secure convenient location. I really love it!

  • Awesome

    by Ezeit

    Great app.

  • Used to work

    by **Coolgame**

    Now I can't get rid of the notification symbol. Even after re downloading it.

  • Review

    by Carlieray

    Its great

  • Great app!!!

    by Joexxxyy

    Great app!!!

  • Works great!! BUT......

    by GABBARA

    Why do you block the passwords when you look up your stuff? In order to see it you have to press edit. Then there's a chance that you may delete it because the delete option come on. I HOPE the right person reads this and update that issue. GET THIS APP is great!

  • Jms

    by Judybird7063

    So far awesome

  • Awesome

    by JustNaomi

    I really like this app, does everything I wanted it to and more

  • Where'd it go?

    by Mlwsmiles

    At first I loved this app. It has been amazing, but after the last upgrade it disappeared and now it won't give me even the option to install even though I paid the $10 already... :/

  • Good

    by '' The Peace and Love Guy''


  • Ap ok

    by Coffewoman


  • Multi device users

    by Sail Maker

    I used the free version for a while and since I purchased the pro I have been unable to get support to importing my already entered data and I never could get my iPad and iPhone pw's to sync. Still can't. I have contacted the app provider 4 times be the email link on the app and not received word one. I cannot make out the data that is supposed to be backed up and dont dare try to import from backup.For ease of use and clarity of instruction I would give this app lower than one star but that doesn't exist. I really don't like being ignored. Maybe writing a bad review will get someone's attention. I will update my review if I hear back from the developers,

  • Ms.

    by Too new to know

    So far so good. Well this is frustrating having to review before use. Me

  • Worth it? Yep!

    by MS042364

    Great! One of the few apps that I have that does exactly what it says. Simple to use, doesn't crash, and has multiple entry categories. Nice.

  • Great app!

    by ghcassel

    Easy to use, clean, user-friendly, perfect for saving passwords

  • Customer

    by kjdoherty

    Horrible. After two months, can't access any of my passwords saved and can't get a response from developer.

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