Adminium for Minecraft, Bukkit and Forge Servers Utilities App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English, French

Seller: Halcyon Strategy Group, LLC

Requires JSONAPI v5.5.0 to be installed on your Minecraft server. Available for download at:

+ fixes chat freezing when a lot of messages arrive at once
+ 15 different crashes fixed
+ iOS 7 style chat

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Control your Minecraft Bukkit server from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Run console commands, chat, edit plugin files, edit inventories, and more from your iPhone.

“You need this...this is an incredible tool for an Admin...some tasks I do on my iPad because its actually easier...I have it on my iPod, iPad, and iPhone... I'd easily pay much more. Well worth it IMO.” - Dave (a sample from one of over 400 five star reviews)

You can now make multiple account and restrict what other people can access in Adminium. This allows you to have moderators and other people connect and help maintain the server. You can also restrict people's access to only being able to chat without changing their name. Now your members can participate even if they aren't on the server!

Adminium allows you to control your Minecraft server with Bukkit or BukkitForge from your iPhone. Stop worrying about what your server is doing throughout the day and stop waiting to get back on your computer to make changes. The permissions system allows moderators, admins, and players to all use Adminium! Set up is really easy: it doesn’t need any extra port-forwarding and lets you manage user accounts from the app to you have up and running in minutes. Keep track of your server wherever you are in the world with Adminium!

Top Features:
* Real-time console
* Real-time chat
* Inventory editing
* File editing
* Granular permissions (new!)
* Adminium accounts sync server settings across devices through the cloud (new!)
* Extra port-forwarding not required (new!)

New in Adminium 3:
* Granular permissions
* Extra port-forwarding not required beyond what Minecraft needs
* Programmable console macros
* Automatic server migration from the old format to the new Adminium 3 format
* Search for an install any plugin from bukkit dev to your server ($2 in app purchase)
* Chat notifications for flagged words such as profanity and abuse ($2 in app purchase)
* Find and replace commands in the file editor
* Adminium accounts sync server settings across devices through the cloud
* Items are defined remotely for quick item updating
* Graphs of server performance
* Social sharing

In App Purchases:
* Search for an install any plugin from bukkit dev to your server ($2)
* Chat notifications for flagged words such as profanity and abuse ($2)

Other Features:
* iPad support
* Manage multiple servers
* Control online players' inventories, health, op status, kick or ban them, and more
* Power management (start/stop)
* Plugin management
* Edit all files on the server
* Offline player support
* Send messages privately to players
* View a map of the server, including player location
* View server settings
* View server statistics (player count, version, a lot more)
* Create folders
* Rename files and folders
* Show and modify a player's bank balance
* IDs are now shown in the player's inventory if there is no picture to be shown
* Offline players can now be edited just like online players
* Add and remove players from groups

Note: Adminium does not work with Hamachi.

Customer Reviews


    by Ikid1l

    I just got the app and was worried that it wouldn't be ten dollars worth BUT IT TOATALLY IS although with that plus at least the plugin in app purchase is a little steep

  • Awesome App


    This app is great. It makes managing a Craftbukkit server easy. It's also easy to install. Well worth the $10.


    by Joey Rivero

    Love ittt. Toke me a couple minutes to work but it works great.

  • Great app, but...

    by Eamon N.

    This is amazing app but I subtracted two stars because of a big bug. I paid extra (in-app purchase) to be able to install plugins from my iPhone, but the app crashes every time I try to search for one.

  • Almost Amazing

    by Stripekit

    This is an AMAZING app just a bug at the search bar other than that it's pretty epic

  • Awesome app!

    by NJS0822

    I'm happy I bought it! Anyone who wants an awesome app to control their Minecraft server should buy this.

  • Great app except for crashing

    by Jeff Butler

    I love this app and I use it a lot but I can't use the plugin installer because it crashes every time I try and type.

  • Great Functionality for Running Bukkit Server

    by StynaMN

    I just recently bought this app for controlling my at-home bukkit server. At first, I was worried the $10 would not be worth what the app contained as far as controls, but soon was proven wrong. This application reached far beyond the threshold I believed it had, with easy controls for the console, chat, and even configuration files. I will continue to enjoy using this app, and highly recommend that any Bukkit server host buy it!

  • Pritty great

    by SensaiAl

    I love this app, it work almost perfectly fine for me, just some bugs but not to annoying, I really love what they did in 3.0 and I know that soon, they will get them squashed and they'll get my last star

  • Awesome App, If you run or admin a minecraft server this app is a must

    by ColdSteal19

    I rarely give anything 5 stars. This app however deserves it!!! Ease of use, ability to manage our server on the go, and the ability to check up on our players! Oh and great customer support I've needed help a couple times and Alec himself mailed me back timely with the answer!


    by Ceji

    At first, i was wary of spending 10 dollars on this, but i did because i wanted to try it. I enjoyed it soooooooooooo much once i set it up! However, setup was a little bit hard, but the creator helped my set it up. It has great technical support and is very well created! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That review was forever ago. Anyway, i still love the app. After a while i learned how to troubleshoot it and fixed everything. No more troublesome people for me!

  • Great App!

    by Adamhall777

    Adminium is one of the best apps on the App Store. Period. I have had it for a few months and never had any problems. My server has about 30+ regular users and I love that I can help anyone and monitor the server anytime! I am constantly away from my computer and usually unable to help players, but now I can! Great app and definitely worth $10 for all the amazing features, ease of use, and quick customer support. If you don't have this you're definitely missing out.

  • A very useful app.

    by Fortressbow

    This may be expensive but it's worth every penny. I can look at all of my plugins, players, and even a world map in the same app. I recommend this to any bukkit server user if you have a decent server.

  • What a great app

    by Damien43

    Being a server admin has never been easier with this app heck they even answer support questions on Christmas !! If you don't have have this app your crazy get it now and watch your admin life get easier

  • Amazing!

    by Smartscope98

    I don't know why this has so many people that are giving it such a low rating. If something doesn't work they have great support and they were even helping out people on Christmas! This is the best app by far that I have seen for servers and they are really nice people.

  • Great app!!

    by zachy1500

    When I first bought this app a few months back, I was just starting with a minecraft server, so I didn't really know what I was doing. Now that I host a full time server for minecraft, this app is great because I get notifications straight on my watch, so I know when people join and leave. I can also see the players inventories and speak in a chat. The only things I request are that you add a start, restart and stop button. Otherwise this app is great and I highly recommend it!

  • Great app

    by Jenno1234

    Newest update fixes past problems. Very good app, if you are smart enough to set it up. merry Christmas.

  • Adminium

    by ottomax

    Great app So helpful

  • Excellent

    by Firebreath15

    Adminium is just what the title suggests. I love how easy it is to manage my entire server from my phone. Great job guys!

  • Great App!! Buy it!!!!

    by Abrahamoran

    This app is amazing for server owners who aren't on minecraft a lot and want to check on their server. You can control a lot from it and I really recommend it. All it needs is some big fixing on IOS 7, but other than that it's amazing!

  • DUMB

    by Pipsqueak33111

    NO I tried to add a server im admin on, but it said this thing was out of date. I WASTED $10 I SUGGEST NOT TO DOWNLOAD ITS A WASTE OF MONEY

  • Please fix bugs!

    by Vpdimanlig

    I know that I'm using the right version of the JSONAPI, but it keeps telling me that it's outdated.

  • Please fix bugs!

    by Vpdimanlig

    I know that I'm using the right version of the JSONAPI, but it keeps telling me that it's outdated.

  • More in app purchases?

    by avion540

    Why do I have to pay $20 in total for an app that used to everything at half the price? In-app purchases have ruined this app, it's way too expensive now.

  • Amazing App

    by Anthony Farina

    This app does exactly what it's supposed to do. And with frequent updates, there's never any bugs to worry about! PERFECT for Bukkit servers!

  • A couple more bugs to fix...

    by Alex Crocker

    Whenever I try to view offline players, it crashes. Also, whenever I chat within the app, my messages are not seen by players on my server.

  • Ups and downs

    by Jason & Sarah

    When I first purchased the app, it was horrible but then recently it was improved greatly. Now it is almost impossible to use. Offline players is in usable, chat doesn't work and the console doesn't either. I use a 1.6.4 server and this app is almost unusable as of now. Please fix!


    by Ryan mmmmm

    I buy this app but when I download it install what I need to install on my server then when I try to add my server to the app it says that my JSPOAPI is out of date when I installed the latest f... Version and I just wasted 10 bucks I will keep the app until they can fix this though so PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM

  • Very good, one thing though

    by Teek26

    Very good app and is super useful. My only concern is to add a stop button, a reload button, and a restart button to the ui to make them easier to do.

  • Come on! I am so mad at you guys!

    by Fosjdvssjxlxibdsjdcgkgfdsyh

    I've seen this happen on apps that cost 1 dollar but I payed 10 dollars just to have to buy things that where promised when I first bought the app!!!! YOU RUINED A PERFECT APP!


    by nateflare

    The first time I read the instructions I misunderstood something and when I asked the creator to help he mailed me within 5hours on a Saturday the app is user friendly easy navigation but there is one bug that I will let slip the chat does not work and idk how to make it and also I set my friend on survival and when I exited he was on adventure weird glitch but overall the average of this app is 5 stars and is HIGHLY recommended

  • Worth every penny

    by Brand504

    LOVE IT this is not a fake review love this keep it up app dev.

  • Ios 7.0.3 crashes at launch

    by Dak0ta5000

    It works when setting up the server but when clicking the server it says "downloading permissions" then crashes. Reinstalling doesn't fix. Please fix. Running ios 7.0.3 with MC 1.6.4

  • Not very good

    by Gfjccfg

    I upgraded to the newest version and it constantly crashes and it almost never connects to the server

  • Some functionalities don't work

    by Even this username is taken

    The app freezes whenever I go to the chat tab and it frequently crashes, still an amazing app, just a lot of bugs.

  • Awesome APP

    by CTRopeLover27

    This is a MUST HAVE for monitoring minecraft servers! It's as close as you could ever get to playing minecraft, but without playing it! Very handy for quickly checking your servers! It's TOTALY worth the $$!

  • For regular servers

    by RandomMcSomethin

    Make it so non-Bukkit servers can use it!

  • Great when it works

    by Sad server admin

    Loved the last version of the app. Gladly upgraded to the newest version and I wish I hadn't. There is huge potential in the app but is in unusable due to constant freezing.

  • Love the new app but...

    by cgriff753

    None if my changes stay such as notifications and in app purchases. It asks me to restore each time. Fix it please

  • The only server app you will ever need!

    by Lcrowder93

    This app is wonderful! And if you have any questions, the owner will always reply to you if you contact him almost immediately! He's a great dude. You have to have a little file and server knowledge to set it up, but once you do it is the best app I've ever had! Worth every dollar!

  • worth it for any server owner

    by HimeyJr

    just gunna give 5 stars because this app has helped me tons and I don't care if it has a few glitches here and there

  • Great idea and app

    by Ishy1732673

    It's a great app and all but I'm rating it 3/5 because it freezes all the time and needs to be fixed. Keep up the work, besides that its an awesome app.

  • Fantastic

    by Camperjohn64MC

    This has to be one of the best apps i’ve ever bought on the App Store. I purchased this app a couple of months ago and had some trouble getting it to work with all the port forwarding. I was EXTREMELY pleased with this new update in which it takes away those steps. I just set up my server and i’m very pleased. I’d 100% recommend this to any Bukkit Minecraft Server owner.


    by 6sneakers


  • Not working with iOS7

    by Austin Kelly

    This app worked great until I updated to iOS 7 now there seem to be a lot of bugs and I can not enter text anywhere.

  • Awesome

    by Tmanatme

    Great tool that's easy to use, 5 stars


    by Fellerbeller

    I love this app so much, but I was sad when I couldn't use all of the features on iOS 7. Please update it.


    by Noah-Yacoub

    So simple and easy to use I suggest you have a Bukkit server though cause it will only work if you have one of those Anyways I love plugins

  • Stop reading reviews, throw your money at it instead

    by kolstaguy

    Flawless. Excited for new version with new features

  • Amazing app

    by Vanrarod

    It is a bit pricey but this app is so worth it, but may I suggest an option to hide the start/stop buttons if u don't have remotetoolkit installed, also an option to hide the reload button for people who run FTB servers with mcpc which cannot be reloaded, and the app forces it and crashes the server, it's not a huge problem but I've hit the button on accident a few times other then that great app so worth it, if your thinking about buying it, buy it!

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