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adapted to iOS 7

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Featured on New & Noteworthy and Top 10 Free Utilities App in the USA App Store and other countries!

Simple but stunning alarm clock for your iPad. The reliable and user-friendly clock application built especially for iPad.

None will come up for Alarm Clock Xtrm HD’s appeal. Listen to your music with three music player skins. Fall asleep gently and wake up with your favorite playlist. Fade out music sleep and fade in music alarm. What more you could ask for?

All simple features:

- easily dim the screen with the vertical slide of a finger
- easily change LCD color theme with the horizontal slide of a finger
- easily set alarm by tapping few buttons
- easily stop or snooze your alarm by tapping large buttons
- easily select music or playlist
- easily pinch in or out the live weather conditions
- easily explore all other features instantly

Alarm Clock Xtrm HD is a feature packed application yet anyone can simply start this app and see the simplified user interface; so easy to use that anyone can pick it up and understand it immediately. And there's a lot to like, particularly the best music player skin designs for music lovers who can’t sleep without listening to their favorite tunes.

See the live local weather information right at your fingertips. Pinch out to see accurate weather conditions for today and tomorrow. Or pinch in to minimize your display to current conditions.

Set your alarms the way you want it. Whether it’s multiple, once, daily, every other day and even set different music playlist for each alarm. Just keep the app in the foreground even if your device is in sleep mode and your tunes will gently wake you up in the morning. If you forget to keep the app open, it will still wake you up with the built-in alarm notification. There’ll be no worries…

1. Weather data initial setting refreshes every 6 hours. Double tap to manually refresh.
2. Depending on your current volume, music sleep will begin slowly fading out at the set time. It may take a little longer to sleep when in full volume.
3. Weather display and music player will automatically close after music sleep to minimize bright display when you glance in the middle of the night. Double tap each area to display both again.
4. Weather server may sometimes not feed the current condition. Please refresh by double tapping the weather area to reset weather display or please wait until the correct feed shows up. There is nothing wrong with the application.
5. It is recommended to plug your device overnight so as not to deplete your battery in the morning or make sure it is fully charged before going to sleep.
6. This free version contains all features of the paid version except that this is ad-supported.

Customer Reviews

  • Almost perfect...

    by burrito46w

    App running in background will only alarm for 30 seconds. Additionally when in background snooze doesn't always display. Bug needs to be addressed. When in foreground works perfectly. No way to shut off alarms on special days like holidays. Have set for Mon thru Friday at 7:00 am. Would have liked to sleep in on Thanksgiving morning. Need a way to turn off alarm for instance without changing the preset schedule.

  • Awesome

    by Estiva93

    Love the graphics, dimmable display and the biliary to change colors.

  • Alarm

    by Bobllujtcu

    I use this everyday . It's the best

  • The best

    by Beargirl15546

    Best music app ever I use it every night

  • Love it

    by Livinincali

    I use this all the time.i like how I can change the style and color of the clock.only thing I would like even better would be if it can also be used with online radio stations..

  • Love it!

    by TwiztedStars

    I really like this app!

  • Good app

    by Josh moch

    I like this application.

  • alarm

    by Jesse Fisser

    This alarm is the sh*#, because I can plug it to my surround and make it as loud as I need it to be to wake me up. I would never us any other alarm clock. this one is easy to set up, gives you your weather and your favorite songs.

  • Great app

    by Meatmanoftheworld

    Works as advertised. Great application

  • Loveee

    by funnnster

    I live this time/alarm app! It works great and easy to use

  • I Like It!

    by eloise mckee

    App is accurate, lively and entertaining. You're always looking at something colorful with movement. Makes you look forward to consulting the clock...

  • Great app

    by Willy14770


  • Nice

    by Mrtoonman

    Nice app. Was looking for atomic clock. Found this instead. Glad I did.

  • Clock

    by Dadzasta

    The only negative I have is that unable to dim the light

  • Best clock app!

    by Relationship with Christ

    This is the best clock app that I have found on the iPad! The different music players, choice of clock colors, alarms and etc. simply the best alarm clock app for travel or home! I Love this app and I recommend this app to everyone looking for a great clock and alarm app!

  • Best clock ever

    by From Chester

    I have used this clock and the alarm for over 1 year now never has it not rang or had to be reset I love the color changing ability in a dark room just right for night light use I recommend this app two thumbs up woot! Woot!

  • Very good

    by Annmonique73

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  • Clock app

    by ken81232

    I like this app very much. To have music, also is a plus.

  • Great Player

    by NYNJEngineer

    This app does a great job for what it is intended. I like to have my music playing at my desk while being able to have a desk clock and see the song and album cover at the same time. Very easy to use.

  • Alarm

    by yellowrose48

    Awesome I love the weather feature!!

  • Constantly crashes

    by jendionn79

    Since iOS 7.0.4 the app doesn't even work. It was taking 5 or 6 tries to get it to load on an ipad 2 but now it just crashes before ever loading. Every other app works just fine on my ipad. Deleting this. Used to be great but they never update the app.

  • Freezes iPhone 4S every time!

    by Jmmark

    Try to select music as an alarm and your iPhone will freeze up. Lame!

  • golddustkid

    by Golddustkid

    This is very informative and very well designed. I rely on the weather app and the music.

  • Ozzman25

    by Ozzman

    Works great every morning

  • Alarm clock

    by DMFDMF

    Great alarm, but does not always work. I like being able to see weather temp. And wind conditions.

  • Works well

    by ncc630

    I know when I set the alarm it will wake, very easy to use, what else do I need?


    by Olusegun adeyemo

    Best apps ever.

  • Great app

    by GuyDaGolfer

    Works great but the warning notes can't be completed read. You can only read the one line bar...

  • Does what is needed!

    by LavendarQueen

    This app does what my old alarm clock did and more.

  • Very easy to use.

    by Rommie GB

    Very easy to use.

  • Great alarm

    by Sydney Wellington

    Lets me customize my alarm the way I want.

  • Great app

    by Sunnysdrider

    Works great

  • Steven

    by Schmittee117


  • Easy to use

    by Badkitty812

    I have used this clock since I got my iPad. It is easy to use, reliable and I love that you can integrate your own music. I use it as a clock during my classes and s my daily alarm.

  • Review

    by Mexican marine

    Awesome app use it all the time even in Afghanistan.

  • Love it!

    by Mtbrneyedgrl

    Out of all the alarm clocks I've tried this one is the best.

  • Nice App!

    by Jaye827

    I like it!!

  • Good APP

    by My Big Foot

    I've tried several alarm clocks and this is by far the very best. I use it all TGE time.

  • It's Time

    by ProphetP

    This is a great app. I have been looking for a clock app that would be nice to look at and this one is it. I also like the fact it can be seen from across the room. It's worth the cost! It does have a glitch. After about a week of usage it no longer will alarm. My work around is o power down my iPad then I have no problems.

  • Ok app

    by Sillybhan

    This app works great, when it works. It wakes me up every morning no matter what. But... Every time I open the app I see the opening screen, then it blinks off. After the 3rd time or so of opening it stays open. I thought it was my iPad but I only have the problem with this app. I upgrade the app every chance it's available also so I know it isn't that. Please let me know if there are any fixes for this?

  • This is the best of many I have tried!!

    by Cbridley8

    This is the best of many that I have tried!!

  • Versatile

    by Victorianlady1860s

    This app is versatile and streamlined, with just the right easy to use options. The only thing I don't like is the pop up ads, but they're to be expected in a free app.

  • Fantastic

    by Papa Bear42

    Best ever. I deleted four other apps because they were what I got from my new clock. Good job.

  • My only travel alarm

    by MFTDoc

    As others have said, this is a great app. The clock works well as does the music player. If you have an Internet connection, you even have current weather for your location. Nice. The only reason I rated this 4 stars instead of 5 is you cannot blank the screen. You can dim it a bit, but you cannot blank the screen. I tend to be a light sleeper, so to use this as my alarm, I have to close the cover on my iPad after dimming the screen. If I should need/want to see the time in the middle of the night, it is easy enough to open my iPad cover and have a peek. However, if I had activated the automatic turn-off my my iPad, I would be out of luck. If they would make this so that the screen did not have to be on all the time, this would be a solid 5 stars. Every other feature is already great.

  • Muy bueno

    by Pagarudo

    Me gusto

  • Alarm clock harm

    by 2booth

    Beautiful graphics. Very functionable.

  • Alarma

    by Monramv



    by CharlieStig

    I am so happy with the features and ease of use with this clock, that I find it unnecessary to look any further. AND they keep finding ways to improve. Go figure.

  • Solid app

    by Tjdass

    Great clock and music player app. Love the simple swipe between colors

  • JSjihi

    by Accuracy?

    Is the clock accurate?

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