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AppRadio display and control now remains after phone pop-up alerts (Calendar, Reminders and other App Notifications).
Using this functionality with other Apps requires their update as well.

New in version 2.6.0:
* Now fully tested to work on iPhone 5c and 5s.
* SPH-DA01/02 users: firmware for iOS7 compatibility is available from your local Pioneer website.
* Additional language support: Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, 簡体字(Chinese), 繁体字(Traditional-Chinese).

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Turn your car into a connected car with a compatible Pioneer in-dash multimedia receiver, a compatible iPhone, and this AppRadio app. With your iPhone connected, you'll be able to listen, view and control compatible iPhone applications optimized for in-car use directly from the large Pioneer touchscreen interface installed in your dashboard.

Supported devices:
AppRadio: SPH-DA01*, SPH-DA02*, SPH-DA100, SPH-DA110, SPH-DA210
DVD Receivers: AVH-X1500DVD*, AVH-X1600DVD*, AVH-X2500BT, AVH-X2600BT, AVH-X3500BHS, AVH-X3600BHS, AVH-X4500BT, AVH-X4600BT AVH-X550BHS, AVH-X5600BHS, AVH-X6500DVD*, AVH-X7500BT, AVH-X8500BHS
Navigation Receivers: AVIC-X940BT, AVIC-Z140BH, AVIC-X850BT, AVIC-X950BH, AVIC-Z150BH
*only compatible with iPhone 4/4s Additional information regarding AppRadio devices and app compatibility can be found at Compatible Apple products:
iPhone 4
iPhone 4s
iPhone 5
iPhone 5c
iPhone 5s
iPod touch 4th gen**
iPod touch 5th gen**
**requires internet connectivity

Customer Reviews

  • So far so good

    by Mrs Merk

    Followed the directions on the pioneer website, got a SD Card and updated my Pioneer Avic-Z150BH. Works good so far, looks good too!

  • Good for me

    by Junior330

    This app works wonderful if you have upgraded your appradio there is new firmware out for it allowing you to use this app with iO7 and the iPhone 5. The only thing I wish it did was display the time so I don't have to go back to the main screen all the time.

  • Slow and clunky

    by Rustino78

    It seems to work usually/eventually. But, Pioneer shows how much they care about this app and app radio in general with their spelling of "Utilities" in the category section. Someone should be fired, really.

  • Bueno

    by Saul Valentin R

    Pero no aparecen las aplicaciones con iPhone 5s arreglen eso actualicelo solo funciona con 4s

  • Newest update of iOS 7.

    by GrandmaDaniel

    Instal the new fireware version from and that should fix the problem with iOS7.

  • There is too much disinformation about this app

    by JBBevan

    I held off buying Pioneer’s AppRadio 3 principally because of the trash talk on this site about this app. Then I finally asked 5 actually known users with iPhone 5’s and iOS 7 about their experience. Uniformly, the answer was, “It works fine.” So the end of November, 2013, I bought AppRadio. I studied everything I could get my hands on before taking the plunge. I knew what to expect and the unit has met all expectations. The hard part of this “marriage” of Apple and Pioneer is the actual junction between them which uses a lot of different cables and the Lightning A/V interface. That junction becomes a physically unmanageable CLUMP of wire and interface. BMW gets around this by building an Apple-compliant dock into their cars, but neither Apple nor Pioneer make such an item. BUT 90% of the time the interface (as complicated as it is) works well without touching the phone — which, I think, is the whole point. I am happy to have the use of WAZE on the screen of my head unit. Another half dozen apps make life easier, too. The use of Siri to make calls, read and send text, and read and send emails is great, as well. To be able to do it all with minimal “touching” of phone or head unit makes for safer and more effective experience all around.

  • Update your App Radios!!!!

    by Adelstin

    I recently contacted pioneer about this iOS 7 issue when this issue popped up. It's the firmware on the radios that need to be updated not this app. So go to pioneer website and download the updated firmware to fix the iOS 7 issue!!! I just did and it works great!

  • U hav to update the receiver

    by lewis harrison

    People u have to update the radio threw the pioneer website I have iPhone 4 connect app radio 2 I cn do all most everything.

  • It's working again.

    by This guy strikes again

    After the iOS 7 and pioneer's firmware update for the radio itself, everything seems to be working just far!

  • It works but

    by Caleb wynn

    For all the people updating to iOS 7 you ALSO need to do a FIRMWARE update to your pioneer car stereo. This wouldn't work with my iPhone 5s UNTIL I did a firmware update ALSO. Come on guys learn some things b4 saying it doesn't work

  • Netflix

    by WJrSkater

    Make Netflix available as well, all the other functions work, iOS 7 works fine.

  • New update

    by Fusion53

    Pioneer just released an update that has fixed the connection issue, and I have been listening to AppleRadio on my way to work. So far all the previous versions worked great for me and the new update works just as well. Just look in the iPod section for the radio selection and listen to the stations you have liked.

  • Update

    by !!!????!!!!!?

    Finally pioneer release 4.17 and it works great no issues yet about time.

  • Matan

    by matannn

    Nice idea.. Please add support for more models such as AVH-3200BT

  • Appradio3

    by Pod ears

    I hate that I have to give the app permission every time I swap apps not save for driving only thing that works well is pandora and waze

  • Still goes from full screen to windowed

    by Sdgros01

    After numerous updates and trouble shooting from rude and ignorant tech support from Pioneer my appradio 2 and iPhone 5/5s still go appradio optimized full screen to a windowed view after a few minutes of use. The only way to fix is to pull down the notification bar on the phone directly or press the home button on the radio itself and back out of the app completely . Really wish they would fix this app so it will enable the phone to work as promised.

  • Piss poor

    by 123456789rob

    This app still don't work I shouldn't have to buy alternate wires and do a software update on the radio

  • Noooooo goooooood

    by Ojdelight

    Ok this still don't work I don't know anyone with and iphone that has made this work. And it their is anyone out their that has please let me see. All this does when u plug it in with the HD lighting adapter is mirror everything on the iPhone. And is been doing this since day one

  • Stopped Working!

    by Matthew Cooper

    Now my iPhone 5 won't connect to App Radio - it was working fine before this update came out.

  • Still not workinng

    by Kateronald

    This does not work on 4s with o7 update. If will only work if I downgrade my operating system! That is just silly! Very unhappy...

  • Bad

    by Qualityairinc

    Still don't work on 5c update no good !!!

  • Way to Ruin a Bad Thing

    by The o's r

    Seriously, I bought on a ray of hope and would now be willing to put an 8 track to replace this lovely piece of 1990s technology. The app and laggy display were bad enough but now that I upgraded to ios7 I have to choose between a ugly expensive am/fm radio or a charger for my iPhone. I miss my OEM radio and using my iPhone with a cassette adapter.

  • Please update soon

    by Justin Hurley

    This software is terrible with app radio 3. I have ios7 and iPhone 5s and I can't do anything productive. Very disappointed.

  • Nice idea in theory

    by BlackDogAd

    Using ios7 w/ iPhone 5 this is a very unstable app. Often does not sync with AppRadio device when connected. And when it does it requires constant authentication via mobile device...which is not very safe. This app should allow for total control once synced via the AppRadio device touch screen. If the app developers actually ever tried to use this in their own cars they would see how poor their solution really is and hopefully be motivated to fix it. I would gladly pay for a working App!

  • Please fix it to work with iOS 7:(

    by >>>Kandi<<<

    Please I just got a double din pioneer :/

  • Great app in my car.

    by DP1262

    Pioneer. You need to do better. It may be too late. I haven't seen a new compatible app in months. The quality of your apps is not helping. The good This app makes switching between the AppRadio apps painless. The icons are a great size to make them easy to press, the animations are fluid, and the touch response is fantastic. I wish you could rearange the Apps without having to put the car in park, but hey, I get it, safety and all. The history lets you open apps that may be a few pages down without having to swipe to it, a real time saver. The bad This app and carmedia player like to stop working between car rides. They work great when first launched, but then they don't work the next time until you manually quit them and launch them again. This is unacceptable. None of the third party applications have this problem. Why do yours? You designed the radio these apps are built for. Do better. It has gotten to the point that your radio is easier to use by launching the apps from the phone instead of this app. Your app list is always outdated. It does not change based on the kind of iPhone I have. Half of these apps don't even work with the 5 in appradio mode. Some don't work with Appradio at all anymore regardless of what phone I have. This app needs serious work. If you want this to succeed as a platform you need to stop making new radios that add very little to the Appradio experience every 3 months and work on your actual ecosystem. Without developers you have nothing.

  • Very Disappointed

    by MattyMatt716

    One of the main reasons I purchased the Pioneer head unit that I did (8500BHS) was because of the AppRadio app and functionality with the iPhone. Very few apps are actually available. I still haven't been able to get Pandora to work successfully. Pioneer needs to put some very significant work into this app to give any serious credibility for their app radios. If you are purchasing the radio to use this app (specifically), I would look elsewhere. It isn't ready for prime time.

  • Fix the App!

    by 97Snake1668

    Hey Pioneer, Fix the app so it actually works! It's been long enough that it has not worked.

  • Doesn't work

    by Desco44

    Can't get the app to do anything. Fortunately, the radio has other great features. Appradio is simply a waste of time and energy.

  • Absolute Crap!

    by TeamOrange

    I will never buy another piece of pioneer equipment again in my life and neither will my friends and family. First it took forever for firmware to come out after selling the iphone 5 cable and then it doesn't work with ios 7!! This shows how much pioneer values it's customers...


    by sha1000

    Can't get any apps to open with IOS7 so it's basically like going to the store with half of a credit card......USELESS!!!!!!!!!

  • Pandora? AppRadio not ready for prime time!

    by Marcus Tiggs

    Overall I echo the low stars given. Pioneer has made a weak at best try to integrate AppRadio. Simply stated, AppRadio even with the firmware update is unstable! My biggest gripe is with Pandora. I get it to play on one attempt about 80% of the time-Not what I would like but I can live with this. However, I can't figure why Pioneer can't get the search feature on app radio to pull my stations-it locks up and comes up with an error. The only work around is to change the Pandora station directly on the iphone then select Pandora on the radio. X850bt

  • Useless

    by Highspeed Lowdrag

    Does not work

  • Terrible

    by Spblat

    I love how many products have apps to enhance their functionality. And I love how reviews of these apps can be used to gauge the overall quality of the products they support. Such is the case with AppRadio. Nice idea, with abysmal implementation. Pioneer is to be complemented on providing firmware updates that help with iPhone 5 and iOS 7 compatibility, but there's still a lot of work to do. The radio itself is quite good (I have the 5500bhs). But AppRadio (which is all about using the iPhone to present the GUI for the radio via iOS screen mirroring) is a disaster. Video quality is abysmal, at least on earlier models. Responsiveness is bad. No multi touch. And the safety lockout--apply and release handbrake to do anything, constant pop-ups about connecting to or launching the app--are you kidding? This solution makes my smartphone a dumb phone: no more multitasking. Waze and a podcast together? Nope. I'm lucky to have the ability to tear into my car and return to normal iPod integration, which is quite satisfactory. Looks like it's going to take Apple's talent directly to provide the next true car audio revolution. AppRadio is not it.

  • Worked great on day one!

    by GaryI72

    The next day, I can't access my apps. Very clunky operation. iPhone 5 keeps asking me if iris OK to link . Very frustrating!

  • Horrible!!

    by Demga

    Pioneer did not do their homework or research when designing this app. It's ugly, slow, cumbersome and does not properly execute the purpose of the app. It does not make using a smartphone with their product any easier. I prefer to control everything from my phone since it's faster. Plus the touchscreen for the X4500BT is horrible.

  • Screen Resizing

    by lfpnovaes1

    After upgrading to iOS 7, every time I open waze, the screen of my radio gets resized from 7" to smaller. I don't know what to do. I hope they release a new firmware, app or sth to solve that annoying issue.

  • Frustrated with iPhone 5….. New Phone Less Features

    by Edwmos

    I used to have an iPhone 4s and with my AVH-2500BT I was more than happy with the functions and features that I can use, however, I upgraded to an iPhone 5s, bought all the required cables/adapter, etc.. performed the required firmware update wit success and.. what a surprise, but with a newest phone you get……… LESS FEATURES. I really used daily a traffic app (Waze) and enjoy listen to the radio or my music (iPod including iTunes radio) at the same time, but now.. Forget about the radio, it can’t be working anymore when you are in AppMode, and for iPod... forget about skip songs, you just can listen what you selected directly from the phone or using the bad App Carmediaplayer, that requires you to leave the other App. I hope Pioneer finds a way to at least, return the features that available using an older phone (iPhone 4/4s)

  • Class action law suit worth

    by davidgarnerjr

    Do not buy this product if you're reading this review. I paid $500 for something that does not work nearly as advertised! I have everything up to date on my phone and Appradio head unit and it still doesn't work at all, every time I plug in it fails to connect. Apple should ban Pioneer from messing with their device and software because this has made a lot of people upset with this garbage, it doesn't work and these updates don't help! Fix my AppRadio Pioneer, you already got my money! This is CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT WORTHY!

  • Never again

    by Tuttutt

    Never again will I purchase pioneer there is no support for this app or the radio it self. Generation 1 has been abondoned

  • Supposed to work with AVH-3500BHS

    by No One Nu

    This app is supposed to work with my brand new AVH-3500BHS, but it keeps failing. I'm glad I didn't get the full AppRadio hardware, but Pioneer is seriously letting down its loyal customers. Sadly, after 8 head units in 10 different vehicle in the past 15 years - it appears this iOS application will keep me from buying Pioneer Electronics again.

  • App radio

    by hvacmike

    The app used to work fine until iOS 7. Now I just get a blank screen. Please fix.

  • Biggest POS

    by Ryden

    First it didn't work with the iPhone five now it won't work with iOS 7. What's the point of working with Apple if you can't get your stuff right. Very disappointed next deck will be Kenwood

  • Worst app of the century

    by Mobber4x

    Thanks pioneer for nothing. Great idea horrible execution. I hate that phone phone has to be on the entire time it's using any app, are we just trying to overheat my phone!!!!

  • Really?!

    by Ariel1987

    Fix it! I paid too much money for my radio for it bit to work bc of iOS 7!

  • Nt working

    by FarzinVa

    Mine sone how works but i have black screen Please update the app

  • Junk

    by JDog5280

    All I get is the message saying video content can't be accessed while driving. Useless app!

  • Not what I expected

    by txaggiedmp09

    iOS7 + this app = all kinds of fail. Can it please not ask to ignore/ allow every time I open or use it? Can this app please run in the background so I can use/ look at my phone without the radio screen going to a mirror image of it? Same for “compatible” apps. App SoundMixing feature on the unit combined with this or other “compatible” apps is horrible. Pioneer support is also horrible. Call and ask a question only to wait 20 minutes to be told “thats just the way it works”

  • It's been over a month, not being compatible is unacceptable!

    by zero niner

    I guess not planning properly for the new operating system was too much trouble, I guess Pioneer already got our money, so I guess I'll never buy another Pioneer product and will have to share this gripe with the rest of my electronic loving friends. Either fix this promptly or meet a demise by your unhappy consumers!

  • Poor

    by Klp7903.1

    Do not buy their App radio!! Once a new IPhone comes out they will not update the stereo. If you upgrade to the new phone your stereo will not work. I asked them about this and was told that I am just S.O.L. They just lost a loyal customer.

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