Text Free: Real Phone Number Included with Textfree Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Pinger, Inc.

Textfree 7.1.1
• Fresh new icon (finally) (what do you think?)
• Connect to incoming calls faster
• Improved voice quality
• Made minor UI improvements for iOS 7
• Plus other minor bug fixes

Textfree 6.0.5
• Sleek new look
• Better sound quality
• Text recently added contacts again
• Create wallpaper for each conversation
• Resolved issues with pic messaging (MMS) to AT&T
• Your music keeps playing when you start the app
• View calls and texts in one place
• Press and hold a favorite to move it
• Retina display support
• Optimized for iOS 7
• A must-have update for anyone on iOS 5 and above

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
20 Ratings
All Versions:
17034 Ratings


The original free texting app now with a fresh new look. Get a free real phone number, send unlimited free texts, plus get free unlimited incoming calls from anyone, anywhere in the world.

With Textfree you get free unlimited text messaging plus calling to any phone in the US and Canada, including landlines and non-smartphones. Your friends don’t need Textfree to receive--they don’t even need to have a smartphone.

You get your own real phone number. Call and SMS any number in the US and Canada, even if you don’t have a calling plan.

Incoming calls from anyone, anywhere in the world are always free. Plus make free or cheap calls to anyone in the US and Canada. You get 10 free minutes to start. Earn minutes for additional free outbound calls. And if you run out of minutes, it's easy to buy them super cheap.

Get 60 minutes of free outbound calling when you download our premium app called “Textfree EX”. Was 99c, now free for a limited time!

Give your new number to friends so they can text and call you. Calls on WiFi sound better than any mobile.

Download Textfree and send free texts from anywhere in the world as long as you have a data connection. Find free WiFi at your hotel, a restaurant, even on a train. Why pay for expensive roaming charges when you can SMS free!

For a list of countries you can text to, visit: http://r.pinger.com/text-intl

Textfree works with ANY phone: smart phone, basic phone, even a land line. Even if they don’t have Textfree.
• Call or text your grandmother’s non-smartphone in Minneapolis--FREE.
• Call a restaurant and make reservations--FREE.
• Text a friend in Dallas or Toronto as much as you want--FREE.

Buzzwords links certain words in your texts to cool, helpful or hilarious info on the Web. Tap the word and Textfree will instantly open the content within the app.
• The word “movie” will link to listings of local movie times and reviews.
• “LOL” will link to the funniest videos and pics on the Web.

Now you don’t need to know what messenger apps your friends use. Textfree does it all. Your texts are 100% free. Pics are 100% free. Incoming calls and calls to anyone on Textfree are 100% free. Earn free minutes for outbound calls to any phone in the US and Canada, or buy ‘em real cheap. It’s that simple.

When your friends have Textfree, talking and texting gets even better. You and your friends get unlimited free calls (talk as long as you like) and unlimited free texts (goodbye 160 character limit!) to and from one another, anywhere in the world.

• Get a free second line for your phone
• Group texting: send to multiple friends
• Send hi-res pics to anyone on AT&T, Boost, Sprint, T-mobile, Verizon and Virgin
• Call anyone in US and Canada
• Customize your voicemail greeting
• Know the instant someone reads your texts
• Use your own pictures as wallpaper
• Facebook contact photo sync
• Never miss a call or message
• Block numbers, if needed
• Zillions of ringtones and text tones
• Connect via Bluetooth if you’re on an iPhone
• Log in securely from any device

• Emergency calls are not supported
• Textfree is ad-supported, so you will see ads from time to time
• Your friends not on Textfree pay regular charges for texts and pics--nothing extra
• When not on WiFi, Textfree uses your carrier data connection. Contact your carrier for details of your data plan.

• pinger.com/tfw

• facebook.com/pinger
• twitter.com/pinger

Customer Reviews

  • It's goood

    by Nah chanced

    It a good app bit sometimes the text doesn't come to the people fast I wish they can fix that and they should make it look like an iPhone iMessage looking when u go to the conversation

  • Best Texting/Calling App Out There

    by ShadowWolf48

    wish sending photos would he less complicated, fix that and u get a fifth star

  • Emojis

    by Stsnell

    The ONLY thing i dislike is that it can't send emojis.

  • Best text app

    by Anthony_18

    Get it!! Its really worth it :)

  • Okay

    by Colleen Morgan

    It's a great app first of all! But it takes a while to download photos to see them. And when I get a text message I have to wait for a while before it loads up

  • One thing!!!

    by LalaLAND12378

    I wish you could send texts from this app without wifi like if you weren't home or out to dinner or something!! Like a REAL phone!!!

  • Best app ever

    by Nisleydis

    Good thank you for this app

  • its okay-.-buuuut

    by kayla_noel07

    it should really let people use emojis!!!

  • I like this but....

    by Minepro159

    I don't like that you actually have to be in the app to receive calls. Another thing is that you don't hear the call or text if you are in another game or app. But over all its a pretty good app.

  • Emojis!!!!!

    by Sokenwet

    This app would be great if you could send emojis

  • Problem

    by Offline online pro.

    Bug fix. I always read my messages but it still says that I haven't read 12 of them, fix it please! Also sometimes it sends me messages from 3 days ago that I have read it already, fix it please!

  • Pinger Textfree

    by The Lil Lupe

    I do not get notifications! When I get a messages.

  • Text

    by Sassypants1902

    I love it my iPod is now a phone

  • Receive/send pics from number not email??

    by Lexi867

    I Love this app. The ONLY thing that would make this app perfect is being able to send pics and receive them through your number instead of through the email (@pinger.) because it makes it difficult with pictures.

  • Love it

    by cobalt connor

    Great icon love it

  • Dissapointed

    by Khjcydofjvhc

    I like this app but even with the new update i still cant send pics

  • Love it!!!

    by Rawad777788

    Just great

  • Fix!!!!

    by michellerssss24

    Please let others (outside of Textfree) send pictures (MMS) regularly to our NUMBERS!!

  • Icon

    by Ruth1heart

    I like the old icon better to be honest. But oh well

  • Works great!!

    by Aknetter02

    All the other apps I tried to make my iPod a phone would not work and the caller could not hear me! This app works great and I am really happy with the results!!!

  • Hate the new version

    by DecemberM

    I can't delete my chat threads. So irritating. I don't like the new version. The list of texts no longer goes to landscape and I hate where the call button is! I keep accidentally calling people and I'm wasting minutes.

  • New area code (737)

    by lil_ant02

    I love this app, have used it for years now, but here in the central Austin Texas area we had to add a new area code because of our constant growth, and I now have friends who have this area code and my app doesn't recognize their number as an area number...pleeeeeeease fix this thank you!!!


    by Trixx12345

    Love the app! Very useful, but NEEDS NEEDS NEEDS a PASSCODE LOCK!!!! Please Pinger add this feature.. With that, the app becomes worth 100 stars..lol

  • I love it but....

    by Jade 169

    I love it so much:) I can't send picters to my friends.and it only rings for like 5 secends ! I have 3 missed calls.Maybe next time 5 stars

  • Bad & Good

    by MOEYJAYYE:)

    It's bad , because you can't send or receive pictures ? PLEASE FIX THAT ! & when I send emoji my friends can only see a star (*) please fix this problem! It's good with the calls & all . :)

  • Complicated

    by The David Jacob p

    The app is close frequently and the quality of calls is poor i hope u can fix it

  • We Need Emojis!!

    by PrEtTyJasJasPrEtTy

    iPhone app with no emojis?? Useless!

  • Stupid

    by Coach Smitty227

    This app is werth less

  • Frustrated

    by Coconut house

    This app is always crashing and locking up stating there is no internet when clearly there is. Even on wifi it doesn't work. Fix the many bugs. Extremely inconsistent service.

  • Good app

    by Lil Roskee

    One of the best !! Congratulations !

  • Ok

    by KickinTheChicken

    I love this app but I have an iPod so please, please, please, let me be able to send and receive pictures!!!¡¡¡

  • great app

    by krstarlett

    really great to talk nd txt ppl.. even better when others have the app as well. just fix the freezing when i make calls, and it would be amazing.

  • Frustrated

    by Fine...zzz

    This is an ok app but you can't do you're phone number for as you want and after a while you have to change it and you forget it

  • Ehh

    by Jet5200

    I was just texting my friend and it keeps crashing!! Im trying to get back to them but I cant!! I keep turning off my device but its still not letting me on the app! Please fix

  • Love it but

    by roxanaroxi

    When is international calling going to be available???

  • Great app

    by Sterling_12

    Love this app just wish u could get pics from phones

  • Piece of garbage

    by SendMeLies

    Trash app. Had been using it over 2 years. Suddenly start crashing on me as I try to read texts. I chose to upgrade to one of the pinger apps, it forgets my login info and locks me out. When I finally login, all my history was erased. Way to go. I'm getting another number. Call quality is crap, and it is not even reliable to text? DELETED.

  • Ringtones

    by brennahahaha

    I love this app and have been using it for 3 years now and I only have one major complaint. The selection of ringtones is good just weird. You can get animal sound and human body sounds but there is not a good selection of regular notification noises. I will give this app a 5 star rating when Apple notification tones Are available in the app


    by Ambergur1

    Plz make this available on play store not just App Store !!!!! I would lik this app way more then. THANK YOU !

  • Dont get it

    by CommunicateOfficialReview

    Cant text anyone unless theyre in Your contacts. Crashes. Cant be in a group message. No emojis. Horrible connection during calls.

  • Liars

    by B Stadiem

    They never deliver on the minutes they offer for their BS offers. They owe me hundreds of minutes and don't care at all.

  • nO

    by StylinsonIsReal

    I can't see my missed calls and recent text messages. I got a message from a wrong number and I wanted to text back but the message just disappeared :[

  • Improvement

    by ThisGirl4442

    It'd be really nice if there was an update that would able the use of the cool little emotion dudes! Other then that, this app is very dependable!

  • Can't hear

    by Goldgriffin

    I don't know what's wrong but I can't hear my other end of my call and they can't hear me plz fix the problem thank you.

  • Amazing but

    by Milfhunter 12

    I love this app but it really needs the ability to send and receive pictures

  • Worst app ever

    by Dhina alisha

    I use to text bangladesh and now they changed that feature I am extremely dissapointed and angry. Please fix this!!!!!!!!!!!! I would rate this app a zero ! -_- worst app ever

  • Cool but....

    by Kristen29m

    The problem is that whenever u text somone it turns off your internet. .-.

  • Ugh

    by Luisito 24

    I hate the New Version it looks like pinger I like the old version

  • Best texting app

    by Sim209

    This is the best texting app out there trust me I have tried them all

  • Must have!

    by Madcrazy

    Great application. Very rare problems...

  • Awesome app!

    by Marcel_299

    Awesome app! Fully recommended !

  • Awesome app

    by lexx809

    Very nice and handy for people who like to text

  • The only texting App I use

    by Luisito1913

    I've been using this app for 3 yrs and I love it. I save $15 a month using this app instead of an unlimited texting plan from AT&T.

  • Great app!

    by Seatbelyguy

    I use it internationally, works nicer now that I can send pics from abroad!!

  • Goooddd

    by pablo garcia


  • Dope

    by ZombiePhuck

    It's useful. Thanks to whoever made it

  • Fix

    by 0 __•

    Fix it because when i clear all the messages from a person, it deletes the person.


    by FRESHlilmann

    Need An Improvement , Add Emojis Please


    by FRESHlilmann

    Need An Improvement , Add Emojis Please

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