Pinger: Turn Your iPod touch or iPad into a Phone Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Pinger, Inc.

This update has all kinds of improvements big and small. It's definitely the update you want!

• Connect to incoming calls faster
• Call toll-free numbers without burning minutes
• Backup-and-restore from iCloud
• Retina display support
• Your music keeps playing when you start the app
• Text recently added contacts again
• Fixed rare but super annoying crashing bug (sorry about that)
• Resolved issues with pic messaging (MMS) to AT&T
• Optimized for iOS 7
• A must-have update for anyone on iOS 5 and above

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Pinger gives your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch free unlimited text messaging and free calling to any phone, including landlines and non-smartphones, in the US and Canada. Your friends don’t need Pinger to receive -- they don’t even need to have a smartphone.

As always, texting is totally free and unlimited. Incoming calls are free. You get 10 free minutes to start, and then you earn minutes for additional free outbound calls. And if you run out of minutes, it's easy to buy super cheap minutes.

You get your own real phone number that you can use to call and SMS any phone number in the US and Canada, even if you don’t have a calling plan.

Get 60 minutes of free outbound calling when you download “Textfree EX”. Free for a limited time!

With Pinger you can call or text any phone number, even if they don’t have Pinger and even if they don’t have a smartphone!
• Call or text your grandmother’s non-smartphone in Minneapolis--FREE.
• Call any restaurant in New York to make reservations--FREE.
• Text a co-worker in Dallas or Toronto as much as you want--FREE.
• Messenger apps only work for text messages or calls between people using the app. And only when they have a smartphone.

Now you don’t need to know what messenger apps your friends, family or co-workers use. Pinger does it all. Just use their mobile phone number and your texts are 100% free. Earn minutes for free calling to any phone in the US and Canada. It’s that simple.

When your friends have Pinger talking and texting gets even better. The calls are in HD, so they sound great. And you and your friends get unlimited free calls (talk as long as you like) and unlimited free texts (goodbye 160 character limit!) to and from one another, anywhere in the world.

• Call or text for free back to the US and Canada from anywhere in the world when you have a data connection or WiFi
• New! Share screenshots of your conversations with friends on Facebook. Tag your friends!
• Zillions of ringtones and text tones
• Log in to your account from any device
• Customize your voicemail greeting
• Block numbers, if needed
• Log in securely from any device
• Never miss a message
• Group addressing
• Send hi-res pics
• Choose from zillions of ringtones and text tones
• Connect via Bluetooth if you’re on an iPhone

• 911 calls are not supported
• Pinger is ad-supported, so you will see ads from time to time
• People you talk to outside the US and Canada must download Pinger, too
• When roaming, additional carrier data charges may apply. Contact you carrier for details.


Customer Reviews

  • Loveit!!

    by Lovee---bugg

    This app is great!

  • Ok

    by Katrinahhh

    It'd be better without wifi

  • Best

    by Marisapk

    Best app for calling and texting

  • Best app

    by Darkgoku15

    This app is cool but I would reccomend an update with non wifi calling

  • Wifi

    by Maceydahl

    It is an awsome app but it shouldn't need wifi.

  • Pinger

    by Poohbabypurple

    This is a great app

  • This game is amazing :):):)

    by Lolyourock

    -I know you probly don't want to read this but please do -cool amazing game!!! -I can text all of my friends -one thing I don't like is I can't send pictures unless the people have a apple product - but if u are ok without having to send people texts and videos this is a perfect app for you

  • Extremly awsome

    by Jasyson

    It literally turned my ipod into a phone

  • Best Phone App Ever:)

    by dazzlin22

    This app is awesome you can do your own answering machine Turn on vibration even though it's a iPod touch! Love this app! :)

  • Best Phone App Ever:)

    by dazzlin22

    This app is awesome you can do your own answering machine Turn on vibration even though it's a iPod touch! Love this app! :)

  • Best Phone App Ever:)

    by dazzlin22

    This app is awesome you can do your own answering machine Turn on vibration even though it's a iPod touch! Love this app! :)

  • okay app

    by Z_PILL

    This app is just an "okay" app. The texting is flawless, but Pinger refuses to send picture messages and phone calls have incredible lag. All the people I've tried sending pictures to have never gotten any, and it's just about impossible to make a call with Pinger. If you're looking for an app that replaces your phone when you're with wifi connection, this IS NOT the app--unless, of course, you are a texting maniac. Only three stars because it doesn't do nearly all that it claims to do.

  • To Stephanie99 29

    by Wiszowaty

    Ur really Bull S**h u can' t make a app!!.

  • REED THIS Fool

    by Cool fooleo

    Over all a good app I just wish u didn't have to have internet for it

  • nice

    by kartoosa


  • Please Fix

    by CantTouchThis_113

    It's a really good app, but sometimes (like now) the text sometimes doesn't send. Or sometimes I can't receive any. Otherwise, it's great

  • Miss Pinger

    by Nelnick

    LOVE IT SO MUCH (FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • Random texts

    by Single girls put a ring on it

    I have been using my number everyday but i got a text from you guys saying you have not been using your number and yet i use it all the time so i am confused

  • Pinger app

    by PSD73

    I enjoy it. Comes in handy.

  • Love it

    by Cooley28

    I love this app I have an iPod and it is great now that I have this app. After I got this app I told my mom to get it. Thank you Pringer But I hate how loud it is when you call someone but hey thanks Pringer.

  • Lala

    by Janet Jane 7

    The app is great for texting but with my iPhone 5s I can't answer calls it always say Connecting then it turns into a missed call!! Please fix!

  • Won't let me text

    by someone_somewhere

    The app got stuck and now it won't let me text other numbers or look back at older texts when you kinda forget what you were talking about. My friends are annoyed. They think I'm purposely ignoring their texts. Please please please fix. I don't wanna have to delete this app it was working really good before. What happened?

  • worst app

    by Emily Grant

    I tried to down load it and my iPod died and then i got on the app store and it stop loading and then after it died it wouldn't down load.Pease of junk.

  • no longer works for texts

    by Isaiah30.15

    Loved it before, but it hasn't been letting me text for a while now (which is what I got it for).

  • This app stinks

    by Nick1011s

    This app is terrible I want to give you no stars

  • Bad app

    by Yeah blah yeah blah yeah blah

    This app was ok when I first got it now its dropping calls, missing calls, missing text, not showing text for hours after there sent. I updated it n now it's running worse than before might delete it n would never recommend it to anyone.


    by Boo boo89

    I would give 0 stars if I could cause it said I wasn't old enough and you have to be 13. Why cause they should let people under 13 do it.

  • This thing is bull!

    by Stephanie99 29

    Don't buy this! It's more stressful than spending $200 on a phone! It's such bull that it's not worthy of being called an "app," and that's pretty bad. First, u gotta have bloody Internet 2 use it. And half the time when u have internet, it won't work! Then you have 2 use it within 30 days of your last call, or they give your number 2 someone else. I got the warning after 25 days. A few days later I was about to use it and it said "your pinger number hasn't been used in 30 days. We've given your # 2 someone else. You can get a new #." I thought, "I'm not putting up w/ this crap!" So I deleted pinger. I bought it back to write a review, and i'm deleting it after wards w/out giving it satisfaction of opening it. Then when I was on e-mail, remember how you see who it's from and the first few words. I saw something from pinger soon after my # was taken and it said "Hi Ellen, we hate to be the bearer of..." And I thought, "I'll just BET you do!" I wasn't giving pinger the satisfaction of me reading their e-mails, so I deleted them w/out looking at them. This app is BULL CRAP. I can't believe how peeps actually wrote good things about this! They're either crazy or have an xtremly high temper.

  • Why do you have to buy minutes

    by Lol durp face100

    I really don't like how you either have to buy minutes, watch videos, or do sponsor stuff I don't really like this

  • Fixes.

    by yannamae94

    Can the next update be iOS7 compatible? Meaning the keyboard and being able to send and receive the regular, not the Pinger, emojis. I tried to send the dollar sign, "$", and the other person received "n". Like why the heck wouldn't that work? That should be a basic thing that every app and keyboard should be able to support. Please fix this in the next update and just make the overall app better. Thank you.

  • Awsome

    by You to me

    It is the best

  • A few serious issues

    by <3 kassie

    I hate how the age recommendation is 4+.. Policy on pinger is ages 13+.. Yet they have "local sec connections" as an advertiser. They try to move the advertisements around to get you to accidentally touch it, during a conversation I got a pop up notification from local sex connections asking for access to my current location. Sooo inappropriate for a company to allow users under 18 and sex ads to be mixed. I hope they change age policy, or choose advertisers more wisely--soon! Before a child gets in trouble, and they have a massive lawsuit. Oh, about the app.. I don't prefer it. It lags so much, and half the time it doesn't notify when a message is received. It freezes my phone. Directly after downloading it, it changed my background to pinger welcome screen. I wouldn't recommend this app.

  • Cool app

    by Jborne33

    I needed a second phone while working with tech support for my smartphone. Ended up needing more minutes for a few bucks which was well worth it

  • Good job pinger

    by Beej7916

    This is an excellent app. May be complicated at first to find stuff but once you get used to it it is very convenient and user friendly. I also like that this app uses your area code instead of three random numbers like most texting apps do. Great job pinger

  • Nooooooo

    by C.cobb

    It won't let me make phone calls at all please help

  • BAD

    by Laniemae72

    It's really slow and I don't understand why you need calling minutes. It's being a pain and they should really upgrade it.So far it is really bad and I meant to put 1 and a half stars but I accidentally put three stars and its BAD!!!!!

  • Haters?

    by DbossMan101

    All these ppl are saying,"u can't get or send pictures!"Well I think they are just HATERS!My friend send my pics all the time!I send pics to them too!1 Prob though.When my friend sends me a txt I don't get it at the exact time he sent it(sometimes even delayed 15 minutes)I am rating 5stars cuz I honestly LOVE this!

  • Pinger

    by Kira112345

    Idk what's wrong with this app but everytime I'm on the phone with someone it always hangs up, so please fix it

  • Terrible

    by Drifudkakzbhxjsosnxhbxajzxhsn

    This app did something to my phone and idk what it was so I needed to delete it and it made my phone slow and small vibrations when I get texts

  • Anoying

    by charlene ramirez

    Love this app but it keeps saying i have a message when i dont.

  • Pictures

    by Ajshkdgsnx

    I hate the fact that i cant recieve pictures and plus u guys erase my number so i have to do it again

  • Not the best calling app

    by Nicole8777777778

    I don't like how it pops up ads and its really slow and I can't send picture messages to a number that pinger says is out of the country ( the US ) but its not overall I would recommend this app to anyone

  • Great App...but...

    by 1WinterHeart4

    ( From the experience of usage on iPod touch 4g) This app is really good, but I wish it had a message pop up for sending and receiving messages faster and easier but in the other hand it is great! I also wish you could send and receive pictures to anyone without a pinger account and without having them send the picture to your email and vise versa. The calling is good but it does have some problems like when it says someone is calling you it takes awhile for it to answer the call and I don't know if it's the app or the iPod but it always sounds like its on speaker, when you talk you can sometimes hear and echo and some static in the background (Please fix!) other then all that the rest of the app is great!


    by pooplio90

    Everytime I Send or Receive a Text Message my Wifi Disconnects

  • Super cool

    by Emojoy lover 4ever

    Wow they are awesome


    by BlackCat11609

    Me an my friend were pinging each other then all the sudden she gets a ping from myself. But the thing is it wasn't me who sent it. Frankly it pretty much impossible I got hacked bc my account I new. THEN THERE'S THE FACT I NEVER STATED MY HOME PHONE NUMBER!!!!! If it doesn't stop I'm quoting no matter how good this app my be bc frankly it's not worth it.

  • No

    by Loulou1341

    It's like you're asking me to delete the app when you send me ads at four in the morning.

  • Stupidest texting app ever

    by Burplouder

    I absolutely hate this app if u don't text anyone in 30 days they will give ur number to someone else it also took for ever to send messages

  • Stealing Random Numbers?

    by Smoochie_smooch2

    I used to have a number that was the same as another # that wasn't using pinger! It was unbelievable! So pinger basically gives their users stolen numbers. This whole situation caused a huge problem, and I had to change my number. Plus, this app is so slow and the pictures only work between pinger users. I advise everybody to leave this app!

  • Help

    by Turtles Taylor cx

    Ok how do u change ur number I need help bc PORNHUB keeps calling my pinger number bc of my brother ): plz help!!

  • Great:)

    by Tiannas cookies

    It is great and all but it always goes speaker and you can't text without wifi and you can't send pictures or receive pictures.

  • Good then useless

    by Ninja1587

    I could use it at first but it seemed like after they came out with there new app my app never works so that is why I give it two stars

  • Please work on it

    by Mike123451

    Push notifications don't show up at all anymore

  • Can't wait

    by Jessaca07

    I can't wait to use this app I hope it is as awesome has everyone said it is!

  • Pinger App

    by Cheyenne Ruiz

    It's a good app to use but it crashes after I send too many texts:(

  • pinger

    by Xghvdcuguvu

    on my ipod it doesint let me call anyone with pinger

  • great

    by Bryan Moore

    this is a great app. before I had my iphone, I had this on my iPod and thought I was the coolest person because I could text

  • Good, but not great

    by hgpgirl8

    This is a great app for communicating with friends if you lack a cellphone. I would prefer there be a setting where you could turn off Pinger's changing all emoticons to their own little faces. It gets annoying. Also, only one contact has been able to send me a picture. Lots of contacts CAN'T!

  • Okay

    by :( sad please fix this now

    The app is good but when it crashes you have to restart your device.

  • I wish...

    by Jalan Aviares

    I wish that you could see if the person has already looked at it or has received it. Or see what time they saw the message.

  • A Fine App

    by PrincessSakii

    To start this review off, I would like to say that the graphics are good. They allow you to change the wallpaper and the pictures of contacts by synchronizing their accounts. Secondly, I like how you texting is unlimited and you can call by earning minutes from watching quick videos. In addition, the settings for the app is very organized. Furthermore, I like how you receive the text really quickly no matter how far you are from the person, and I like how they always tell you whether the signal is good or bad. It is usually good which is a part I like about pinger. However, I Dislike the fact that when you need help, you can't speak with pinger like you can with kik. In addition, I dislike the smileys. I think their should be a option for people to turn the smiley section on or off just like in talkatone or mo+ (other apps). I also dislike it that I can't receive any pictures. Despite all the negatives of this app, I still like the fact that I can chat freely with my friends and receive their messages quickly c:

  • Not bad

    by Chiejfnnelsj

    Make changes to the call log. Perhaps by adding call duration and the ability to click on call history.

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