Free Style Messenger – Text with colors, GIFs, smiley emoticons, stickers and fonts Utilities App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Pinger, Inc.

Support for iOS 7
Bug fixes
Now available in Spanish

Customer Ratings

Current Version:
8 Ratings
All Versions:
74 Ratings


Finally, a messaging app that lets you text with “style”. Free Style is the first messaging app that allows you to customize how your texts look to the people who receive them. You can even make them disappear after they’re read. It’s the latest app from Pinger, makers of the #1 free texting and calling app, Textfree.

You style yourself, now style your texts. Customize the background, the color, and the font, then add unique animated smileys and stickers, or our wacky live-action animated GIFs. Explore the more than 27,000 combinations.

You’re in complete control of how your texts look to others. And you can easily change them up with every text you send.

Be free to be yourself. Want to send a text that can only be seen once? Just choose the “disappearing ink” style and your text will disappear after your friend reads it. You’ll both see it go “poof” and disappear forever.

Communicate your mood with one tap, no typing required. Send a lovable animated sticker or one of our wacky live-action GIFs, like puckered lips, nose-picking, thumbs up or down.

If you’re one of the millions of current Textfree or Pinger users, use your Pinger number/user name to log in to Free Style. All of your friends who use Pinger or Textfree will be marked with a purple dot. You can easily send them invites to download and log in to Free Style. If you don’t use Pinger or Textfree, you can invite friends to Free Style by clicking on the Invite Friends button inside the app.

• Your friends need Free Style to receive your Free Style messages
• iPod touch and iPad users need WiFi
• Free Style Messenger is ad-supported, so you will see ads from time to time


Customer Reviews

  • Cool app

    by Amanda82598

    I like the app, but I think the app should have something to show if the person is typing or not.

  • Getting me mad but Great app

    by HelloKittyz<33

    It keeps taking me to the app store!!!!!!! :( Otherwise, i like the app design :) 3 stars, 5 stars when u fix what i said :)

  • Awesome

    by McShrimpSizes

    So much fun I love it!!!

  • Awesome

    by Eva E.

    Totally awesome bro!!!

  • Great for the most part!

    by Super me powers

    I love this app! All the different design, font, color, and text appearance options!! But what I don't love is that you can only text other people that have the app. That should definitely be in the next update! If it were I would be 110% for it!

  • LOVE

    by JBLuver...

    Love this app

  • Finally an app like this that interacts with Textfree !!!!!!!!!!

    by Bailey Elizabeth Wertz


  • Love it

    by Lillybug 708

    I love it and all but I don't know how to change the background,if you even can

  • Me

    by #1 Dancer02


  • Better than imessage

    by MelissaM10

    more useful more emoticons

  • Well...

    by Kayla guinea pig Duncan

    It's great

  • I love this app

    by Linda Williams

    This app is awesome

  • Fabulous! But...

    by Mack3154

    I love this app; the different styles are great, the only thing is that on my iPad the screen is iPhone sized. If it was a little bit bigger, making it easier to see, I'd rate it five stars. :D

  • This app is awesome

    by Lala12341207

    This app is awesome I love it and what you can do is awesome

  • Hmmmm

    by Thisisrandom

    I'm about to try it out! Seems like it's a very cool app...but I read that you can only send messages only to people who have the same app. I think that it should be expanded to all numbers as well...time to check it out!

  • Cool

    by The_Camper_L_A_G

    Very cool . Just take adds off

  • Easy to use!

    by Boo AK

    Nice, easy to use. Great at attaching pics to a text. Highly recommended!

  • Trying it

    by Smurflover46

    Hopefully it's fun it's downloading now I have heard good reviews about it wish me luck

  • Calm Down & Love Justin Bieber

    by Yaujvrgfs

    I really like the app but i dont like the fact that you can only text the people who have that app. Can u expand it so i could text users who dont have the app

  • Good app:)

    by GinaLeighHorne

    Good app just wish I could text non-pinger users like you can on regular pinger :(

  • Slow

    by Tabs2014

    Every time I try to send a text it goes slow and my friend doesn't get the text until like 6 hours later. Idk y because its an amazing app. :'(

  • Strange

    by Blackfacewidow

    I like the app but then again I'm starting to hate it because the ads. They're driving me crazy

  • I hate dumb apps

    by Kenzyyyyy1542

    Unless everyone you know and want to talk to has this app, which is highly unlikely, don't waste your time. It's like a 12 year old in computer class designed it anyway.

  • Terrible!!!!

    by Antzmgsgmd

    Dont bother. It won't connect to the system, and will tell you to go to the help site. But you will just waste your time, as nothing will work.

  • UGH!

    by Catk123

    My friend is a contact, AND she has the app and i can't find a way to message her!!! Please fix soon!!!

  • Ok

    by Jazzy Monkey

    Rather dumb than uncle notions.

  • Sexual messages

    by Azezel9999999999999

    Lol anyone realize that in the details of this map all the example messages are sexual

  • B

    by Miner for life 22

    Amazing app way better then iMessage

  • RE

    by Lexie51199

    This is a really cool app lml. You should do more lml.?!(

  • I agree

    by @Kaleb1221gropp

    I agree with show time I want to text friends that aren't on pinger

  • Lame

    by randomdude99

    No point if you can only send to pinger users

  • It's Good But

    by RodgerCoco

    You Should Be Able To Txt Ppl Who Do Not Have A Pinger Account

  • Good

    by iCOOKIE29


  • Review

    by Smurfeett

    It's a good app but u can only text the people that have the app

  • now i can customize texts

    by GMaxWingo

    why didn't someone do this before!

  • Good

    by Hsjsmapb

    It's good but I don't like how u have to text people that have pinger

  • Like

    by Akuma Nakamura

    I love this app so much

  • The app is ok , but . .

    by Nique328

    I like that you can customize it however you want but just would've wished we could text others that DON'T have the app . PLEASE FIX IT & MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR US PINGER USERS TO TEXT NON PINGER USERS ? Thanks

  • YOLO

    by Cammy L.

    I love this app! <3

  • Skeptical.....excited..

    by Mrs. Whitehead

    This is my first time tryin this out , love the reviews so in exited to try, but I did see that this is only directe to those who have the app as well.... I feel this should expand to iMessage users as well it would expand the usage if the app and get more reviews as well...,,

  • by April10659

    it's okay

  • Good

    by Showtime890

    It's but I hate that u can only text people who have the app update it please and I will tell everyone about it ! (:

  • No bueno

    by Omg.whatsup?!

    It's a good app but I hate that you can only text people with the app.. Maybe that can be fixed??

  • by Luckyyyyyy gurl

    I think its kinda dumb because u can only text people that have the app! And you cant have a wallpaper! Or conversational wallpaper! Dats just stupid

  • Cute!

    by DaCheeseLady

    I love being able to customize how my messages look. However, some of the messages in my conversation seem to show up out of order. Other than that I can't wait to show all my friends this cool app!

  • So much more fun than iMessage

    by Jenny221

    I love the animated smileys and stickers, and how I can customize the font and color of my messages! And if you select "disappearing ink", the message appears for a couple seconds and then disappears!

  • it's growing on me

    by Snapster3

    I was a little confused at first - but then I figured it out. This is basically a whatsapp-like texting app, but with waaay better cosmetics. Once I got used to how it works, I love the interface and all the ways you can customize easily.

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