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Seller: Paul Abraham Jaimovich

We added several new features to the browser and adjusted ratings accordingly.

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Again, Finally!
Our web browser for iPhone and Ipod touch will browse any page without leaving a history. With this application you do not need to clear your history, cookies or cache; no more auto-completion of undesired urls!

Thats not all: Your homepage runs an unfiltered search engine! You will be able to see some results that normally do not appear in regular search engines. Just imagine all the possible uses of this application.

Unlike other applications we have added the BLACKOUT feature. To activate it you simply have to press on the "http://" area. The navigation screen will then turn black instantly. To go back to navigation mode simply touch the blackout screen, its that simple!

Additionally to the great features of our original application, we have now added the SCREENSHOTS feature. No other application out there will give you the option to take screenshots of your web browser! Even better, take shots at pages that will then get erased from your browsers history for privacy purposes so you don't get caught! Imagine being able to keep a sample of that web page for future reference or even better; being able to email it to a friend! If you like that picture that much you can also set it as your wall paper background or assign it to a contact's picture.

Finally you can enjoy the privacy of web browsing at your finger tips, and keep the best of it for yourself!

We are constantly working on this and our other applications; please send any ideas or suggestions to

Enjoy ;)

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by 쑈 쇼 쇼

    Best for watching 2 girls 1 cup

  • Great

    by Jrnoury

    Bettter than Bolt & Privately (private web browsers)

  • Wow!!!

    by gordito3384

    The best app to watch porn :)

  • Update

    by }}~~~>YOURMAKER<~~~{{

    Amazing app fast internet but please add adobe flash player if possible on next update like cloud browse

  • Re screenshot feature

    by Psfgyo

    Tried this... But screenshot captures The browser bar/ address bar too... It needs to capture the image ONLY.. Plus sometimes image is too big for screen.. Other than that good browser. Thanks :)

  • Capture works

    by iT0uch

    For a free app, this works fine. The only 2 issues are the permanent address bar (won't hide) & the inability to resize the webpage.

  • Awsome

    by Bryankb22

    I think this is just a great app for the iphone/itouch

  • No History Does Not Mean Invisible

    by Grungyape

    I grabbed this just to wite a review to make sure folks aren't mislead. This browser does exactly what it claims to, but do not be confused by the difference between no history (anonymous) and invisible. When you are on a wireless network, or over your provider, where you sufe, and what you view, is fully visible on the back side. There may be no cookie or url or history, but as a network admin, esp when you have web filtering and analysis in place, we can nab you easily. Your MAC address, iPhone name are both transmissed with your url and search requests. Again, the app is not making any wrong statement, but there are two sides to your browser. The front is all this hides.

  • Pops and ads

    by dan297

    I understand its free and they have earn money so how but I don't need the pop ups.

  • Un-Install?

    by Talkin Tom gets weird

    How do you un-install this peice of crap if you used all your GB's

  • Great but one problem

    by guitartech18

    I love it, but the thing is, when you tap the http:// the page turns black but the URL says on the screen (it should disappear too)

  • No work

    by Jezzy M.D.

    No work as well.

  • Doesn't work

    by Generic Male 2

    Doesn't seem to work: 1) fails to mask IP. Certainly not https/ssl or otherwise encrypted. Not a workable VPN. Check your IP yourself (eg. Clear as day. 2) hangs. 3) so-called "black out" feature blacks out the screen. Useless.

  • Browser Startup Major Annoyance and $$

    by WDW-J

    Everytime I start this app, it loads a Google search page, THEN LOADS A MOVIE FOR MICROSOFT's BING (at least current advertisement). The movie is overkill, takes too much time, and incurs additional data usage which counts against AT&T's iPhone Limited data plans - NOT good! Deleted app and found another free browser that is soooo simple and has fast access.

  • What

    by Codymcnabb

    Who exactly can see what I'm doing and what sites I've been to?

  • fail whale

    by nubile hunter

    the app didn't work right from the start, tried to search some babes and links would come up but would not open. And by the way looking at porn saves more marriages than destroys them. My wife is fat and unattractive now and so am I. A little fantasy daily doesn't make me love her less.

  • Stop lookin at porn

    by It'sJustDave

    Maybe you should love your wife instead of trying to hide your porn addiction from her.

  • Okay...

    by Branman275

    It's pretty good, but you need a loading bar and disappearing url bar like in Safari.

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