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Languages: English

Seller: Marco Lombardo

- iOS 7 support
- Zabbix 2.2 support

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MobileOp is a ZABBIX application client that bring all the basics functions of the ZABBIX front-end interface directly to your iPhone.

If you are an Administrator/Operator of a ZABBIX system, MobileOp will help you to access, track, modify and view all the information you need right from your phone.

Major features & benefits:

- Manage and Monitor unlimited numbers of Zabbix Servers, and fast-switch between them without leaving MobileOp
- Monitor Active Triggers status
- Monitor Events logs history
- Monitor realtime Host status and related Items
- Monitor Item Graph in real-time
- Monitor Trigger and Events based on Host
- Edit/Modify Trigger basic configuration
- Edit/Modify Item basic configuration
- Acknowledge Events changes
- Send execution of Host based scripts right from your device
- Ability to place an host in Maintenance status
- Push Notification support by integration with Zabbix Server custom alert script mediatype *
- Support for HTTP Basic Authentication
- Track your Zabbix monitored hosts status information directly using the iPhone Camera and QR Code Tags with the MobileOp's features HostTag and HostScan.
- Add Photo (from Camera or Photo Library) with GPS coordinates to yours monitored Hosts for reachability and logistics references
- Interaction with third party Naviagation apps
- Local notification for each Trigger status change
- Per ZABBIX Server parameters definition
- Interaction with third party apps that support Telnet,SSH,HTTP/HTTPS protocols useful for managing your Host.
- Full Support for ZABBIX version 1.8.3 - 1.8.16 and version 2.0, 2.2
limited support for version 1.8.2
- Graphics optimized for Retina Display (iPhone 4/4S) and for iPhone 5/5S

- MobileOp is not an IT Management stand-alone App, it needs ZABBIX back-end to work
- MobileOp needs a ZABBIX account with API setting enabled.
- MobileOp support iOS 5.0 or higher
- MobileOp will work fine with an iPhone 3GS or higher device, iPhone 4/4S is highly recommended.

* Push Notification Support with Zabbix alert custom script. This will allow your Zabbix Server to send Push Notification alerts directly to your iPhone using MobileOp.

See official MobileOp site for more details, screenshots and how to use the app.

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Tampa64

    Excellent customer support

  • App is awesome

    by Robert Rolfe

    It's the perfect app to use with zabbix. Only wish there was an iPad version!

  • A good remote dashboard...

    by Ticked Repeat Buyer

    It takes a few minutes of playing around with the app to figure out how to navigate and find all of the information that you want. Not bad, however, and reasonably pretty, too. I definitely recommend the app. Being able to see graphs, history and all items for a host while on the go is very nice. It would be nice if there was an easy way to setup maintenances from my phone. I find that while at the DC doing a maintenance, I'm AFK, but have my phone near by and want to schedule a quick maintenance (without disabling monitoring). It's be nice, but not a blocker that would prevent 5 stars. Also, I have hosts (databases) where I have >2K items, and it's be nice if these worked. A few hundred items works well, but when you get in to the thousands, it breaks.

  • Great functionality and interface

    by Gopher49

    I'm using this app to manage 3 sites and over 20 virtual machines. Having the ability to see not only current reporting of all checks but also see graphs historically showing reporting trends is key to managing multiple sites and/or server/network resources. This application keeps me in tune with not only my servers but my network appliances too. The ability to add photos for each device is a huge benefit. Some sites are extremely large and hard to remember where data closets are located. Having a photo to associate to a data closet and/or a device is a huge benefit.

  • 99% there! Here's hoping for that last 1%

    by The Untergeek

    I definitely prefer this to Mozaby. The only thing holding me back from a 100% and 5-star rating is the inability to use client ssl certificates. We use those for an added level of security.

  • Not working on a mid size Zabbix install

    by AndreSachs

    The application eats up a my 2 Mbps line trying to sync with my Zabbix server. I have 5k hosts in Zabbix and 100k items. This process of adding the Zabbix instance just does not completing.

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