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Seller: iOS Developer

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Customer Reviews

  • One of a kind

    by jugbugs

    I use this app to simply create barcodes (scannable from iPhone) and to determine what symbology other barcodes are. As a utility it works well but the interface could use some polish. Also, please continue to add more symbologies for both reading and writing.

  • Simple Bar Code Tool

    by cd20050

    This is what I was looking for. A standalone iPhone based bar code tool that is not designed for shopping. Note that the interface is very raw, with what appear to be Objective C class names as choices for one of the settings.

  • Horrible Interface

    by Smiggz

    Software works but it is not user friendly at all. After I saved a created barcode of my choice, it was a painful task trying to figure out where it went. Needs a bit of work!


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