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Seller: Integrated Card Services, LLC

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Yes, this is great!

A cash register for any purpose, temporary or full time business.

It keeps records of all transactions and current inventory of bills and coins at any time, just like a bank.

It helps the user keep account of how many bills or coins of each type are needed to give for simplicity.

Exclusively designed for iPhone, iPad and iPhone.

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Customer Reviews

  • Kids Love it

    by JFK president

    My kid loves this app.

  • It's trash!

    by Brian75638

    This app does not even launch! It's totally a ripoff and needs to be reported! It's a waste of money

  • Don't Buy

    by HesserTSR

    This app is Garbage, it doesn't load. It crashes on startup. If this developer doesn't fix the problems and update. I will report this app to apple for fraud.


    by Betty S

    Won't load. A waste of money. Do not recommend. Should be taken off the App Store and all profits returned to iTunes purchasers who bought it. Lousiest App I've ever purchased.

  • It wouldn't let

    by T.g.r.p

    It wouldn't let me get on the app

  • Crap

    by Tgo06536

    It fuking crashes do get this freking app if I could I would give it no stars

  • It is garbage

    by sf4therock

    I purchased this then downloaded tried it three or four times downloading it doesn't work don't get it it's garbage. and tech-support will not help you

  • Does not work

    by Ek3030

    It crashes on startup. Do not buy.

  • Piece of crap

    by Leedawg01

    It won't even let me into the app! Crashes every time I try to load this stupid app!

  • Horrible

    by AppRater900

    Hey, so I just wanted a cash register app for my iPad, so I tried this, but you can't even open it it just shuts again this isn't a very good app so don't get it look at the reviews before you buy this, do NOT buy it it's not worthy it WON'T EVEN OPEN!! What's the point??

  • CRAP

    by Cullen123@hsvixvzk

    Will not even open on mine so it is totally crap. So no stars.

  • Waste of money

    by tj mcdonald

    Horrible game

  • Horrible app

    by It's all about Yamaha!

    Please don't make any more

  • It crashes

    by Robin's IPhone

    Hope tech support does upgrade. Cause this thing does not work. Someone really should have check it out first Aug 5, 2011 - still a piece of crap. I feel so violated

  • Waist of time and money

    by Mark Isaeff

    It doesn't even work

  • Waste of Money

    by abcgrandma

    You should be ashamed for cheating customers. Had to purchase another app which at least loaded and works. I got Cash Register (MyAppldea). Your"s wouldn't even load properly. What a waste.


    by trumpetmaster97

    Made it work you stupid


    by oliviaaa_3

    This app does not work dont waste money don't waste time u can't even open this app STUPID

  • Weird app

    by Rip Cat

    This app is confusing and does not come with instructions. I will not be able to use it and wish I had not bought it. Stay clear

  • Won't work

    by Br549abcdef

    Apple deletes good working apps and they let ones like this stay. Vary disappointed

  • Please don't waste your time...

    by Disgrlznice

    This app doesn't even open!.... How the heck are people able to put crap like this out here... Apple needs to check these apps for quality assurance before putting them on the market! Disappointing!, very!

  • Glad i only wasted a dollar.

    by EvilDachshund

    Cannot open this app, I have tried several times since I purchased it and absolutely nothing. Hopefully there will be a bug fix soon.

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