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- Performance improvement for iOS 7.

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The unique 3-step full cycle charge to maximize your battery life!
Displaying remaining usage time under over 20 different tasks!

Is your iPhone's battery always draining quickly? Keep doing full cycle charge with Battery Power once a month and following the tips in Battery Power strictly, you can maximize your battery life to the degree you can't even imagine! Besides, Battery Power can also count and indicate, based on the current remaining battery, how long you can make phone calls, play game or browse the web! With such information, you can better balance your battery life between enjoying yourself in the games now and preserving the remaining time for an important phone call coming later!

------ FEATURES with Battery Power Pro ------

★ 3-Step "Full Cycle Charge"
✓ Fast Charge: Quickly charge from below 20% to 80% capacity.
✓ Full Charge: Reduce the charging current, slowly charge battery from 80% to 100% capacity.
✓ Trickle Charge: Charge battery with 100% capacity at a specific rate to remain at its fully charged level.

★ Check the Health State of Your Battery
✓ Show the health state of the battery
✓ Technology to keep healthy
✓ Technology to reverse poor health condition

★ Tips to help you maintain your battery
✓ Tips from Apple's official documentation.
✓ Tips from experienced experts in battery

★ Over 20 Battery Usage Indicators
✓ Standby
✓ Talk on 2G
✓ Talk on 3G
✓ Internet (WiFi)
✓ Internet (3G)
✓ Audio
✓ Video
✓ GPS Nav
✓ Bluetooth
✓ 2D Gaming
✓ 3D Gaming
✓ Take Photos
✓ Record Videos
✓ FaceTime
✓ Skype
✓ iBook
✓ Kindle
✓ Youtube
✓ Pandora

★ Different levels shown in different colors
✓ Blue: up to 25hr
✓ Green: 25hr to 6 hr
✓ Orange: 6hr to 3hr
✓ Red: below 3hr

★ Set the Order of the Indicators
✓ Customize the order of the battery usage indicators

★ Device supported
✓ iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
✓ iPod 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
✓ iPad 1, 2, The new iPad , iPad mini, iPad with Retina display

Customer Reviews

  • Useful for the juice

    by WilliamCh30

    What I would say about this app is that it can really help monitor my battery power. Whoever came up with this app deserves a high five!

  • Extends Battery Life

    by Cajun Gas Passer

    Great app that reminds me to perform routine battery maintenance. Drain to less than 20% and then it will perform a full cycle battery charge. This extends the life of the battery and increases it's day to day functionality.

  • Awesome

    by #reviewerzz

    This app is awesome

  • Pookiebare698

    by Pookiebare698

    Saving battery like it says will and reminds when need to do maintenance on battery

  • Great

    by mikev53

    Great App very pleased.

  • great

    by mikeveneta

    perfect prog

  • Works for me!

    by ABPinDFW

    This is the 3rd charging app that I've tried. I'm no expert, but I think it does what it's supposed to do.

  • Mr

    by Valtronkt88

    So far so good. Must set charging PC so it won't go into sleep mode or it will not do a complete charge!

  • Worth it

    by Wanted666

    Needs updates but worth the dollar

  • Love it

    by NicoleEW

    This app is perfect for my iPod touch 5 because it does not only say what the percentage is it tells you how long you have on fore example: the internet, standby, 2-D gaming and 3-D gaming

  • Bateria

    by Investigador66


  • Battery life

    by Tjm612

    Appears to help to extend the battery life.

  • Awesome app

    by Bobster 1069567

    The battery app gives you choices of what you need and don't need. Overall a great app I would recommend it to any one!

  • Problem w full charge

    by Greek kid2011

    For some reason it says I'm only doing a normal charge, and that in order to do a full cycle charge I need to drain to 20% power or less, even though my battery IS at that prescribed level. Please help

  • Works Nicely

    by #1 Duck Fan

    The app seems to work well my battery seems to last longer since I started using it.

  • Tom

    by Tom from Villa Park

    Nice app, best .99 I spent

  • The best app

    by Fabian Perez A.K.A Lil Shadow

    It's a good app for ur iPhone 5s it Telly works it help's a lot. It's the best app ever for the battery that takes care if ur battery.

  • Great for security!!

    by Great for Security!!

    I love this app! I was convinced that my iPhone was tapped. Through this app I could see that my Bluetooth, which I never used was draining the battery!!

  • After 1st use the difference was amazing

    by Sparrow375350

    Could you please a offer a reminder so that we know it is time to run another full cycle charge ? That would be extremely helpful!!! Amazing app!

  • Battery pro

    by harleighdad

    Great app

  • Doesn't register full charges anymore

    by Silversol99

    Since the latest update I've drained my battery to less than 20% 3 times and had the app open when starting the charge. Every time it claims a normal charge and not a full charge was completed.

  • The emperor's new clothes

    by catladyrn

    I have the world's worst iPhone battery, so I really was hoping this would help, and based on the reviews, I bought it. I've now forced a drain twice, and both times the program tells me that I didn't do a full charge and I should drain the battery. Not to mention that it takes at least 3 times longer to charge now than it did before I bought the app. This is one of those programs that you can't be sure is doing anything it says it will do; it just looks like it's helping. Will be deleting and glad I was only ripped off for $1.06.

  • Waste of money

    by Panchi2011

    Don't buy and waste money. Doesn't trickle charge at all even after draining all battery and charging it for 4/5 hours.

  • Used to work great

    by Newscenter

    After the latest update the app no longer understands a full charge cycle. Even after removing the app, power cycling my iPhone and re-installing it. I used to like it.

  • Used to work

    by Forte7

    It used to do full system charge but now it doesn't. SOMETIMES it says it's doing a full system charge but along the way it changes to normal charge.

  • Exploring

    by Krazy Kree

    I had a month ago done full charge. This morning try to do a full charge got to 100% and told me the charge was ended, did a normal charge instead. So uninstalled and reinstalled again starting from scratch. The accuracy is off by 5%. Not too long ago downloaded O/S7 is there a problem with it? Accuracy was better with the old O/S. Disappointing.

  • Still buggy

    by Miko_84

    The battery percentage do not match with the default one tune on, i also check some other app i have on my phone they're all accurate accept this one. I risk a buck just to try this out, also i know iHandy developer always put there link (advertise other app) on a main screen, why don't you have it under About so if anyone decides to look more into the app. i bought quite a few from iHandy tool not sure if i ever come back to buy from this company any more.

  • Seems to work Great

    by jimmymac31455

    This app has worked exactly the way it says it should and I have no complaints. The only question I have is will it lengthen the life and extend the usefulness of my battery. I have an IPhone 5 that has the iOS 7 operating system and by all accounts everything is going well. My phone is 1 yr and 4 months old and I installed this app about a year ago. Very simple to use and it comes with other apps attached to it but they are separate and can be installed or removed depending on your preference. I kept a couple and they work fine. I am a typical man and read no instructions about this phone and though I had bought about 10 IPhones for my children this was my first. I just learned, about a week ago, how to shut off all the operations still running in the background. So considering all, and it was a lot, of operations running in the background, I will have to say the battery is doing quite well. Even a full day of incredible use and I have yet to completely run out of juice in a 24 hr period. Based on all that I would have to say that this is one of the best batteries ever made (I doubt it) or this battery app is working well at keeping my battery healthy( my best guess). So until something bad happens and I have to change my rating I will stand by the 5 stars. I will update if anything changes as I believe reviews are very, very important, at least good, clear reviews are. By the way, I have read a lot of the other reviews and the lower ratings are based in two groups. 1) the person that doesn't like it is not using it properly because, like me, they did not read how to use it. I actually did read how to use this one as it was short and easy to understand. 2) the second group of 3 stars and under are people who say it does nothing or the one I read where the person said they could do the monthly charge, trickle, slow then fast, etc. charge. Well if that person gives this app 3 stars because they know how to imitate the same charge on their own, first I say why waste all the time, and second, sorry we aren't all geniuses like you, though I actually do have a genius IQ. I could never figure out how to do the monthly charge on my phone without this app or some expensive equipment that I don't want to purchase. So giving this app a 3 star cause you say, I don't believe you, that you can do exactly the same thing this app does is ludicrous. How does that lessen the value of this app? All the IQ tests I have had given to me must be defective. Or wait, you could probably do your own IQ test making all others a waste of time. Still give this app 5 stars until it doesn't work beautifully, then I will change it. But until then I stand on my opinion.

  • Not in synch with native battery app

    by MK4One

    This app shows the battery status as 4% less then the one with iOS 7. Not sure which to believe. Can it be synched?

  • Works seamlessly

    by bubbalubba

    Easy no fuss no muss

  • Terrific Reminder

    by combug

    The deplete to 20% or below reminder is a great resource and keeps my battery in tip top shape.

  • I like it keeps me charged

    by Pastor Howard (Apostle Peter)

    I like it keeps me charged

  • So practical.

    by Super Sapien

    Use your iphone/ipod to the fullest.

  • Great charging app

    by Fireclaw13

    I love how the 3-cycle charge works!

  • Wow

    by Qwerty¡§

    I see a huge difference in the battery life

  • Battery saver

    by lcksc22

    Helps keep my battery strong

  • Great App!!!

    by The 30 something student

    The only issue I have is that sometimes my i pod will still say low battery when this app says I still have half a charge

  • Gooood

    by Smirga

    I like this appp ... Helps a lot ..

  • Darned good

    by Volunteer0105

    The app is pretty darned good. I have so many issues with my battery that I searched for anything that would help with the battery and this is actually helping. Thank you for this application!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

  • GG

    by 4man101


  • To good of an app

    by Jfmillerusa

    It's so good when I need to lower my battery below 20% I usually have to leave it unplugged for three days.

  • It rocks

    by Disorganized man

    This is a great app. Gives you a greater understanding of the battery. Wish it had a graph of the usage over time but that is my only complaint.

  • Battery

    by Fluffy1105

    Very nice app

  • App review

    by Maddasher1

    App is great lets you know all about power usage on your device and how to charge it.

  • Nice to have

    by Kdownlow72

    This is a good app to have

  • Works

    by Whitee69

    Seems to pretty much work as advertised

  • Good battery app

    by Martha mar

    Works well and keeps me informed as to space and time

  • Love it

    by Bud1234567890006753

    Great it

  • The best battery app

    by VR3Kira

    This is the first app that is close to real usage times that I have had.

  • Nice app

    by Fyrproof 71

    This is a great app for battery maintenance.

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