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- Bug fixes.

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Alarm Clock Pro turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes and an alarm clock that sings your favorite tunes. There is even a built-in flashlight to light up the darkness!

★ New feature ★
- Now you can shake-to-snooze when alarm goes off, without having to unlock screen or enter password.


Now it's the No.1 top paid utility app across 30+ countries!!!

This is the ultimate alarm clock app you've been waiting for -- Alarm Clock Pro!

- Choose your favorite iPod music or playlist to wake you up
- Select from gorgeous designer themes, big LCD display and more coming
- Turn the clock into a flashlight instantly
- Fall asleep to relaxing songs, podcasts and even audiobooks.

All the features that you required are here. So why wait? Grab it now while the sale is still on!



★ Clock ★
- Gorgeous color LCD display: Blue, Cyan, Green, Orange, Pink, Red and Yellow
- Vertical and horizontal modes
- 12 or 24 hour format
- Show/Hide seconds
- Customizable auto-lock time

★ Alarm ★
- Select your song or even playlist as alarm
- 11 built-in alarm sounds: Ascending, Birds, Classic, Cuckoo, Digital, Electronic, High Tone, Mbira, Old Clock, Rooster, School Bell
- Super big Snooze/Stop Alarm buttons
- Multiple alarms supported
- Sound/Music ON/OFF
- Sound/Music volume adjustable
- Snooze ON/OFF
- Snooze time customizable
- Vibrate ON/OFF
- Sound/Music Fade In: Wake up gently in the morning!
- Background Alarm: you will receive sound notification alarms even when the app is not running!

★ Sleep Timer ★
- Create your own playlist with songs, podcasts or audiobooks
- Shuffle playlist
- Music/Sounds gently fade out when time is up

★ Live weather conditions and 4-day weather forecast ★
- Display weather conditions and temperature in your area
- Automatically find your local weather, no need to search through lists of cities
- Support both Fahrenheit and Celsius display
- Display 4-day weather forecast of your location
- Detailed weather info: wind, humidity, and "feels like" temperature

★ Flashlight ★
- Shake iPhone to toggle the flashlight

★ Tips ★
- Slide/flick up and down to dim the screen
- Shake to toggle the flashlight

Buy it now before the price goes up and enjoy the FREE updates!

Customer Reviews

  • Jacking with my charging!!

    by iChipfilms

    I ditched my alarm clock because of this app. But now my battery doesn't fully charge when I have this app open -- maybe 96% - 98% charged but not 100%.

  • Decent.

    by Carlos Serrano

    I had the app for a while. Now since you have to have the app open in order to play music. In order to hear the alarms, you have to have the volume up.

  • Alarm clock pro

    by Micky914

    Great way to wake up on school days

  • So far it's been great,not really anything that I'd change

    by Diagnostic Recharge

    The alarm has worked great so far,the features are rather nice,and the fact that it can play music to wake me up will really help(provided that it actually works)so we'll see how well or not well of a job it does. And The only thing that I would change would be to add a few more colors like White or Purple but it's not really a big deal:)

  • Needs makeover

    by benSWEEET

    Needs to be updated to ios7 menus and stuff, also I wish that alarms that are set on "never repeat" would delete themselves after they go off, random alarms tend to pile up and it's a pain to delete each one individually, needs an editing/deleting option for when all alarms are displayed on the screen

  • Good but 1 thing

    by Patty718

    I like the app, but I'm not too happy that part of the home screen is still on the screen. Like the time and the battery icons. I wish they were not there.

  • Love it!

    by ChrisGrennn

    I've used it for over 2 years now and it's been fantastic, The only thing I recommend now is an ios 7 design to go with the rest of my homescreen icons!

  • Good, but could use some additional features

    by BrockDiesel

    A solid app, and I haven't hit a lot of bugs, but it's missing a few features that could solve some usability issues. * Sliders for both screen brightness and image brightness (left/right side) would help. Remembering both settings would also help. * A way to turn an active alarm off from the clock screen without going into the settings screen. * A settings menu that respects landscape orientation, since that's frequently the way the app is used. * Not nagging for a review on a paid app on every app start would be nice.

  • Exactly what I wanted.

    by Tw15ty

    This app had every feature I was looking for and then some. As far as alarm clocks go, this one is perfect.

  • Alarm clock pro

    by mAuIgIrL_808

    Great alarm

  • Great App! Dependable

    by Charliz A

    The only time I have ever had it not go off has been user error.

  • Luv the rooster

    by Helen&dogs

    It is a reliable alarm clock and I love waking up to the sound of a rooster

  • Alarm Clock that performs

    by ckilly3

    After reading the reviews of all the other alarm/clock apps, I chose this one. It is easily set up and works very well. You must remember to keep your system and app running, otherwise you won't wake up on time.

  • Great

    by Haydon79

    Use it everyday

  • Great app

    by ocd@time

    I've used this app for quite some time on my phone and ipad. Works great, especially for traveling.

  • Most reliable alarm

    by Your Fu***** favorite!

    I've used tons of alarm apps but this one is the most dependable and easy to use, the only reason for the 4 star is because the icon doesn't fit with iOS 7

  • finally a clock that works!

    by Sunderbug

    12/19/2013- update: still love this app! use it every day still! anyway, i got it in my head today that it would be nice if weather feature would have a way to manually enter a location as an ipod ( at least mine) doesnt work with location services (yes ive tried settings) ************************ works every time! hope the new update makes it better not worse... added 5/3/12 - still the only app i use as my only alarm clock! not changing my 5+ rating after about a year of use!

  • Great App

    by HAI.

    Put some new sounds on it like the ios7 ringtones. My iPod is too old for the update so I don't get the new ones

  • Great app

    by Joshua Foster

    I really like this app.

  • Great alarm clock app

    by ArmedSky

    This alarm clock app does just what I need it to do. And just enough extra features with using music for the alarm.

  • melt down

    by ricky coyote

    I've used this app forever and it never let me down. a few days ago, it started my day with the "classic" sound followed by music. I can't turn classic off. the app went south. deleted and reinstalled, but no change. total bummer: strident classic sound and bobby mcferrin don't mix well.

  • Could be *****

    by Mrje1

    Weather not accurate, please fix. Under by 3 Degrees.

  • Used to be great...

    by Gina1836

    I used to love this alarm and used it primarily, but recently I've grown to not like or trust it. For some reason, when it's running, iPhone alerts are allowed to come through, even though I have the iPhone "do not disturb" function enabled. The alarm clock overrides that so all night long I'm hearing texts, twitter, and Facebook alerts. Secondly, having my playlist as my alarm simply stopped working. This app is no longer useful to me.

  • ALARM!! What alarm? FAIL!

    by Ellen5e

    Repeatedly doesn't work. If any other screen (including home) is in foreground ALARM WON't SOUND!!! What?! All other programs work even in background. It's not my settings. I have used this app for years. So am VERY DISAPPOINTED that in order to have the alarm actually go off I must have the Alarm app on in the FORGROUND. I need an alarm that works. This is no longer it.

  • Fails to Work 25% of Time

    by A long time user

    This alarm has failed me numerous times over the three weeks I've had it. Being an alarm clock, it need to work 100% of the time. You need to leave the app running and open for it to work, which I do every night, but 25% it fails to go off. Sometimes the background alarm will activate despite it being open, but sometimes it just does nothing. Fortunately I had my internal iphone alarm set as backup but this morning I left the backup off and was two hours late to work when this one failed to work and wake me up on time. Deleting this app.

  • Doesn't work in Do Not Disturb

    by DaytonXD9

    The APP must be running in the foreground to work.. And does not work in Silent or Do Not Disturb mode. Both of which ruin the app's usefulness... NEITHER OF WHICH IS MENTIONED IN THE ITUNES DESCRIPTION. Rip off.

  • Battery Killer

    by Jawsh71

    The app itself worked very well. I like that an alarm can “fade in” without jarring me awake. However, both nights I used the app it took my battery from 100% to 40% in just eight hours. I’m fastidious about my battery. I close apps entirely and have gotten a week out of a full charge on my iPhone. There is no way I would trust this app on just battery overnight without a full charge, and cannot recommend it.

  • Ihandy alarm clock

    by Tour guy

    I use your alarm clock app but lately it has become unstable. It won't stay open on the iPhone and therefore doesn't go off. This was a rock solid app and now is completely useless! Please fix whatever has been broken.

  • Used to be great

    by JimJam92

    I've used this app for several years and have enjoyed it a lot. Recently my gen 2 iTouch has stopped making sound when the alarm goes off. This app hasn't worked properly for the last month. This is disappointing as this has been a great app for a long time.. I hope an update can fix this bug.

  • App was great, now it's frustrating

    by ZanarCrestrider

    App keeps losing the selected song for the alarm. I know it can't do it in the background and that's fine. My phone sits on my table on the alarm all night, so there is no reason I should be getting blasted by the classic alarm instead of the song I programmed. It happens every two or three days, without warning.

  • Only works sporadically

    by Shannon ITouch

    This has not worked on more than one occasion! My "back up" alarm had to wake me up, after I was late for work the second time I used this! What's the point of having an alarm that you can't rely on?

  • Music Timer Glitch

    by wolfchild1290

    I've used this app for over a year now and for the most part I love it... It's reliable, and I like that I can customize my alarms to music and such. But lately, when I set my sleep timer for music (a feature which I have previously loved, by the way), my music will continue to play endlessly despite the timer reaching zero. Every time I try to use this feature now I wake up hours later to music still playing, even though I only set the timer to 20 min. It wakes me up in the middle of the night, and if I wanted music playing nonstop I'd just leave my itunes on shuffle in the background. I'd give this app 5 stars if this problem were fixed.

  • Good app

    by ivan arias

    Gets the job done!

  • by ALegoMan

  • All around a good app

    by raf2441

    ...just wish it could be louder. When selecting sound it is louder then when it actually goes off.

  • Great app!

    by Patriot254

    Works better than original phone application. kudos

  • So Far...

    by GareBear7

    So far so good. Great app, but I would prefer to tap a button vs having to shake my phone for the flashlight

  • Love it so easy to use

    by ilovejaden

    The best

  • Arlarm Clock

    by Karenkenkey


  • More Sales Cr**

    by motwguy

    You know, if you pay for an app, you expect not to be hit with ongoing sales prompts to by other products. Fail.

  • Pro version has adds

    by BobZef

    I don't like having adds for other iHandy apps in this pro version. There are only 4 buttons/links on the main screen. Three of them open to pages with adds. One of those buttons has no function other than to show adds. The adds are also disingenuous. That last page tries to justify itself by suggesting it's an iHandy only app switcher - the iPhone is already an app switcher.

  • Needs to function in the background

    by eaaustin

    This alarm clock is great and I have been using it for at least a year. It really really needs to run in the background so that the full alarm goes off even if the program isn't open. A single buzz is hardly noticeable when awake with the phone at ones side. I imagine the one star review that said the alarm didn't work three mornings didn't have the program open. This change would make it a perfect phone alarm clock.

  • Update for iOS 7?

    by tlhawks10

    This app is fantastic. Replaced the iOS clocks completely. Only complaint is you have to have the app open after you lock your phone for the alarm to go off. And when will this update for the iOS 7? This would be great!

  • Not working

    by Yomama123432

    This is just stopped working this morning. Not playing music for the alarm. Bummer. I hope it gets fixed soon... Does not work consistently with iOS 7 and iPhone 4S.

  • Love it

    by Michello454

    I love this app simply for the sleep timer. It was exactly what I was looking for an fulfilled my wishes more than I thought.

  • It does what it says it will do.

    by Hmlm

    It does what it says it will do. It is certainly worth 99 cents.

  • Thumbs up

    by JB0715

    App works great. My only suggestions are to update the app icon as well as the settings in the app to match the flat design of iOS 7.

  • Alarm clock pro

    by silver eagle services

    Don't lay down without it. Lol the greatest thing since the iPhone. Simply the best alarm clock app available.

  • Love it

    by Dove Camron

    I wake up rite on time

  • Awesome app!!!

    by chirkoti

    Most used app ever by me!!!!! A must buy utility for any iOS user

  • Outstanding app.

    by Jaebyrd329

    I've used it a couple of times as I am retired so I use it for Dr. Appointments and such. I also use it to get up early for different activities and it has not failed me yet.the details and weather and waking up to my own music adds to the excellent advantages. Thanks

  • Clock

    by Vcb14

    This is a great app. I threw my old nightstand clock out and just use this while my phone is charging for the night

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